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High Ice (1980) (TV)
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An eye opener for Chinese audience, and movie industry, 18 June 2010

This movie was one of the first few US movies authorized to be shown in China after the establishment of foreign diplomatic relationship between the People's Republic of China and the United States in 1979, after a three-decade long hostility between the two countries.

The movie was really an eye-opener for the Chinese audience, as well as the Chinese movie industry, mainly because of the way some scenes were shot. In particular, the scene where the characters were falling down was filmed in the way that it appears the filming crew was falling with the characters, thus creating a realistic impression of point of view from the characters themselves. As a result, there was a few Chinese audience with heart problems had to be carried out from movie theaters after they passed out, resulting from seeing these tense falling scenes. After several incidents like this occurred when this film was shown in China, some Chinese theaters banned patients with known heart problems from seeing this film, for fearing that they might have heart attack again.

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Many actual incidents occurred in real life, 7 December 2008

Though the story is fictional, the event described in this movie is real, and many cases actually happened in real life in China. In most of these cases, the blackmailers were caught and sentenced to serve times in jail, while at the same time, many families also broke up due to the affairs the lonely wives left behind.

What is not described in the movie is another tragedy of this (illegal) immigration: even when the wives left behind was finally able to go abroad to unite with their husbands, the marriage is already damaged and ended in divorce. Divorce in foreign land with unfamiliar custom took further tolls on the people involved

Ai Zhu (1985)
obvious example of censorship, 5 May 2005

This movie is made in the early era of Chinese reform that first started around 1980, when China was far less open and free as it is today, despite the fact that it was on the right track of development and reform.

By that time, the traditional hardline communist influence was still extremely strong, and the conservative commies were extremely unhappy with the way China was going, such as the welcome of western influence in the cultural, economical, social, and even political arena, and the hardline commies are trying to halt, or at least, to slow down the trend. One of the most obvious example is in the media censorship, an area hardline commies still had strong influence, and this movie is the reflection of their futile struggle to reverse the trend.

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Typical Cinemax late night, 1 April 2005

This is a television series that was aired on Cinemax late night with each episode lasting half an hour.

Do not even bother to try find a story line because there is not any, what else can you expect for half an hour? This television series is very similar to others of its kind, such as Beverly Hills Bordello, Pleasure Zone, Thrills, Hotline, Compromising situation, and Passive Cove, just to name a few. All of them are in the Playboy TV class due to the federal and local legislation, such as that of FCC, but for most of the time, girls in these series still lags behind those of Playboy TV, but not much, though.

"Nightcap" (1999)
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better than most in its class, 1 April 2005

This is a soft core television series that is aired late night on Cinemax.

Due to the federal and local legislation, such as that of FCC, there are restrictions on what the performers can expose, so if you are looking for something like Savanah, you will be greatly disappointed, guys.

However, the girls in this television series are not that bad, and they are still worth to take a look at with what they can and do expose. This television series is mainly written by men, so it may have more appealing to male audience.

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Something rated R, 1 April 2005

This television series is something that should be rated R due to its strong erotic contents, however, you would be disappointed if you are expecting something hard core.

Due to the federal and local law, there are restrictions imposed on cable television programming, where this television series is aired, namely, late night on Cinemax.

The girls appear in this television series are fine, and offer everything they can, yet the same does not apply for men, a rather peculiar fine line defined by FCC. The same rule also applies to Playboy channel, so it's might be better suited for female audience who loves erotica.

"Thrills" (2001)
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So so., 1 April 2005

This is a soft core erotica television series that is aired late night on Cinemax.

Like other typical late night soft core erotica aired on HBO, Showtime, or Cinemax, each episode of this television series also last exactly half an hour.

The girls appeared in this television series are not that bad, but of course, they are still lagging behind a little in comparison to those girls on the Playboy channel. Due to the federal and local laws, this television series cannot be as explicit as adult films, and thus put it at disadvantage with its competitors in the same class, namely, Playboy TV.

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Shannon Tweed is great, 1 April 2005

Hotline is a TV series of erotic tales, with each episode lasting half an hour.

This is something similar to Red Shoe diary, and thus you cannot expect too much for the plots. I mean what else can you expect in an half an hour soft core erotica? Obviously, the answer is not much. All the story are basically similar, and the only difference is the cast.

The girls are somewhere between okay and nice, but nothing close to stunning, but, the hostess, our lovely former-Playmate Ms. Shannon Tweed is not bad at all, not only for a thirty-eight year old mother of two, but also in comparison to other girls appeared in this TV series.

"Real Sex" (1990)
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This one is Okay, 1 April 2005

Actually, this series is much better than other so-called documentaries such as Cathouse series, and G-string diva series, of course, comparatively speaking.

In comparison to other so-called documentary series that are totally waste of time, such as the Cathouse and G-string diva series, this TV series is much better, directly, honestly, and bravely facing something explicit, which results in making this TV series rated NC-17 instead of the R-rated Cathouse series and G-string diva series.

But don't get too excited because not every episode is NC-17, so do not expect this is ordinary adult video.

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No better than the first one, 1 April 2005

No wonder user rate averages at 5.2 out of 10, a failing grade. This second one is no better than the first one.

Like the first one, the Cathouse, the same groups of films makers appeared to be incapable of learning for their past mistakes, because they had unsuccessfully tried to make this second one also a documentary, on the same topic about the same brothel. Just like the first failure, this sequel is also unsuccessful, and instead of like a true documentary or a true hardcore erotica, this second one ends up just like the first, something like Playboy but not as good as Playboy. Switch to Playboy channel instead.

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