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Godzilla (2014)
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Wasn't that good, 16 May 2014

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I went to see this based on the hype and hoping for a great monster movie. Well, it was kind of OK, but has a lot of flaws and it definitely falls in the mediocre category. The CGI and the monster fight at the end was good but that is all the positive stuff, I can say about this film. The characters are pretty shallow, I did not care at all, if they live or die. But of course not one of them dies (Walter White is not a main character and he dies pretty soon) and the writers didn't manage to create any tension whatsoever. The story is flat and dumb as it usually is in this kind of films. Silliness is all over the place, don't have to look hard for it. 15 years after evacuating a city and the skyscrapers are overgrown with vegetation.. The army can't spot a giant monster in the desert, because it's on the other side of an elevation.. The mating ritual of the monsters consisted of one giving an atomic bomb to another and so on... At the end there's no real climax, I was happy that it was over, because it's very long despite the lack of real content. I have to say, that I liked the 1998 Godzilla more than this one.

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Great series, 6 April 2013

I watch The Walking Dead from the beginning and at this moment this is my favorite show. I also read the comics and I like it too, very much. The greatness of the show lies in the subtle critic of the society we live in these days, the writing and the overall execution. In my opinion the theme of the zombie apocalypse is so intriguing, because we see the whole of society as a bunch of zombies doing their stuff killing the planet and each other and lead dead end jobs which don't help the human race at all, but because we get paid for them we do the dirty work anyway (and I'm not speaking literally about dirty work). Anytime a telemarketing person calls you on the phone to sell you underwear you have that feeling that the world is so sick, not to mention the wars all around, which soldiers fight for the falsely generated needs, people think they have. A lot of us feel as we are survivors of a world, that is fallen, we live in a suspended state of existence, but we really just as the same as the others we think of as zombies. We do what we have to do, to stay afloat... the show for me describes this feeling so well, that is why I think it's so great. The characters feel realistic and they are very well written, I rarely notice when they do stuff, that is not explained enough or illogical for the person because the lack of motivation. Just think of real life, when people who think you know, do things that were unexpected, out of the blue. Of course as in every show, they use forced dramatic elements, even when they aren't needed or explained, but I'm willing to overlook these, because the overall good quality. The only time I felt the show is going seriously off rails, was the ending of the first season. Luckily they went back to follow more closely the storyline of the comics. Which brings me to another aspect, which I like the series for. The outline of the story is very close to the comics, yet it's different in many ways, so I want to know what happens in this alternate version of events. The pacing is relatively slow and it's a good thing in my opinion. I don't like series which try to cram as much stuff in one episode as they can. The Walking dead flows slowly but gives the space for human relations to evolve, to take their course, to have the really important moments explained and satisfying. I hope TWD will go on for a long time, without abandoning it's core elements, which make it great. As a footnote: I don't understand the haters who still watch the show as someone was forcing them to do. That also shows, how people are bored out of their minds, they can't spend their time on stuff, that makes them feel good...

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Solid, well crafted thrill ride, 14 October 2012

Chernobyl diaries is a really underrated film. Seeing the reviews I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. It seems to me, that many of the "critics" want to compare this flick desperately to recent entries in the genre. It doesn't quite fit so they have a hard time understanding it's true nature. This film has pretty much everything what a good horror film needs. The setting is great, it creates an eerie atmosphere and it's used very well. But we know that good setting doesn't make a good movie in itself. The characters are likable and their reactions to situations are pretty realistic. I often thought what would have I done differently and I found that not much. You have this sense of realism from the start and it's kept nearly until the end. There are a few jump scares, but those are not the main elements this film relies on, to keep you tense. There aren't any moronic moments, which ruin most horror films with good premise. Also avoids most bad clichés successfully. It's well crafted, I would give the director more money to make an even better film. Really enjoyed it, recommended to horror lovers.

Prometheus (2012/I)
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Flirts with mediocrity too much, 14 September 2012

As a true fan of the Alien franchise and Ridley Scott, I wanted to like this film very much. I didn't want to believe the bad reviews, yet they are right when they say this film is mediocre in a lot of ways. In certain aspects the viewer feels that if a little more thought went into them, they could have turned out much better... like the characters for instance. The smallest problem with them that they are very cliché, the bigger problem is, that they are really dumb. Not for scientists, but for average people. It seems like they lack common sense in several situations. Thanks to the bad writing, you never have the sense of reality which helped significantly the first Alien film to gain its cult status. In short, the whole film is watered down to the level of your average Hollywood popcorn flicks in terms of character interactions. Another huge let down is, that there are annoying plot holes all over. You get the feeling, that they had to cut out important scenes at the expense of making sense. And I'm a guy who usually willing to look over this kind of stuff, if its not downright insulting to intelligence. Now let me write a few thoughts about the design. Stuff that worked before, still works. The Prometheus, the suits and the gadgets are okay. But at some scenes I felt, they were made only to show, "look guys how much stuff our computers can render"! Simple case of overdoing stuff, because they had the budget and resources. Prometheus isn't all bad, it has some really worthwhile scenes where I felt, that Mr. Scott still has it. Unfortunately these are greatly overshadowed by the flaws. Michael Fassbender is definitely the best among the acting crew, his performance alone worth seeing this film. Overall my opinion is, that Prometheus could have been much better if it didn't want to impress the widest audience possible so badly and just a little more thought went into the writing. Still enjoyable, but a lot of us expected more.

Ethos (2011/I)
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Important lesson, 22 April 2012

Yes, we have seen these arguments, theories and facts before, yet it seems people are unable to learn them. They rather watch Discovery Channel which instead of showing documentaries of discoveries, is a day long automobile commercial (not to mention the much worse channels out there). So this kind of documentary can't be done too many times. It must be repeated until it sinks in and people starting to make their decisions with responsibility. And it also would help if more people see it. The most positive aspects of this film are:

-Its narrative isn't too complex and strictly sticks to the essentials -it hasn't got extra ideology in it like Zeitgeist (however its style is very similar).

-It offers at the end a very good solution since not much else you can do to affect things. But if you are not an obsessive consumer and have a common sense, you have probably already figured that out.

-Woody Harrelson is a great host

Looking forward to the day when a documentary like this will be broadcast on major prime time televisions. I know it's naive because they are all owned by corporations or the state (which is owned by corporations). So the best thing is to spread the word. Very good documentary, highly recommended.

Immortals (2011)
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Slow-mo dismemberment, 7 March 2012

My feelings are mixed about this movie. Definitely had it's moments, but the weak script and the cardboard characters are totally ruined it. I liked that it was building relatively slowly, but if you have spoiled materials you cannot build a strong house. A bunch of interesting stuff left unexplained and there were a lot of dull parts that I could live without. I won't detail how it stomped on the mythology that it tried to portray (it felt like more of a weak excuse for the film), because I think all knew, it will be like that who wanted to see this. The whole production was so over stylized that it reached the point of ridiculousness at some parts. Like the gods looked like if they were some underwear models from a fashion magazine. I mean, what was that all about? But somehow this aspect also saves the film from total failure. Simply because it's unique and memorable. There were some moments which you will remember because they were awesome. The fights were well choreographed at most parts, also over stylized but not the video game trailer style of the new The clash of the titans. All in all Immortals has some epic qualities but fails to deliver. If you looking for some slow-mo dismemberment on a rainy afternoon give it a chance.

Real Steel (2011)
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A heartwarming robot movie?, 10 January 2012

Indeed. I thought this kind of entertainment was lost forever, because there are a lot of high budget crap out there. Real Steel has a heart. You can even call it cheesy, but I think it's really not. Yes, it's escapist, pretty much everything is idealized, but it sure helps to turn your switch off for 2 hours and you'll never regret it. The formula this film used is proved not just in Hollywood, but all over the world in folk tales, where the smallest boy succeeds against all odds. The father-son conflict is also gives us something we can identify with (not the selling thing, but the dynamic of the relationship). The robot fighting is the visual treat, which was very well done and gives a film rewatch value. So what's not to like? I think the moral is very important as well, even if you have seen and heard it several times before. It will leave good feelings. I highly recommend Real Steel for all age groups. Stuck up film aesthetes avoid!

Apollo 18 (2011)
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Drowns in found footage cliché moments, 4 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought the concept was good and the trailer convincing enough. I really liked the vintage look too. BUT... This film is absolutely predictable, not scary at all and uses all the bad clichés from previous found footage films. I know because I think I saw them all. Even the low budget (even for the genre) productions. I didn't have high expectations in the first place, but I think it could have been so much better with a competent director. The first 10-15 minutes are fine and in place, but after that the film goes downhill really fast. The conversations are dull and I couldn't care less about the characters, because they are simply flat. The film not manages to create any tension, despite the fact that our heroes are on the moon where you can die very easily if something goes wrong. You ask why? Because of the very stupid predictable scares (at least I think they were supposed to be scares). If something goes wrong or you will see something "scary" the camera suddenly starts to fail, the picture gets gritty, and you hear some scratchy noises. Every freakin' time. WHY? Why the infected guy has to go crazy? There are too many times, when you ask that why (and not for the answer). The editing is very similar to Paranormal activity's. If you have seen that film, spare your time. It has it's moments, but overall very meant for effect, with a non-particularly interesting story and very bad editing. Pretty mediocre, a blown opportunity.

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Hard to watch, 28 October 2011

Snowtown is an extremely disturbing film. I would not recommend it to anyone. But I wouldn't say it's bad. This is a strange case in which I could agree with the reviewer who says that this is a totally pointless portrayal of the Snowtown killings (redneck realism). And I can also agree with this statement: "Cinema is supposed to affect us, and Snowtown certainly did". I think my tolerance is extremely high towards violent films. But this is exactly the kind of realism which you don't want to see. Believe me. It won't make you think, except that you can't wipe out some scenes from your brain no matter how hard you want them to go away. I don't think it's artistic either. There's no real climax. The only reason I sat this through, because I wanted to know, how the story ends for the boy. It was a clever move from the director to show Jamie as a sympathetic character. But I think, I wouldn't missed anything if I read about the subject on Wikipedia first. Martyrs is an easy watch compared to this. If you hated titles such as Irréversible or The killer inside me, don't watch this. Despite of the negative things I wrote before, I give it a 7. I have to admit, building the tension was masterful.

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Watch it with open mind, 24 July 2011

I think it's a great film, because it chews the problem from many viewpoints. Set aside your preconceptions and listen carefully. A lot of matters which are discussed in this film, not so evident to many people. It not invents the wheel, but summarizes well. Intelligent viewers may find answers to questions, that are lurking in the back of their minds. What should people do? How do you fight corporate greed? You don't have too many options, that is clear. You may also think at some parts, that Moore is not right. So what? At least he is searching for answers in order to make people's lives better. And that is in itself a great achievement. I don't think a lot of us can say that about ourselves. Of course it's lot easier to lay back in your chair and judge with cynicism -Oh yea he is a big fat communist, with loud propaganda, pointing finger. I didn't realized until now, that the fear of communism in the USA is still freakishly strong and some feel entitled to make it equal to real democracy, and can only think at the borderlines of different ideologies. What I learn from films like this and by reading a lot of judgment of it, is that I have to think for myself and people who think they have to express their opinion against something, should do the same. Think!

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