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psychological trick, 12 July 2017

David Lynch claimed that it was a mistake to reveal the murderer in the first seasons in Twin Peaks and that he had rather left the question unanswered. This worries me when seeing this series now, when he is in total Control. There's no question that he is a very able director. Previous films has shown this (not all of them though). What worries me is that he has found out a very cheap trick and is milking it for all its Worth. Why do we find detective stories or who-done-it stories so interesting? Well, that is what nourishes our minds. Lynch found out that we can keep the interest up for a long time if we pose intriguing questions. When we then fail to deliver any sort of answer will not mean much, so Lynch seems to have thought, I'm afraid. If so, then what saved him Before were the producers that did not allow him a director's cut and insisted on some kind of answer. I hope this is not the question with the present series. Intriguing questions have been posed in abundance already and although they are also visually intriguing, I'm afraid that is not enough if that will be all. I hope this series will not end in a magnificent catastrophe, but so far I cannot tell. The real brilliance is not in the question but instead in the answer, even if it is insufficient. The answer Always shows you where you stand and where you are heading. It may be naive but it is Always honest.

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they all seem to have so much money and time, 1 July 2017

I don't see any poor people, except the servants of course, when i see this picture. There is idleness all around. Everybody seem to be asking for a good thrashing on there buttocks, preferably engineered by their servants. I guess this is the American way: To believe to be a millionaire - some time in the future until you are too old to believe anything anymore. How else could you explain poor people voting republican? Stupidness knows no boundaries - ask an(y) American. They all look at themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires as John Steinbeck put it. Imagine that! How could anyone be so screwed and evil, by the way, then who but a very evil person would like to be rich while others are poor? Well, most of these evil persons are poor anyway, thankfully.

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warning, this is horror!, 17 June 2017

If this is appealing to many of the youths today, it explains more than I care to know about. What a horror of propaganda! Is there any films about youths today which do not dwell on homosexuality? There has been no serious debate upon this in society - just more or less tired acceptance of it all. Once it was forbidden, then it was suddenly wanted behavior and there was no debate in between. To be sure, at least so do I think, society should not interfere in what goes on between consenting adults. To love somebody of your own sex is always better than no love at all. Nobody should have to feel ashamed or miserable about it. But to have to propagate it like something desirable? I think that needs to be debated and this film does not do that. It just invites to swallow it all like all the other lies you are made to swallow. This is very tiring indeed.

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fat guy and that's about all, 18 January 2017

This film is a perfect example of Vanity - in the public seeing the film. It has no plot, no wisdom, no intelligence - nothing! It does have a fat man with a hat and a lot of bad Music and dancing and idiotic talk upon talk. It isn't even a fart of a film. Only a public that has never seen a good film or seen a good film that they were too dumb to understand - only such a public will interpret something akin of quality into this film. There is no quality - only a fat man with a hat. Fat man fat man fat man hat hat hat fat man. fat. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmman. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat.

Fat man with a hat. Baddddd dancing.

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capitalist propaganda, 15 October 2016

"Lives biggest tragedy is not being loved" - that's a quote from this Movie and it's wrong. Lives biggest tragedy is not having loved! You see, capitalists want to be loved, if not for themselves then at least for their Money and like in all cases being loved you can never tell if you are or not. You can only tell if you, yourself, loves somebody besides yourself, of course.

Capitalists love themselves and their's only. They have no understanding for other peoples needs. Other people are just collateral for them to use for their capitalistic goals. Yes, capitalists are swines, period.

And a film that takes side for the capitalists is a film that promotes the swinery.

Incidentally, in case you wondered, I am not a communist but I am totally against having differences in wealth. No more rich and poor - everyone should Always have the same. The good you do is only good if you do not do it in order to dominate or exploit others.

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Yes, a remake of the Bicycle Thieves, 19 June 2016

One reviewer has insight-fully recognized this film as a remake of the Bicycle Thieves by Vittorio de Sica. I'm impressed by his insight but not by his judgment.

You see, even a bleak copy of the Bicycle Thieves will make a good film as long as there is still a scene in it resembling the slapping scene at the end of the Bicycle Thieves and there is such a scene but my impressing reviewer missed it because it is not as broadly laid out as the mentioned scene in the original but very touching and thoughtful nevertheless.

In this scene the father does not get slapped. On the contrary, he is slapping somebody else but in the midst of this slapping he is interrupted and made to realize that the thief that he is slapping is a family man just like himself, driven to desperation by poverty and he cannot go on slapping the man and instead he forgives him. This is great Cinema and makes this film a worthy remake of the Bicycle Thieves and its end scene.

Hats off.

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A most accurate description of the USA, 17 May 2016

Everything in news is fake and propaganda - so why risk your neck for it? I sincerely hope all journalists "sent out" on dangerous missions learn how to stay at home and fake it, risking nothing. It makes no difference anyhow. Nobody Believes what they are reporting, because everybody knows that if anything of it was true, then it would probably not be allowed and censored Before reaching out.

This is the reason why I rather Watch films then I Watch the news if I want to know what's going on. When everybody says it's fiction, then maybe some of it is true, whereas when everybody says it's true it cannot possibly be so unless it's so obvious that it is impossible to deny, in which case you do not need the news telling you.

In other Words: This is satire at its best.

True Grit (2010)
Erlenkönig, 12 May 2016

The most famous (not the very best though) poem in the German language is "Der Erlenkönig". It was written by Goethe and Schubert put Music to it (not his very best Music either). The poem is about a man that rides home with his dying son in his arms, the son hallucinating about the 'Erlenkönig' a mythical figure beckoning him to join him (which means Death and which the father is very well aware of).

Towards the very end of this Picture, it is like seeing the Erlenkönig reenacted. A rather bleak remake hereby gets a gigantic boost.

John Wayne was no actor and a person with rather abominable political views (which he sadly was not aware of) but he was a great star. Jeff Bridges is a formidable actor but, curiously, he is no star, which great actors seldom are. Great stars Always play themselves and their roles are just different sides of that self (Clint Eastwood is Always Clint Eastwood and whenever he attempted to act the results were catastrophic).

Furthermore there might be added that the Music in this film is far better than that in the original and with the end in mind that was, IMO, reason enough to do this remake.

I Am Wrath (2016)
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revenge respecting no position, 21 April 2016

OK, I'm exaggerating somewhat giving this a 10 but i have to balance the skulduggery bad voting badmouthing this Movie because it attacks people in Power. Unfortunately it's a fairy-tale. The good guys almost never are well-trained and coming out from combat-forces. Those are usually the bad guys. But even if it is a fairy-tale it still leaves a warm feeling and a thought, like in Taken, that the bad guys sometimes hit the wrong guys and get their come-up-pens. Why I give this Movie extra Points is that the revenge does not shy away from the highest positions (the last guy in the line might just as well have been the president or maybe even higher up - the people behind the president). That's a nice touch, somehow.

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10 for the beginning, zero for the end, 17 April 2016

Surprisingly honest beginning showing what a swinery capitalism is. Then Everything turns silly and Lloyd does what he has done better elsewhere.

I'm not surprised it turned out that way though. Had it continued like the beginning, we would have had the best socialist Comedy ever perhaps. That could of course not happen in a film financed by capitalists. Pity anyway.

Begins in decency and ends in a snore - that's the size of it. And for the rest, I would have to say with the utmost sincirety, I guess, I would have to say: Yada, yada, yada, umpa and so fill out my lines - jaussa.

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