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A mockery of the Wing Commander saga, 12 January 2003

Wing Commander was one of the first real interactive movies when the third installment was released in 94, it pushed the boundaries for graphics, acting and storyline into uncharted heights for a video game. Critics argued that the game was just a movie in disguise, now 5 years later the movie is finally here.

I had fairly high expectations for this movie, since Chris Roberts the creator of the original game series, spearheaded the project. The storyline of the games could have easily been adapted to fit a full length movie, but instead they opted to change almost everything.

The acting isn't great, although it's not downright awful - it's close. The characters are very stale, making it hard for viewers to relate to them. A central character could be killed off and you wouldn't really care, the emotional flow from the screen to the viewer is virtually nonexistent.

As almost every one else has pointed out, the ships! they look like WWII fighters, and the carrier looks like a submarine - what's up with that ???

I can only think of one positive thing in this movie: the state of the ships, no chrome and gloss, they looked beat up and worn out, kind of like the millennium falcon in Star Wars... but that's it.

Wing Commander stands as one of the few epic computer games. As a movie on the other hand, it's not worth remembering.

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you gotta know where to hit a ballchineon, 8 August 2002

Let me start out by saying that I read some reader reviews here saying that MIB2 didn't live up to the greatness that was Men In Black, and hence didn't know quite what to expect.

The movie is filled to the brim with jokes and funny sketches, there are several memorable scenes, the intergalactic communication language and the ballchineon scenes spring to mind. And who can forget the worm guys! Frank the Pug is one of the stars of the movie, every time he opens his yap you just know it's going to be funny Will Smith is as always hilarious, and Tommy Lee Jones' dry wit is as fabulous as in the original. The story is a little far fetched, but it grabs you and pulls you in, so you really don't mind. I only have one major gripe with this movie, did they have to do a closeup of the Mercedes every time they drove it, come on - no need showing the car coming to a stop 10 times. All in all - go see this movie, it's worth your time and money.

My rating 8/10.

Don't Look Down (1998) (TV)
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below average and predictable, 24 June 2002

This wasn't exactly what I had expected from a Wes Craven movie, it wasn't entirely bad, but it certainly won't be a movie I'll remember in a month, possibly not even next week - it has a predictable villain and a paper thin story. The worst aspect of the movie was probably the way the antagonist revealed his 'dastardly' plan at the end, no surprises here. My rating: 2/10

Flawed greatness, 5 June 2002

MIB is a great movie, tons of laughs, mindblowing special effects, great visuals, and a cool storyline. Sadly the movie is marred by one enormous flaw, just when it gets good, it's over... it leaves you feeling empty, as if something is missing. The story flows seamlessly and the movie packs quite a punch, but the surprisingly quick ending makes it look like a half finished product. My vote: 6

Ripper (1996) (VG)
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An overlooked masterpiece., 15 December 2001

Ripper is a chilling story of a cyber mass-murderer, who copies the style of Jack The Ripper. This tale has been told before - but never in a game of this magnitude and with such a captivating storyline. - I wish they'd make a movie out of it...

Ripper is without a doubt one of the hardest, if not the hardest, video game I've ever played, the puzzles are so well integrated in the plot that they are often overlooked - If you're into sci-fi thrillers you'll be immersed in the story from the start, and it will come back to haunt you until you finish the game. You take on the role of Jake Quinlan, a smartwitted reporter trying to crack the case of the ripper, with all odds against you and a detective breating down your neck just waiting for you to make a mistake - it's up to you to catch this madman who hides behind the cold walls of cyberspace.

Without a doubt, this is a top notch adventure game that will keep you awake for days with its haunting and chilling tale, sadly the difficulty level could potentially deter many gamers from giving it a fair shot.

Hint: have a walkthrough at hand when reaching mid- endgame, as the puzzles (e.g. the opening of Dr. Burtons lab door) require precission timing, and are borderline impossible.

better than its predecessor, 8 December 2001

I tried to sit down and watch this movie, giving it a fair chance... but I just couldn't get over the fact that so many people get decapitated, but not a single drop of blod is ever visible - not even on the blade that just seperated a head from a body... I know I'm being petty, but it just ruined the movie. This third installment in the Highlander series is better than its predecessor, yet miles away from the original.