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Valiant (2005)
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Young wood pigeon Valiant earns his wings., 24 January 2007

Brilliant movie. A 'take' on every WW2 film ever made. Although this film had appalling reviews I had a feeling it would be good from the trailers I saw. I loved the cadets on the parade ground during their training. I thought the bit with Valiant giving his girlfriend nurse a flower was excellent. I especially liked the cool poise of the French Resistance when faced with dreadful odds. The film was more for adults than children, I'm sure the humour went straight over their heads. The graphics were good and I loved the colours used. I found this film to be very funny, very nostalgic and very nice looking. Loved the sound effects too.

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Dim Alfred, the vampire killer's apprentice has to learn fast if he's going to save the beautiful daughter of the Innkeeper., 24 January 2007

Brilliant movie - beautifully shot and with Polanski's eye for detail. Very funny/quirky and atmospheric. I loaned it to a work colleague who thought Polanski only made horror films like 'Rosemary's Baby', she was amazed when confronted with this one. She thought it was great. Everyone is always very impressed with the ballroom scene with all the mirrors and the vampires dancing. The colours are fabulous and the outside scenes remind one of s Christmas card. If it's ever on t.v. it's always on around midnight or after, so I had to buy the DVD. Definitely one to watch late at night when you're alone!! It took me years to find it on DVD. I think the one I eventually bought was an import.