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Elimidate was the best show in TV and nobody knew it, 28 January 2007

That other guy who commented about TV being sad or some garbage is a moron. Elimidate rules! I wish It were still on TV so badly. That's all I have to say about that, but it is required that I provide ten lines of copy. So, I hope that Elimidate releases some sort of DVD comp, or every episode ever. And Next does suck. Sometimes Dating on Demand will fulfill a date show craving, but it's like synthetic Elimidate. Is this enough frigging lines yet? Well, I guess not. My friends are watching 24 right now, and I do not find this show to be nearly as entertaining. In fact, I think I hate it. Although I have heard that you really have to get into it for it to be good. And when you do, it is.