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Definitely in no specific order.
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There are filmmakers, that for some reason get far better reviews than they deserve. They may have done one decent film but that's the film that you have probably missed because of all the garbage you were fooled to see, because of undeserving reviews, which in the end led you to never see a film by that filmmaker again.

The directors are listed from the most overrated to the least overrated.

I have gotten wonderful comments (see below) and would have liked to comment on them individually but then I have to give up my credit card number to imdb and I'm too paranoid for doing that.

I will change my commentaries on the directors, partly as an answer to the wonderful commentaries I have received and also make a list of the most underrated directors of all time, which will open up for people to criticize my favorites.

Again, I must send my love to all who have taken the time to comment on this list. Sometimes, I have been touched to tears, at least almost. You are all lovely people, even those who disagree.

i have added my list with the greatest bull....artist of all time and guess that this will be something to bite on for many.
Incidentally, I do not believe that, for instance, Goethe is overrated. Schiller most probably but not Goethe, even if he too did some kissing up to power.
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A list of professionals that should have been known (compared to those who are known!)
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These are directors, some well known some less well known, who all have in common, that regardless of how much they are known, they are still not known enough and definitely not appreciated enough compared to lesser talents, who are constantly being praised.
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A list of directors, in no specific order, who not merely described the working class but who also tried to make us understand.
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In a very specific order from the most desirable to watch to the least but all of them more desirable than those not mentioned (as far as I know about the actors out there).
To be continued.
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This list was really hard to write. I do not like to hate and block out unpleasant experiences subconsciously like most of us, I guess. Not easy to find these in my memory with exception of the first few.
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In no specific order.