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Collection of films that have, to me, some sort of autumn or Halloween-like feel to them. Most horror movies, even classics like 1978's Halloween, are not in the spirit of my own spooky vibes.
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Random directors I've come across in my searches through film. Some were once great, and have fallen from grace. Some were always and shall forever be considered great.
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a list of 9 titles
Movies, many copied from the "Paul Rudd: Heist Films I Pretend to Have Seen" list haha
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This is really just a list of women that I think are (or sadly, in some cases, they used to be) beautiful. There are some odd ones in there, but I sometimes have bizarre taste :P
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Just decided to start a list of movies that I have seen..
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Simply films that I currently own.
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Just a list of TV shows that I may have watched in the past, or am currently watching, that either way I would still find entertaining and worth another watch.