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Beloved (1998)
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a heartwrenching experience, 9 November 2001

I just finished watching Beloved about an hour ago and now there is a feeling deep inside me that I can't explain. It's like an emptiness, a pain that is indescribable. The things that Sethe had to go through in her life only to be screwed later by something that she thought she had done right; saving her children from a fate worse than death. At first I was confused by this movie, of course it's hard to pay attention when there are three children running around screaming, but I was confused and intrigued none-the-less. I liked this movie and later on once I've had time to absorb it I'm sure I'll love it. I recommend that everyone watch this movie and then when your done see if you still feel whole and safe in this crazy world.

A poor adaption of a great book, 6 November 2001

Flowers In the Attic, the movie, rates about a four on my scale of one to ten, whereas the book rates a ten. I know that if you leave everything from the book in the movie then it will be well over three hours long, but they left so many things out of the movie I was very disappointed. The end was what disappointed me most of all, I was furious when they killed the mother. I'm sure everyone knows that in the book she did not die and that made for several other volumes in the dollanganger series. I wish that screenwriters would stick more to the original plan when they write a book into a movie, sometimes the things they leave out could have helped to really turn people onto the movie.

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What a waste of a good storyline, 6 November 2001

When I first read Dolores Claiborne I said to myself "I can't wait for them to turn this into a movie", and they did, unfortunately it was worse than Ellen Degeneres' movie "MR. Wrong". For a book that was so wonderfully written to be turned into the hideous movie that is now Dolores Claiborne, well it's sad. Where did the son of Dolores go? They tried to go in at a good angle, I'll give them that, but to turn something good into something as putrid as the movie, well it should be against the law! The ONLY reason to watch this movie would be to witness Kathy Bates, she is, as always GREAT! If you don't like Kathy Bates then, not only should you get your head examined, you should read the book.

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Another story about a selfish girl learning her lesson, 6 November 2001

I loved this movie. I've never read the book, but I'm not saying I never will. If the book is anywhere as good or better than the movie then I will definitely read it. At first I thought I wouldn't like it, I thought it would be another long boring holocaust movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. Kirsten Dunst was great as Hannah, bringing the character to life, for me at least. I was moved, to say the least and in the end when Hannah gave her life for Rifka I cried, like a baby. It was a beautiful story and one that I'll never forget.

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Hauntingly Good!, 26 October 2001

The Haunting of Sea Cliff Inn, I've got two words for you, WATCH IT! Ally Sheedy stars as Susan, a television producer who has decided, with her husband, a big-time photographer, to take some time off, move north and start a bed and breakfast. Susan, Ally Sheedy, spots a house on a cliff and is drawn to it, but too bad it's not for sale. At least not until the old woman living there dies there, mysteriously the very night that Susan voices her desire to own it. Her wish is granted and she and her husband move in several months later. While readying the house for paying guests strange things begin to happen and Susan gets weird feelings that someone is watching. A "boarder" shows up mysteriously and vanishes one night just as mysteriously. A mean dog prowls the night, busting through the large glass window in the office almost killing Susan's unbelieving husband. It isn't until after they've had a big fight and Susan's husband has accepted a job in the city that he begins to believe her, the picture with a man standing in the background was helpful too. So Susan is tied to the house after all and he knows that he only has a matter of time before something awful happens and he loses his wife forever. I'm not giving away the ending, it's up to you to find this movie on and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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I love this movie!, 26 October 2001

Gwyneth Paltrow was wonderful as Helen, the London Public Relations worker. I loved this movie, the way it depicts how one small second, one tiny thing that you do in your life can effect it in the biggest way. I've seen it four times and I'm going to watch it many more. I like seeing the Nasty Gerry getting caught with Lydia, and watching Helen fall in love with James. Anyone who is a true romantic at heart will enjoy this film. I recommend it highly!

The Ruby Ring (1997) (TV)
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Sweet and wholesome, 26 October 2001

The Ruby Ring, another story of a rich spoiled girl learning a lesson as to what is really important. I loved this movie! Of course I knew the ending, anyone with brains would know the ending to this movie, but it was an enjoyable ride. Emily Hamilton plays Lucy, the rich girl and Christien Anholt (Relic Hunter) plays Robert Langley, the boy she falls in love with when her ruby ring transports her back in time. I'm not going to tell you all about the movie, because they're all the same, but I will say this one was good. No sex or nasty stuff, no bad language so it's actually good for the kids too! Watch it, you'll enjoy it.

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I've never enjoyed a movie more!, 25 October 2001

I watched the Awakening Land on Encore just two weeks ago and I must say, I have never been more proud of my name. Elizabeth Montgomery was Fabulous! I felt her pain, her determination and her innocence. I loved this movie and I couldn't be happier that my parents decided to name me after such a wonderful character. I only wish that this series was on VHS so I could watch it over and over again.

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Sexy and Eerie, a great movie, 25 October 2001

The Haunting Passion, what a title and what a movie. Jane Seymour was completely believable in her intimate scenes with her ghostly lover. The confusion over what was happening to her and the guilt that she was feeling were, in my opinion, award worthy. Gerald Mcraney's character, the poor self-absorbed husband of Diane-Jane Seymour, didn't know whether he was coming or going. He didn't know if he should be looking for someone to kill, or if he should have loaded his, seemingly, insane wife in the car and escorted her to the nearest mental facility. The ending left much to be desired, with as good as the rest of the movie was it deserved a better ending. Even though the ending wasn't exactly wonderful, the rest of the movie made up for that. So if you're flipping through the channels and see Jane Seymour making out with herself, or the wind, stop and watch; you won't be disappointed. If you have the WE cable network look for it, they may show it again, with no interruptions!