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Hook (1991)
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Love it !, 10 April 2009

Love the cast first of all. From Maggie Smith a goddess in my eyes to Dustin Hoffman and Robin William to a strange inclusion of Phil Collins. They all fit in well together so well. A magical story of Hook which take me into a wonderful fantasy land of what kids should dream about. This superb production should not be pulled down, for it is essentially a children's film but I love it. My kids thinks I am a big kid but I don't care. Julia Roberts as Tinks id Fab ! I am not the biggest fan of Robin Williams but I do like his portrayal of Peter Pan.

A magical movie for the entire family.

Granny included !!

"Me Too" (2006)
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Good for my one year old., 10 April 2009

I only picked up this program in Australia and missed it in the UK. The budget must have been 100 pounds. The actors must have been doing it for experience for free. And the repeat scenes and stories must have taken the writer an afternoon to write the whole series. Having give the negatives my one year old watches it and stays attracted to the screen. Maybe he is thinking I have seen this before many times in the same show. Or there is something going for it. It is a kids show after all. It harmless covering a few nationalities so it is very politically correct. Well. It does no harm and I am a big fan of that. I am not to sure about Nanny Murray being in her 20's and her opening line. "come away in" is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Kids would not pick up on that I suppose.

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A List Actors D list Performance, 9 April 2009

I had to turn this movie off. I could not stand it. I could not believe me eyes and ears. Being a fan of Both Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor I was shocked to see the amateur acting with the film being clipped together. The high point which made me turn the movie off was the awful accents of Colin and Ewan. I don't understand why they could not cast someone with a natural London accent rather than these two. London is awash with excellent actors who could have made this movie so more bearable to watch. I realize the bankable attraction of Colin and Ewan. It was because of these two I hired this movie. I alway feel ripped off when I see a movie because of the actors and the movie turns out to be rubbish.

Snatch (2000)
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The Best, 8 April 2009

I love Snatch ! I like Lock Stock but not wow. I wow Snatch. It is the best and I have watched it time and time again. The cast is great. Brad Pitt scrubbing in from Hollywood with an majority British cast. Mike Reid is fab. His character suits him as if it was written for him. I like Turkish and Tommy. The bond between the two is strong and jumps through the screen. I don't want to yap on about this movie too much. I just love it. You may not. Just watch it and watch it again. Guy Richie has excelled to my highest standard. Movies are a very personal and this is my personal best. I like the music tracks. Even Vinnie Jones who is not the best at stringing words together plays a good role as Bullet tooth Tony.

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Graphic reality, 8 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Eastern Promise is a graphic reality of the underworld of the East operating in the West. This movie offers some gruesome acts of violence which is performed with the minimum respect for human life. This is a portrayal which you can really imagine being totally real. The storyline of the Russian mafia and the tattoos that the gangsters get when they are in prison. They tell a story of their life. When they kill. How many prisons they have been guest of, and when they get their promotion in the mafia ranks, is a great part of the story.

A 14 year old girl wants a better life and career, moves to London with all the promises of a new life. A new life is what she gets. Raped and injected with heroin and then death. Is a brutally true rendition of what is happening in 2009.

Let hope the world is changing for the better and not always like the story of Eastern promise.

Good movie. Graphic violent scenes. Could disturb some viewers.

I liked this movie and the cast.

The Limey (1999)
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Terence Stamp is great., 8 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Limey is not the best movie to be made but is a good movie. Terence Stamp plays such a cool character. He plays is role with such conviction. I would of like to see him with a better support in The Limey. The plot was quite good but a little predictable and far fetched in places. One the whole The Limey is a good around movie. Not too much visible violence. Not too much bad language and no sex, which is very unusual for this genre of film.

Because of the soft content of a gangster movie and the fact they pulled it off I give it an 7.

I like that story of a Londoner who had just finished his time in jail to revenge the killer of his daughter. The trail of the killer leads him to the movie world of LA.

The end of this movie where Stamp intends to track and kill her killer. When he actually gets the opportunity to put him to his end. He take a humber decision.

Solstice (2008/II)
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I agree with the majority., 6 April 2009

Watching Solstice is a bit like platting fog ! yes there is a storyline and maybe the writers are aiming at a student/ teen cult market, but I don't think this film quite hits it. It is like an old 70's / 80's movie. I don't think solstice will be cult or stand the test of time. I was not a big fan of Blair Witch but I could see the appeal and would give that a good rating. If they thought they would capture the same audience they may. Only once I think. Not being the first to slate this movie I feel confident that my opinion is valid. Solstice is weak. You really have to draw your imagination into wanting to be on the edge of your seat with this one. The actors are all good its just the poor movie.

Romeo & Juliet (1978) (TV)
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Fab classical Shakespeare, 5 April 2009

I am bias as I am Shakespeares biggest fan and not a big critic on the various performances because I find every adaptation I see I enjoy because of the variety. Which I think Shakespeare himself would also enjoy the wide different attempts at his works. Who knows what is the correct way to performance these classics. I enjoyed seeing Alan Rickman in hid first TV role. I love the Geilgud voice and his presence. If you are a true Shakespeare fan leave your eyes open and your opinions wide as I truly believe the great man himself would do exactly that 400 years on.

I like all the BBC Shakespeare collection.

Well done the Beeb !

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Complicated and not what was expected, 4 April 2009

I found this movie very complicated and confusing. I did not like it. I like Dylan music and was expecting something totally different. The A list cast with Cate Blanchard playing Dylan I thought wow this is going to be a really top movie. I struggled to keep it on for its entire run. I found my mind flicking from wondering what was going on to something I had to do next week at work because it was just not keeping me their. Maybe my long ago uneducated brain was not ready for this but I have read the Cantubury Tales by Chauncer and understood them easier. I know the sixties were for many people a blur of different coloured pills and mind bending drugs. I probably need to get on that wave length and I would give this movie a higher score.

Layer Cake (2004)
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One of my favorite movies, 3 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this movie. I have watched it half a dozen times plus. I love the story the cast the settings and Sienna Miller. I read the book a loved the book which has a different twist but equally as good. The whole story is entertaining. Daniel Craig play a cool drug dealer( if there is such a thing ) Sienna Miller is so sexy. I even the role played by Dexter Flecher as blagger. Jamie Foreman as the pain in backside wannabe. This was J J Connelly's first attempt a writing and what a first result. Congratulation J J you have a loyal fan who cant wait for the next one. The moral of the story is that Drugs are not the business to be in. You lost your life. Your Liberty. Your Girlfriend. and in certain instances your head !

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