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The Raven (2012/I)
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An enjoyable puzzling suspenseful story., 17 July 2012

Fiction eats fact, Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, the ending days and his final creativity. Poe (played by John Cusack) is a ruined drunk, although poorly illustrated; he works for The Baltimore Times reviewing other writers' work. He loves Emily (Alice Eve) but her dad Colonel Hamilton (Brendan Gleeson) dislikes Poe's person and work, they have a secret relationship behind the Colonels back.

Two brutal murders, in a bizarre staged crime scene of a mother and her daughter, initiate the Detective Emmett Fields (Luke Evans) to investigate the Poe story Murders in the Rue Morgue, and bring Mr. Poe in for questioning. The connection between Mr. Poe and the murders are too obvious and must be related.

When a second murder (also based on one of Mr. Poe's stories) Now the cases really involves Mr. Poe as a key element for the investigation. The victim, who also writes for The Baltimore Times, wrote very negative criticisms of Poe's stories.

A message found on the victim is boldly from the killer and directed towards Mr. Poe and whereabouts his next strike. The killer threatens his beloved Emily and the game is on.

Fiction eats the facts and the movie mixes pleasurable enigmatic thriller elements and really becomes interesting, forward going and simple step by step story, yet intriguing and the filming is very interesting, the sets beautiful and even the lightning is greatly thought through, well used and well played. Even though we are far from the real Mr. Poe – it's still interesting… This movie is not a dark bloodshed thriller but rather a mixture of… well... An enjoyable puzzling suspenseful story.

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Amazingly strange and heroes with a big laugh., 16 July 2012

With a somewhat good cast, actors with lot of experience - it is very difficult to watch this film as something other than surprisingly horrible.

It is filled with mistakes, uniforms, weapons, really bad effects and also the music seems more bought from a cheap sound library than made specifically for this movie...

SPOILER: Well no need to spoil anything, cause everything is way to obvious and nothing new here...

I feel kind a cheated for the actors input and also for not having more humor since all characters really plays it up...

The 3 stars given is because of the actors is in the movie, and sometimes some beautiful scenery and that I watched it (although I checked my mobile several times and went for more pops) I LOVE movies, but this one and stupid unnecessary violent horror movies is really waste of "going to the movies" and can only range as an amazingly strange B movie.

Heroes with a big laugh.

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Hand-held headache, 19 April 2011

WTF just ran me over? This movie has a great cast, obviously the production had a high budget but the editing, camera angles and totally over produced "try to get adrenalin" into it, is completely gone wrong.

It is a typical script, with no surprises or any twists of any kind, you know the drill, the story, the material and it is really a dull experiences to overcome the 1 and a half hours of hand held headache camera with same absolutely irritating zoom in, zoom out effect.

It is not possible to write any spoiler here, other than they spoiled a perfect opportunity to take us, the paying customer, into a special environment, and heck... there were good possibilities to pop in a twist or two - and even surprises that could get us up the chairs and make us clap. Tony Scott (director) really did sleep all the way through this movie and I wonder what he actually thought about during this production...

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Predictable, 13 March 2011

This movie is just so predictable and the story weak.

Stick to a first person shooter game - which this movie is almost obvious a game play on you-tube kind a from what ever FPS game...

the typical actors, the typical settings, the typical type of music, the typical drama on the side line, the typical storyline, the typical... and so on, and so on...

It really freaks me out when a big budget movie just get's so plain and nothing saying, obviously it is designed to boost our patrimonial sensations and no harm there, but the waste of a good opportunity to bring new thinking, plots and even a bit of human perspectives, love, protection and deeper meanings of life... Obviously that's what the movie also tires to bring out, through a headache moving camera or twisted angles - but the it could have been done with more creativity.

I do not doubt that many, and I mean really many students from different movie schools could have brought so much more creativity and new ideas to life - The question is, why OHHH WHY did they not give creativity and new thinking a chance???

if you want the typical hand held camera action with the typical ending - this is the best movie ever... if not, wait for it on DVD, or TV...

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So very disappointing, 18 March 2010

Irritating music and very prolonged movie - Unfortunately this movie did not live up to the very standard expected.

The actors are all well acting, the setting fine and even the production in it self is quite up there... But this story is NOT surprising, there is NO surprises or and special "things" that makes this movie great.

The totally irritating music, way to high mixed sound levels and editing could have been WAY better.

The ending is so predictable and NOT surprising. DISAPPOINTING.

The five stars given is for the production, the acting and the location. The five missing stars is for a BAD story, irritating music and predictable movie - the thing is your left with a taste of: hmmm seen this before, did I just waste my money?

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Very Odd, 6 March 2008

Here we have a Fantastic world, with a great cast, good clothing, nice sets, fantastic location and a very fair story.

The Music is Totally OFF - it's the worst and has NO meaning, feeling and of absolutely NO use.

The story lacks here and there - but NO one cry over a dead boy? Come on, that's weak -

I actually loved the different heroes, ninjas, Viking types BUT of cause with a different director or producer - they would have been filmed, edited and used correctly.

I had to give 4 of 10 stars. 1 for the casting, location and crew 1 for the actors (they tried and did their best) 1 for the scenery and sound effects and forest crew 1 for an overall production

I can't come over the lousy use of that potential opportunity given.

Give me an opportunity to re edit music and some scenes - and BOOM you would get a hit...