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Didn't Fool Death For A Second, 17 May 2012

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Much has been debated over whether Lou fooled Mr. Death once or twice. I say none. The first time we see Mr. Death, he is watching Lou. It is apparent that he is Lou's death guardian (he is not fierce but and kind being) and that he wants to make this as easy as possible (hence, his watching and his advance notice, not just barging in and saying "You come with me NOW"). I suggest that he give Lou a out with full knowledge of what he will do with it and is not tricked. Of all the people he could take has a substitute, he picks a child Lou cares about. He knows full well that Lou will make "A Pitch For The Angles". It's so obvious that death is playing along during Lou's lackluster pitch, almost having organisms before the words are out of Lou's mouth. He's sweating at the end of the pitch, as soon as Lou agrees to go with him, he is all cleaned up and composed. No, I don't think death was fooled for an instant.

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Which is better?, 8 May 2011

Owning both the 64 and the 72 versions (that heavens for DVD), I thought I'd put in my two cents about which one is better. First the 64's high points, Ms. Burnett has a energy (especially in "I'm Shy) that she doesn't have in the latter (not that she's "phoning it in by any means) and it has Eliot Gould as the jester. You have probably never thought of Mr. Gould as a song and dance man, but, after seeing "My fathers Very Soft Shoes" you'll never look at his Hawkeye in the same way. He is head and shoulders above Wally Cox in the 72. What is better about the 72 is the casting of some secondary characters. Ken Berry connects with Ms. Burnett as Prince Dantless as Joseph Bova doesn't. And as Lady Larkin, while Shani Wallis does a good job, she can't compare to a 20 year old Bernadette Peters. Also, the 74 has a great song ("Happily ever after") missing from the first on. All in all, I'd say I prefer the 74. (By the way, avoid at all cost the 2005 version). 8.5 for the 64, 9 for the 72 and 2 for the 05.