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not as bad as battlefield earth, 19 July 2008

but only just (hence the 2nd star). it's so bad it prompted me to write my first IMDb "review".

there's really not much i can say that hasn't been said already.

never mind the factual mistakes, these guys didn't even bother making sure they weren't contradicting their own script. assuming there was a script, of course.

and a "computer" movie in 2008 should have good special effects, right? well, no. the special effects are worse than those in a disco music clip form the 70s.

to mis-quote wopr, "a strange film, one which is best not seen".

p.s. love the studio hacks in this thread! go team!

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worst film i ever saw, 5 March 2005

the friend who lent me the DVD warned me, but it beat all my expectations of lowliness. this film is unspeakably bad. don't go and see it, take my word for it:

* it has no plot.

* the 'actors' suck huge rocks. really huge.

* travolta doesn't even try.

* the most elaborate dialog revolves around the sentence 'grumble mumble'.

* special effects are the worst ever, because they pretend to be serious.

* costumes and characterization make space: 1999 look excellent

i could go on and on and on, but i'm beginning to feel sick just for having to think about it.