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Sonic Rush (2005) (VG)
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One of the best Sonic games ever!, 1 January 2008

For Christmas,I've been wanting a Nintendo Wii. My parents and I were sadly not able to find one. So instead,I got this game,and all I can say is that it made up A lot for my disappointment. The graphics and music in this game are awesome! The Voice acting is great. The plot of this game focuses on a rip in the space-time continuum, and it's expanding. As Sonic goes to to stop this,he encounters a powerful cat-girl named Blaze the Cat,who has arrived in Sonic's world to find the sol emeralds,powerful gems like the chaos emeralds which she guards and a new villain named Eggman Nega,with a look very similar to that of Dr.Eggman. The game contains 3 stories:

Sonic's story: This story focuses on Sonic the Hedgehog as he battles Eggman Nega and learns more of Blaze.

Blaze's story: This story focuses on Blaze the Cat as she searches for the sol emeralds and learns the true meaning of friendship.

and the final story,which I will not spoil,is awesome.

This game is a must-own for the Nintendo DS. Two Thumbs up!

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A masterpiece., 15 December 2007

I've only played the multi-player of Call of Duty 4,but the multi-player pretty much described to me how awesome it is. At first, I was only interested in getting the DS version. I didn't have a 360 or a PS3,and sadly it's not for Wii. But when my friend invited me to play the game at ignite network,I didn't want the experience to end! The multi-player carries great graphics and very awesome sound. If you die,the screen shows how your enemy killed you so you can be careful next time. The stages,oh sweet lord are they awesome. This is to big of a game to get for a hand-held! halo may be very awesome,but Call of Duty 4 makes it look like garbage.

Guys,there is a war going on in Iraq. This game,shows what that war is like. 10/10 stars and Two Thumbs up baby!!!!!

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Terrible, 31 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

That was Then,This is Now. An awesome book,but TERRIBLE movie. I mean you take a novel like That was Then,This is Now which is so good and made it a terrible. Hollywood truly did not understand the point of the book. Why? Because they changed the freakin ending! The sad ending of That was Then,This is Now is why the book is so popular and yet they replace it with a happy ending. And dear god, Craig Sheffer is plain horrible as Bryon. He doesn't even try to do good. He just plays the Character and acts all bored and stuff. Frank Howard as M&M,okay he has the look,but also doesn't even try. Jill Shoelen hardly makes Angela Shepard look like the bad girl. Honestly, the only good acting is Emilio Estevez as Mark Jennings, Kim Delaney as Cathy Carlson and Barbra Barbock as Mrs.Carlson. Morgan Freeman has a good act for Charlie Woods,but in the scene when Charlie comes out with his shotgun, honestly your suppose to be in the scared moment,but the way he walks in with the shotgun makes you laugh.

Now for the ending:

Book ending:M&M takes LSD and his head gets messed up. Bryon finds out Mark had been selling drugs and thinks he gave M&M the LSD. When Mark comes home,Bryon tells him he called the cops. Mark just stands there and says,"Why are you doing this to me buddy?" The police take Mark away. Bryon hurts Cathy which causes their break up. The doctors say M&M will never be the same. When Bryon visits Mark in jail, Mark tells him the only reason he wanted to see him is to make sure he hated him and that when he gets out of jail he will never go home.

The terrible happy ending:M&M takes drugs but it is unknown what he took and his condition is unknown. Bryon and Cathy break up because Bryon calls M&M a F**king retard. Instead of Bryon calling the cops on Mark, he tells him to leave and never come home. Mark takes the car and gets arrest for a speed chase. Bryon and Cathy get back together. When Bryon visits Mark, instead of Mark saying I hate you, he says,"I'll be fine. Everything well be alright." After Bryon leaves,he hot wires a car,drives it around and tells the owner,"Chill dude" just like Mark.

The more problems with this film is how Ponyboy Curtis and Mike Chambers{yes Mike} are cut from the film. Mike should have never been cut from the film. Mike told a story that proves revenge is pointless and it was cut. Ponyboy may have not been important,but at least his role would have made the movie better! In conclusion,That was Then,This is Now is a terrible film adaption. We demand a remake!

Bionicle Heroes (2006) (VG)
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If you played metroid prime hunters, this wont be a challenge., 27 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In Bionicle Heroes, you are an unnamed hero trying to recover the masks and save the Toa Inika from the Piraka. On your journey to save them, you will fight villains from Bionicle's past such as rahi,bohrok,rakashi,Vaki,Visorak and of course the present villains, the piraka.

Each level will be one of the six elements of Bionicle and on that level will be one of the Piraka. The game carries great weapons to chose from and great bosses. However, the game's gameplay is VERY similar to the recent hit-game Metroid Prime Hunters. If you played that game, this one wont be much of a challenge.

Another problem is how characters such as Axonn and Brutaka are not in this version of the game. Another character who is not in this version of bionicle heroes{bionicle fans get ready to be mad} is the seventh Piraka Vezon and his spider Fenrakk.

The Nintendo DS version could have been better if they at least had more bosses and it's gameplay not being completely like metroid prime hunters. To Top things off, I beat this game the day I got it!

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Hilarious!, 1 August 2007

The Simpsons Movie carries humor through out the whole film. Great animation and great acting. Nice jokes like,"Spider-Pig! Spider-Pig!"

In The Simpsons Movie, Homer accidentally throws a metal can of pig poop into the river , causing the EPA to trap Springfield in a glob with no escape. When an order to destroy Springfield is given, Homer must save the town before it's to late.

Although the movie carries great humor, there's one scene that gives you laughs but it really shouldn't be in the movie due to being perverted and making it seem more like a south park movie 2. The movie kind of in a way feels like an extended episode of the show,but still great. The movie's animation is WAY better than the shows. When you finish the movie, there's only one word to say.Sequel?

P.S. Stay tuned during the end credits.

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Great acting, but too fast and disappointing, 11 July 2007

I saw it yesterday. When you see it, it will be your least favorite of the series. This film contains a lot of problems. Most of those problems I cant mention because it will be spoiling the book and movie. So many exciting scenes from the book were left out{One really exciting scene that happens in the final fight sequence was left out}. Hagrid,Trelaweney, and Mcgonagall were hardly in it and Malfoy,Ginny,Lupin,Moody,Tonks, and Cho hardly spoke. Something big is suppose to happen to Percy Weasley, but it is not talked about nor mention. Zack Smith appears in the film, but is not referred to by name.

Another thing about this film, we all know that Harry and Cho are finally together. When the hero gets the girl, you have to expect a lot of drama in their relationship to happen. Guess what? You don't get any. Just first kiss. That's all. This film is suppose to focus on Cho as the main love interest, but it focuses more on Luna Lovegood{played by a nervous Evanna Lynch} as the main love interest. Evanna Lynch does great as Luna, but in some scenes she seems nervous.

The only good things in this film is the special effects{awesome} and the acting{Especially Imelda as Umbridge and Helen as Langstrane}. The Director David Yates, did not do a good job with this. I just recently heard that he is directing the next film. Lets just pray he wont screw up again.

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The most entertaining film yet!!!!!!!, 4 July 2007

Today on the fourth of July, I saw Transformers. One of the best movies ever made. Great acting,great special effects that you will love to watch, and unexpected twists that will make you laugh hard. One of those parts made me laugh so hard, I was laughing for two whole minutes. The fight sequences are so cool{you can tell how long it took them to finish those scenes}.Optimus Prime and Megatron are beyond awesome. Having Peter Cullen reprise his role as Optimus Prime was a great thing to do. Hugo Weaving as Megatron, oh boy. This has to be one of the greatest evil roles played by an actor ever. His voice fits the character real well. Bumblebee makes you laugh real hard in most of his scenes. As for all the other autobots and decepticons, I have one thing to say: NICE! If your looking for a film with lots of awesome special effects and comedy that will make you laugh really hard, this is the movie for you. Transformers.

Spider-Man 3 (2007) (VG)
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Pretty Fun, but it could have been better, 30 June 2007

I got the Nintendo DS version. Pretty fun. But just like Metroid Prime: Hunters, the controls are hard to get use to. But when you master the controls, it gets fun.

I would suggest this game to people who like fun and challenging games. The moves in this game are wickedly cool. A fight is always around the corner whenever you want hero points. The Black Suit is Awesome. Once you wear it, you don't want to take it off. The black suit makes you stronger and faster. It makes you understand the quote:"This suit. The feels great." You are sent on missions by Detective Jean Dewolfe, where you fight gangs like the dragon tails{NOT THE CARTOON SHOW FOR KIDS},VooDoo and the apocalypse. The boss battles are really fun{Especially New Goblin,Lizard and Megalizard} Mad Bomber is okay, but not that exciting. Sandman is pretty hard until you find out what to do. As for Venom, he's kind of too easy. He could have been better. The Lizard storyline also could have been better if Kraven The Hunter was involved. This is a really fun game.

However, I do not suggest this game to people who like movie games that stay completely true to it's film. The game does not mention why Sandman went into crime and how he got his powers. The game also does not reveal that Sandman is Uncle Ben's real killer. Instead, this is replaced with Sandman nearly killing a lot of people while trying to rob a bank,causing Spider-Man to want revenge. The character of Gwen Stacy who appears in the film, does not appear in the game nor is mentioned. Neither is her father. The first fight sequence {Peter vs Harry} has a different history in the game. The final fight sequence{Spidey&Goblin vs Sandman&Venom} also has different history than the film. Eddie Brock does not speak until he becomes Venom. To be honest, I felt like the Lizard storyline was more interesting than the movie storyline.

Another thing I like to complement on is the quotes said in the game.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man:"{while fighting gang members}FOUR!"

Peter Parker/Spider-Man:"Wait wait! I got a better move."

Peter Parker/Spider-Man:"Just another day in the life of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."

Harry Osborn/New Goblin:"Feeling deja vu Peter?"

Harry Osborn/New Goblin:"You'll pay for what you did to my father."

Dr.Curt Conors/Lizard:"You shouldn't beeeeee here. Little ssssssspider."

Dr.Curt Conors/Lizard:"Leave meeeee alone. Little sssssssspider."

Flint Marko/Sandman:"How bout I kick a little sand in your face?"

Flint Marko/Sandman:"You know what I like about you Spider-Man? NOTHING!"

Luke Carlye/Mad Bomber:"You cant win! My men will be running this city in weeks!!"

Eddie Brock/Venom:"I know you better than you know yourself parker. TRY SOMETHING I DON'T EXPECT!!"

Eddie Brock/Venom:"C'Mon Parker, at least make a fight out of it!"

Eddie Brock/Venom:"OOOOOOOh! Come and get it big boy!"

Pretty neat quotes. They describe the characters really well. I just wished Venom said,"We Are Venom" or "Never wound, what you cant kill." There's your review for the Nintendo DS version folks. 6/10.

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Better than the first one., 21 June 2007

Do you want a movie with a good story,great plot, and awesome special effects? This is the movie for you. In Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Silver Surfer comes to earth to feed it to his master the devour of planets,Gah Lak Tus. The Surfer comes to earth during the wedding of Reed Richards/Mr.Fantastic and Susan Storm/Invisibile Woman. The Fantastic Four have to help out the army to find the Silver Surfer and find out what his plan is. Meanwhile, Dr.Doom is back and he wants the Silver Surfer's powers.

You all probably want to know the differences between this and the comics:

Frankie Reye is not afraid of fire in the movie.

Gah Lak Tus appears as a huge cloud in the film.

Johnny Storm/Human Torch acts more mature in the film than he does in the comics and the first film.

There is a scene where you can see Gah Lak Tus's face, but he doesn't have eyes or a mouth.{You'll know it's his face when you see it}.

To make a long story short, the special effects are great. One of the things I like about movies is how good the special effects are and these are good special effects. Especially Gah Lak Tus,Silver Surfer,Dr.Doom and this one scene with Human Torch. If you want a great movie, this is a perfect choice for you.

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Perfect ending to Pirates Of The Carribbean, 26 May 2007

The movie is really good. Especially the special effects. They were down really well. At World's End is by far the best in the series. When I saw the 2nd film, I so badly wanted to see this one so all the unsolved mysteries are solved. Like, why is Barbossa alive when he died in the first film? Did the Kraken really kill Jack Sparrow? Who will Elizabeth pick? Jack or Will? All are solved in this. I really love the humor in this. Better than the first two. 5 of the characters die{I wont spoil who} and a what a perfect way to go.

Pirates Of The Carribbean 3:At World's End is a perfect ending to the series. Wait until the end of the end credits!

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