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Miami Vice (2006)
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So bad, trading on star names, 13 August 2006

Going into this film I thought it would be a bit of mindless fun with explosions and guns. I was wrong. It was mindless but not in a good way. The camera work was shaky, obviously trying for a gritty, we-are-there feeling but it doesn't work, you just miss bits and feel nauseous. Continuity is another problem but that is minor compared to the awful acting from all involved. Honestly, what self-respecting film would include the lines 'If you can't do the time, don't get involved with the crime' and 'If they didn't do time with us, they don't do crime with us'? Colin Farrell was so bad it was scary. I do rate the man as an actor but he was more wooden than a 5 year old in a school play. Jamie Foxx wasn't much better. The nude/sex scenes were tacked on, surely for the cheap thrills although they didn't deliver any of those.

One final point. How can a major Hollywood production, in 2006, produce such a big gun battle that was still boring? This kind of shoot-out was the reason I went to see the film and it was so bad I was rooting for the bad guys. The so-called gritty reality was obviously meant to show how the good guys were prepared to cross boundaries but there are boy scouts that have committed more crimes than these two.

The next time anyone wants to make a gritty, hard-hitting film that shows there are no good guys watch Sin City and realise they have done it far better than anyone else could.

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mashed potatoes, 7 March 2004

this was an extremely bizarre show; a bloke and his badger do weird things. each series was set in a different place (a school, a zoo, their house), each packed with secret tunnels for badger and mousie (a later character who irritated me). most of the action revolved around badger coating bodger with mashed spuds, laughing like Frank Bruno, then doing it again. kid's tv, but not of the magic roundabout ilk - no fun for the rest of us. (I was 6 when it first played).

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Good but not their best, 13 January 2004

I have watched every Bottom Live show and own copies of three of them. This is the least good of the lot. I say least good instead of worst because it is still extremely funny. I do think it could have done with a better ending though. Overall I think it was very funny and I can watch it over and over just as I have done with the others. It falls short of the others by only getting 7 out of 10 to the 9 and aboves but still a very worthy effort.

"RI:SE" (2002)
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Just plain dull, 2 January 2003

Because of education, I must get up early in the mornings. As mornings are not my best time, I was looking forward to a fresh, good show to replace the 'Big Breakfast' and help me wake up. How disappointed I was when this pile of rubbish with a 'snazzy' set turned up. The presenters are dull (even Kirsty Gallagher and Helen Chamberlain who are much better on their Sky shows) and I have watched an edition for over an hour before while completely awake and not been able to remember any of it. The worst bit about it though has to be the main presenter Mark Durden Smith. Where did they get him from. He tries to be funny and even his co-hosts cringe when he talks. If channel Four want to show something good in the mornings, buy the rights to 'Family Guy'!

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God-awful rubbish, 25 October 2002

Poorly written and poorly acted. I fail to see how a programme this bad can permeate every section of a nation. It wins award after award (or at least is nominated) yet not one episode has anything good doing for it.

"Porridge" (1974)
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Perfect, 30 September 2002

Very funny. I have been watching this since I was a child (early 90s reruns) and it makes me laugh every time. this has to be ronnie barkers best outing (which tells you something). richard beckinsale is great and went too soon. Wilde and Mackay are perfect in their roles and the 'backup cast' like McLaren and Ives really polish it off to leave it the perfect specimen of British comedy along with Only Fools and Horses and the Blackadder collection.

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BORING!, 29 September 2002

This was one of the most predictable films I have ever seen. It was obvious from the start that everything would turn out as it did. You could tell the lead character was not going to get far with baseball for whatever reason, but he was going to do well at something. Gosselaar was poor and tried to build his role up beyond it's limits and Kirstie Alley should have fired her agent! I would expect better than this.

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Not the best, but who cares?, 4 August 2002

This is a funny show. The young cast are good with some great lines but, as you would expect, lack some of the qualities that come with experience. Overall though, does it matter? This show makes me laugh and I watch it whenever I can. With a better-than-average script overall infused with little spots of genius, this show is one to look out for.

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Student's delight!, 20 July 2002

This programme is perfect for the student waiting for his class to start. The wonderful presenter makes this show (which could have easily become stuffy and boring) light hearted and fun. Antiques have needed this breath of fresh air ever since the Antiques roadshow made them all about obscene amounts of money.

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Good, clean fun, 20 July 2002

This show was, and still is, great fun as the two leading roles play off of each other perfectly. No-one else could play the ever insecure roles of Briggs and Louis as well as Powell and Carrott. This show, to the best of my recollection, was never touted as a TV classic and was meant to be one of those programmes that everyone loves. It was very successful in that. The only person who I have ever heard say they did not like it was American and, by their own admission, did not get some of the 'British humour'. This show was a class act all the way.

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