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What would you do?, 7 October 2016

"The Light Between Oceans" slowly comes off the spindle like thread. It's a story that takes patience. The setting off the coast of Australia, a lighthouse, is stark, austere, and lonely. The main characters try to make a life there. The cinematography sets the emotional tone like a faded photo. A couple brought together by a strange fate go sailing off to begin their married life on a small island as keepers of the light. Fate continues to insert itself into their lives. How they deal with it becomes the crux of the movie. Will a heart wrenching dilemma unite them or tear them apart? Who is the woman who plays a big role in this? Sometimes it's easy to see someone as bloodless and not capable of warmth and emotion. As the story unfolds the young husband's heart becomes exposed and we see his real self. Fassbender and Vikander, at first, seem an illogical match. Eventually the logic of this pairing shows itself. It's not a thriller, but a thought provoking journey that evokes the wisdom of Solomon.

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Like seeing an old friend again, 7 October 2016

I've enjoyed this series and wouldn't have missed this one. It didn't disappoint me. I think the actors did a fine job of handling the gap in years and picking up the story and going with it. Other series that have been filmed years apart can be jolting, like something is "off." Bridget is still leading the kind of life and living in the same kind of surroundings as when we last saw her. It flows out of the past and into the present. The scenario of her old flame, Colin Firth, having made his own way, is believable. As art imitates life, so goes "Bridget Jones's Baby." It's a brave new world where old norms can unwittingly get trampled. People adjust and learn to deal with it. Renee is Bridget. The part fits her like the casting director had psychic power. It brought me in to see her just as I'd be delighted to see an old friend again.

Sully (2016)
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Well done!, 7 October 2016

Going into this I was a skeptic. How do you make a movie about something that was in the news for days and days? Something that everyone feels they could repeat from start to finish due to all the exposure? And how would you hold people's interest when we all know how it ends and possibly all the details? This movie accomplished all in a mesmerizing, edge-of-the-seat delivery. I didn't go with enthusiasm but because my husband wanted to see it. "Sully" uses flashbacks as a person does when mulling over something from the past. The pilot examines what happened, what he and his co-pilot did, and raises the question as to whether anything was missed. I can't criticize the way "Sully" was staged but find it close to flawless. It was as close to the actual experience as one can get. Even the scene involving the NTSB, something that might come off as dull, was not. You know this movie is moving toward a frightening, inevitable, event. This kind of thing anyone who flies, openly, or secretly, fears. There was something a little cathartic in taking the dive from the sky. I can't say whether everyone would feel that way but it satisfied my curiosity. I wasn't there but...close enough! Tom Hanks and his co-pilot, Aaron Eckhart, bring this story to life again in the best way. It also made me aware of how much experience plus instinct the real Sully had, and used, to bring about a happy ending.

Storks (2016)
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Expecting a different kind of entertainment, 7 October 2016

I saw the previews of this movie months ago and was watching for it. The audience was mostly adults, surprising for an animated feature that is presumed to be aimed primarily at kids. Not hard to figure the story has something to do with the old myth that babies are delivered by storks. The delivery system failed one child who grew up among the storks. She is stereotypical of the girl/kid main character who talks at an unpleasant pitch with sassy, sometimes in-you- face cracks in almost every cartoon story lately. They came along as animation turned from timeless stories to tales with dated, faddish, words and phrases. An example is "Oh, snap." But originally the prospect of lots of cute little cartoon babies and how the story would develop was enticing. It turned out there wasn't much use of the babies.There was a lot of irritating squawking, much too loud. Was it the theater's sound system? I doubt it. As it turns out, this story was not light and at one point a scene of destruction brought a child behind us to loud sobbing. At this time the sights and sounds were overbearing and unpleasant. If I had attended on my own I would not have stayed to the end. This could have been so much more. I rated it a "4" for the quality of illustration/art.

Masterminds (2016/I)
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To each his own, 7 October 2016

I saw the list of cast members and knew this was one I was going to see. Then I read a negative review in a publication and had second thoughts. How often a crew of gifted performers goes to waste with a bad tale. In the end, given the cast, I went. Glad I followed my instincts. The movie is based on an actual event too. If you don't know these people then maybe you'll won't relate to this script. However, these characters are the kind of screw-ups that do exist and their quirks and foibles are perfectly captured in Masterminds. In a time where there is so much to bring us down, a good laugh is golden. Shortly into this one I laughed out loud and was not alone. This is truly an ensemble cast that knows when to be subtle and when to pull out the stops. I think of the photos of customers from a certain discount store that circle the web and can picture them shopping there. And more internet photos come to mind when two of these characters pose for the hokiest of engagement shots. Truth is stranger than fiction and funnier too. A simple, hapless guy with a low paying job, is letting life roll along without any effort to consciously redirect it. Suddenly the prospect of romance, an adventure, and a life changing scheme come along. The scheme is cooked up by a greedy, manipulative stranger who sees a chance for some easy money. How this plot unravels is an enjoyable roller coaster ride to the end. I hope this cast will do another comedy, and soon!

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Muddled and boring, 7 October 2016

I saw the movie posters far in advance of this and thought it looked like one to see. After all the anticipation and expectations, this is one I wish I'd missed. I am not familiar with the book so can't say whether it follows the book closely or not. What strikes me is a kind of Harry Potter syndrome that prevails lately. A number of books and movies have come out depending on mythical creatures, heroes with special powers and monsters that are scary and seem indestructible. As movies these also depend on a grand musical score that foretells what reaction to have. Light music equals a humorous moment coming up. A rising theme equals something is going to happen, etc. Special effects go into high gear. Loads of special effects, atmospheric photography, and in general, throwing all the external accessories at a weak story. It makes for a boring movie. I'm not much for watching old movies on TV yet the contrast between having a genuine story to tell versus the attempt to dazzle with music, bells and whistles, exposes a lack of substance. It is my opinion this is what's missing with Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. This is a talented cast and a fine director without a map to follow.

Inside Out (2015/I)
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To find the sun again, 25 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm like various reviewers who consider themselves Pixar fans. In fact, I'm an animated film fan and try to see the award winners whenever I can. The beautiful colors and well developed art of Pixar is most often worth the cost of admission to me. But Inside Out is so awful it drove me and my significant other from the theater. The concept is much too heavy and involved to hold the attention of a child. Quickly obvious that this will not be a bit lighthearted and plummets into bleakness. Inside Out becomes doggedly repetitive, with the emotional balls in the air, flailing here and there. The characters in Pixar, have a noticeable sameness of facial features and gestures. "Joy" is reminiscent of other females from past movies. This time, the female lead is so over-the-top that, after a short while, I wanted to shout "shut up and go away!" I went to be entertained and have a laugh or two. I came away feeling that I'd been emotionally beaten up yet bored to tears. Leaving before the ending was actually with a feeling of relief at having escaped.

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In the eye of the beholder, 24 December 2013

We've just come in from seeing this movie on Christmas Eve. Tonight was the ideal night to see it. I went with my spouse and both of us enjoyed it. Had read a review but didn't realize there would be quite a bit of singing. It wasn't disruptive though. I read the other reviews and understand that it might depend on your mood as to whether you see this as corny and full of stereotypes or not. It didn't seem that way to me, though a family in front of us laughed through it. On the other hand, the people behind us were sniffling. It was entertaining and, as the name would indicate, a movie with a religious tone. The story has a universal message. Losing your way, rejection, remorse, are a part of this.The setting is contemporary and ventures into dream sequences sometimes. They are the subconscious interpretations of a boy who is at the stage of his life where he is questioning who he is and why his life has been so hard. One highlight of the film is when the man in the pawn shop speaks to the boy with a verse from Langston Hughes. The sets deserve mention, so helpful in putting us in the story. Was it simple? Was it complicated? In the end, sometimes it pays not to over think it. This is a movie after all and there is no sin in a barefaced, "feel good" story. Talented actors can pull it off and they did.

Nine (2009)
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A Long Way from 10, 28 December 2009

I chose a "4" rating for this piece as a way of saying that there are some things in this that are pretty to look at. If you are interested in going strictly to see costumes, or the staging, maybe you'll be satisfied. Casting Nicole Kidman, a delicate beauty, to represent the voluptuous women of Fellini, was miscasting. Nine is a big snowball rolling together some talent, some beauty, some big musical numbers, and a monumental set. What it's isn't is a story. It just doesn't translate into a movie. My Fair Lady, Rent, and Sound of Music are examples of musicals that made a successful change to movies. They are not replications of a musicals put on film but were tweaked and translated. They became movies. I agree wholeheartedly with other IMDb reviewers that Nine is a disappointment, falling so far short of expectations. The only reason I stayed to the end was that I gave it a chance to get better. Nine is a case of so much effort expended for so little return.

Up in the Air (2009/I)
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Road to Nowhere, 27 December 2009

My advice to anyone thinking of seeing this is to consider your current situation. If you are in a vulnerable economic position, without a job or worried about losing your job, this could be too close to home. On the other hand, if you take some pleasure at the irony in things, maybe you'll find it a little piece of revenge. What one person takes away will be different than another. George Clooney plays his cool, usual, glib self with lines that seem written especially for him. This plot line isn't "Glengarry, Glenross," though once you've seen it you may see the same kind of callousness in the characterizations. Travel the bleak landscape that is day-in and day-out business travel. On this trip the false glamour of a big expense account and a new city every 24 hours. or less, is unmasked. Ambition without purpose, nor tangible rewards, beyond material gain, comes up wanting. Is freedom from all attachments really freeing? Which one of the main characters is the real "player" in this movie? The twist might surprise you. Up in the Air is well made and thought provoking to the point of being painful. "Up in the Air" is a glimpse into America's dark heart, the devaluation of the common working man. The main actors, Jason Bateman, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick are well able to stand up to Clooney's talent and hold their own.

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