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satire of the new world, 10 January 2004

This is a very good satire of the snobism of the new world`s men believing in the american dream, where competition is all and to be number one rules! Highly recommended to all who think the same and I`d suggest you should think on the words of the two protagonists meeting the director on the hip near the so-called Niagara! Spicey!

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two concepts previously met at bergman and antonioni, 10 January 2004

The title of this film contains two concepts previously met at ingmar bergman (silence) and michelangelo antonioni (cry). Although I wouldn`t say this is the reason jancso uses them for, I think they involve a definite psichology and one should watch it only as a conosceur of art films as the order to fully understand it. Also, using two such extreme concepts analyzing the shades of human spirit, it manages to portray a tuff philosophical image of its depths.

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hungarian portrait of those sixties, 10 January 2004

This is a very significant and specific hungarian portrait of the sixties as we know them, with their rebel youth, solid concepts worth fighting for, while times "they were a-changing". Highly recommended in order to know that hippies weren`t only american...

Cantata (1963)
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Jancso`s most antonionian movie..., 17 September 2003

This is Miklos Jancso`s most antonionian film. I`m saying this because it draws most eloquenty the figure of the estranged intelectual in search for his roots. Beautifuly photographed, intelligently exposed. Don`t go searching for a plot though; focus on the characters.

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kafkian story of an insignificant teacher, 21 March 2002

This is the story of a shool teacher who becomes a mementary hero after having rescued a stuffed-bird from a school incident! In esence, he is the prototype of the small and insignificant man and this fact is to be generalized even by his name(Nyul - meaning "rabbit"- Bela).When he sees his name wriiten on the walls as all insignificants spiritual leader, who must go, we know there`s no way out for him, but the inevitable death!Heartbreaking and sad, but so real, in the same time!Don`t miss it!

Stalker (1979)
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quintessence of life,magistraly portrayed in a masterpiece, 7 March 2002

I cannot think suddenly of another movie that would be able to compete artistically with Tarkovskij`s masterpiece!Some consider his ultimate work Andrej Rubljov or perhaps Soalris, as for me i think this one is the top!Without describing the plot and the rest,as this movie MUST be seen by all art fans, I would just think that the pessimistic but metaphisical images here have no clear meaning, but once one sees them will never be able to forget them! Philosophicaly high, artisticaly ultimate!

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high-leveled meanings personified in the final scene, 4 February 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Reconstituirea" is probably one of the most substanced Romanian film ever made in a country where cinematography doesn`t "fell at home"!It is the story of 2 young men of the communist era taken to a chalet in the mountains in order to rebuild a felony,which in the end leads to an unvoluntary murdering of one of them by the other.Senseless procedures are magistraly portrayed us all culminating in the end with the scene of the 2 fellas in which one of them begs for forgiveness,while the other concludes that he has enough of it all!Touching scene,great performances!Unmissable!

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yet another Pintilie masterpiece!, 4 February 2002

If you have never seen Pintilie`s other masterpiece("Reconstituirea"),it would be quite difficult getting used to this world, where hard feelings run around in difficult times lived by emotionally charged people.This is the story of a couple struggling in a hopless world between obstacles that are thought in the end the meaning of the "big brother" concept and still,not giving up,even when was ready to!

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beautiful images,touching view, 4 January 2002

I was wondering how interesting could be the story of a piano player born and raised on a ship!Well,if not so much for the plot,this movie is worth being checked out first of all for the beautiful sight magistraly offered to us by Giuseppe Tornatore(not a surprise for those who have previously seen Cinema Paradiso).Although the ship is undoubtebly alike Titanic,here(as well as there)the elegancy of the images is offered by the costumes and all that "sight candy" that after all and unfortunately the films drowns into making the viewer forget where did he lose the plot line!

Dybt vand (1999) (TV)
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chilly horroristic thriller, 12 December 2001

If one would draw a map of the scandinavian cinema,they`d have there the claustrophobic visions of Ingmar Bergman,the social care of Aki Kaurismaki,the melodrama of Lars von Trier and the horror of Ole Bornedal.Now,this particular work(I don`t now how many people saw Nightwach)builds up the thrill little by little.The mayor of a danish community is taken to hospital because of a heart attack and all the problems must be handled by the vice(Nils),but then there`s also the mayor`s son,a gambler who just seem to keep losing control on everything.Therefore a following tragedy becomes quite inevitable!

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