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The Jewel In the Univision Crown, 29 October 2001

Sabado Gigante has something for everyone: comedy skits, musical interludes, interviews, quiz games & the luscious Sissi. Helmed by the affable Don Francisco, SG is a throwback to the old American variety shows. But even America didn't have recurring characters such as El Santo the masked wrestler, a lion who drags off contestants during singing contests & of course, the beautiful Sissi. Entertaining, colorful & corny, SG makes for decent TV viewing. And I don't even speak Spanish. Did I happen to mention the gorgeous Sissi? In the words of Bob Hope, "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr...!!"

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Classic!!, 18 October 2001

I'm a Yank who loves OFAH. The characters are charming, the dialogue hilarious & there's usually a nice twist at the end. The way writer Sullivan weaves call-backs into the stories is impressive. A must see for any fan of great British sitcoms. Be wary of the post-domesticated years, however. As much as Del & Rodney deserved steady girlfriends, it changed the dynamic of the show for the worse & diminished its off the wall appeal. The longer episodes also diluted the sharp, compact punch of earlier seasons. Start with the "holy Trinity" years (Grandad & Uncle Albert are both great) to appreciate OFAH at its finest. Cushty!