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Weakest of the bunch, 6 August 2012

A+ for having a pony using another pony as a machine gun against a horde of evil shape-shifters.

F for having the evil character's main strength being the ability to feed on love, and then having the solution be... love?

Not decently explained and very confusing (and, as I mentioned before, a pony used another pony as a MACHINE GUN)

I guess the lesson is that love will beat even... love? Or... I dunno.

Kudos to the animation and actors as usual though.

Also, the entire storyline in itself wasn't bad, and the use of changelings and many other outside sources of inspiration is always fun and educational, if you will.

Still I feel this two-parter had more downsides than upsides: the rushed inclusion of the brother and babysitter, to name a huge one.

Also; Princess of WHAT?

But yeah.

10 lines yet?

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Funny if you like dialog-driven comedy, 7 June 2012

I personally watched the pilot just to see what it was about; I feared it might become too "mushy" or delve too much into dramatic territory but I continued watching anyway because the dialog was so amazing.

I'm not a fan of romantic comedies or anything involving romance in the least. This show manages to juggle just a tiny bit of "romance" while building solid characters and keeping the funny at the max.

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes that Superbad sort of comedy and dialog, with the fast-paced and spot-on mannerisms.

Also, if you like Psych you might like this show.

The cast and their performances are just pretty amazing (I didn't even realize I knew some of them from other stuff until later into it), and the writing as well.

So basically the only people I would NOT recommend this to are people looking for romance and love and feelings, with a light dose of laughs thrown in. Although maybe you'd like it still, if only for the laughs.

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If you like "Kidulthood"..., 8 September 2009

... chances are you'll like this.

Also worth checking out if you're a fan of Grime, Dubstep, or maybe even Rap and that urban lifestyle, that sort of thing.

Only gripe I have till now is that the order is a bit confusing; Series 1 seems to be missing an episode (could be I just didn't look hard enough though) and series 3 feels a bit short.

But in any case, it's pretty good and once you start watching you'll probably want to follow through on the whole series.

I also dig the whole "fans get to choose the outcome" aspect; I always try to guess what the majority of the people who like this would choose, it's just a fun little extra.

If you're interested, just watch one part of one episode to feel it out.

My take? Decent writing, decent acting, decent film-work... it's all good.