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thanks for telling it like it was!, 23 August 2006

an excellent documentary! keep up the good work, SPIKE LEE. we need more documentaries like this. to see hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath in the eyes of the people of new Orleans was both amazing and heart-wrenching. it's makes you wonder: 'what would i do if a disaster of that caliber ever affected myself and my community. it saddened me to see the segment in which a young lady was burying her child. i had to turn the channel because it was too much for me to watch. i hope formats such as this will be a learning tool for our future generation. GOD BLESS AND HELP THE PEOPLE OF NEW ORLEANS! i also want to say thanks to CNN news for an in(and truthful) coverage of the disaster. SPIKE LEE you sure put something on my mind!

beautiful movie!!!!, 5 February 2004

i watched this movie with my eight year old granddaughter and i cried through the whole movie. my granddaughter asked me why was i crying. i couldn't explain to her that i was looking at my own life. thank-you mr. fisher for showing me that you can heal. i found myself going through the same emotions that antwone was feeling when he didn't want to talk about his life. anybody whose ever been abused or neglected should see this movie. it showed me that i am not alone and to seek help in order to heal. though it is very hard for me to watch this movie again, i still feel this movie should have been oscar nominated.