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Tiny Magic (2003)
You gotta see this..., 7 September 2003

This is a very moving and tight drama that has a very meaningful subtext below the pleasing exterior trappings.

Top notch directing, writing, acting and super cinematography. I have no clue why this did not play at Sundance. This film is head and shoulders above anything else I saw at Sundance this year.

Great first time effort for Takacs with great acting by Mesler and Cadman all tied together with super cinematography by Santucci.

You have a bunch of sleepers here, look for a lot of them to make it big in the future. 9/10 is my vote.

Sonny (2002)
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Why?, 6 February 2003

Why is the film being so overlooked? Mr. Cage directs a killer film here, pulling great performances from everyone.

The story is dark but captivating and I just don't understand why this film is being so overlooked. I would highly recommend it.

Warning, the subject manner might be a bit much for conservative people so church goers be warned but this film really showcases Mr. Cage as just not an actor but also a great filmmaker. He directed a great film here and should be honored for it.

James Franco and the rest of the cast desire to be honored too!

Partners (1993) (TV)
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Middle of the road short film., 12 November 2001

Peter Weller directs a decent middle of the road short film here. It was nominated for an oscar but I may have missed something with my viewing experience. 5 out of 10 here. If it was longer, I think it would have been a much better story. It seems like Weller tried to cram a feature length story into the short film genre and the film suffered. I think this would actually make an excellent feature length film.