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Not as bad as some people say..., 20 April 2016

I think the acting was meant to represent real college students, not actors. If you watch it as if it were real, you'd see it in a different light.

The actors looked like real people, not models...that was a plus. It also didn't contain a lot of CGI "stuff" that other people try to use to scare you. The only problem I had with it was it wasn't creepy enough though it did keep you guessing about when and where the bad guy/girl would jump out.

Was the acting stellar? No but it wasn't nearly as bad as advertised. I watched "The Apparition" with Ashley Green (Alice from Twilight) and she was absolute TRASH in EXPECT stellar acting from her, not these guys.

I'm not claiming it's great but it's not bad...decent for such a low budget and worth a look if you like found footage films.

Sanctum (2011)
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Great on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller..., 4 February 2011

If you liked "The Cave" or "The Descent", you will love "Sanctum". It's realistic and could happen to anyone anywhere in the world. It keeps you nearly holding your breath and clutching your seat for the full ride. It provides interesting subplot drama between characters and it keeps you asking "what's or who's next?".

I'm admittedly a sci-fi guy but I don't think you have to be into that genre to get this movie. It's really one of those movies that attacks every fear possible (the dark, drowning, heights, being attacked, et cetera) and dares you to look away! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Only thing I'd change about it is I wouldn't take my 9yr-old son with me next time. He was afraid to nod off in the car on the way home and he swears he's going to have nightmares for a week!

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Good combination of intrigue and Supernatural to last..., 20 June 2010

Watching the pilot as I type. First impressions are good. Mysterious gated community. Security...seclusion...vampires.

Has decent character development and conflicts to make you want to watch the next episode and the next and the next. As long as it doesn't turn into a "monster of the week" series, I predict it will have long term success. And it doesn't hurt that it features beautiful women who aren't too overtly sexual.

It reminds you of the Best Stephen King novels and movies.

I find it intriguing even though to supernatural is overt. There seems to be a lot of potential for real dramatic development.

The "big bads" haven't even been revealed (or more than thinly eluded to) and I'm already hooked!!!

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Interesting..., 21 June 2009

Kind of like House meets ER meets Nip Tuck.

I like it. I'll keep on watching. Hank is interesting and Divya is a welcome change to the bleach- blonde "accoutrement".

The medicine is sound "so far" and I love the "guy that got dumped getting a better deal" premise.

Most people would like to live in the Hamptons. Imagine having all of the wealthiest people on speed dial, in the Hamptons, paying you in GOLD BARS? Yeah...gotta twist my arm to get me there too.

His brother is annoying and the "falling for a fellow physician" is a little far-fetched but it still works. All of the eye-candy doesn't hurt either.

I hope it gets picked up.

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Shows the greatest forces are love and hate..., 2 June 2009

I loved this episode. I love the character Alicia Baker. For some reason, people are forgetting that this is the path most teenage girls would take if they had a super power. Their first crush or puppy love is very powerful and if it's not returned, the object of their affection would represent the worst part of their life...which, unfortunately for teenage girls, is the last 2-3 hours...every 2-3 hours.

Alicia also helped show us the vulnerability of Clark by representing the desire to be reunited with someone of his own race/kind. That's something that he tries to repress because of the tragic confrontations with his birth father. He's afraid of what he will find out about himself. Alicia represents a safe alternative.

I can't get over the final scene. It's heartbreaking and at the same time, beautiful. It is what most people who screwed up their first real love would want a chance to do or say. Up until now, I have been rooting for Chloe but I'm backing a new horse.

I know this comment is about 3-4 years late but I'm a recent convert, mainlining "Smallville" and I couldn't help but comment on this episode.

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You're paying for the 3-D effects alone..., 22 January 2009

Terrible plot. Terrible acting. Terrible ending.

It was not worth the 20 bucks to see it. Most of the events made no sense and the way the screenwriters ties the multiple angles into a mess of a conclusion, you'd think he had intimate experience with psychedelic drug use. It made little to no sense.

There was no need to try to confuse us. All we needed was a steady stream of gore and action. The lulls created by plot expansion made this film feel more like islands of gore instead a forest of dread, fear and horror.

I didn't enjoy the film at all. Remake Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street and and they'd blow this one out of the water.

My advice? Don't waste your time...or money.