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Kyle XY: Diving In (2006)
Season 1, Episode 4
Great episode on a real human topic.
5 September 2006
This was a great episode. It was very daring and wonderful of ABC Family to choose to address this topic on their network - new and natural bodily response of a teenage boy to a teenage girl. I felt so bad for Kyle - not knowing what was happening to him, and his first real "exposure" of ridicule and the horrible feelings of embarrassment. The humor brought to the episode was wonderful. Great job. I do have a question, if anyone knows the answer, about music in the episode. Does anyone know the name and artist who did the opening scene where Kyle is dreaming of Amanda? It's wonderfully wistful and easy to listen. If anyone can tell me, I'd appreciate it.

I've since learned the song title and artist of this song (beginning of Diving In). Its called: "When Good Things Go Bad" by the band Vanlustbader. Finding lyrics to this elusive song is a little more difficult but the search continues!
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