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Good action with JUST enough plot, 5 August 2003

This almost non-stop action flick had me snap out a few times when the action scenes went on too long but then drew me back in with just enough plot to keep me interested. In the end, a good story was told and I had fun.

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Wow!, 5 August 2003

So pretty and so funny. This is great entertainment with dazzling visuals and a really funny script. I rarely laugh out loud but I did in this movie. The reefs and sea life sometimes looks so real and other times better than real. Never mind the kids, I want to see it again!

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Favorite movie this year, 5 August 2003

Part Indiana Jones and part James Bond, this is the most fun I've had in a movie for a long time. I was smiling all the way through. If you've played videogames, you know where this is coming from. If not, expect a good fantasy adventure: Incredible action! Globe-trotting! Babe with attitude! Hidden treasure! Monsters!!!

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I love this movie!, 13 January 2003

Americans tourists vacationing in Monaco become suspects in a murder case as their dumb mistakes and attempts at cover-up make them more and more suspicious. This a great ensemble movie that makes me laugh everytime and the plot is complex enough to warrant repeat viewing.