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A must see movie!, 31 July 2005

An excellent cast and great story make this movie a must see. This has wonderful comedic actors, at the top of their game, put in situations made for comedy. The characters are perfected by the actor, but created so well by the writing. All the actors seem to be having so much fun that the movie has no choice but to work well. Vince Vaugh is outstanding as the put upon friend and Owen Wilson is charming as always. Will Ferrell, even with a bit part, comes through with laughs every time. Christopher Walken and Rachael McAdams have done a great job as well. Please check this one out if you love to laugh. You will not be let down.

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Unbelievable!, 3 July 2003

Please go and see this movie or you'll regret not having the theater atmosphere. It has surprises at every turn and keeps reality in every scene. 28 Days Later features great actors and an excellently written story. So many other actors could not have done this story justice.

The real backstage of the Muppets., 17 April 2002

This is a great show with endearing, yet twisted characters. These puppets are cute, sarcastic and Seth Green shines as usual. This is just what I would expect behind the scenes of a kids show. I love this show and hope for many more seasons. Check it out!

The Kid (2001) (TV)
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Wonderful perspective of a twisted childhood., 23 March 2002

I loved the way this movie shows a child's slightly skewed vision of what adults say to them and how they see the world. This movie has a great story line and group of characters that show various perspectives. Definitely a must see comedy for all adults who had a strange childhood.

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A new Lestat is an improvement., 18 March 2002

When I went into the theater I did not expect to like this movie at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. Stuart Townsend was a wonderful Lestat and was much like I would have preferred to see in Interview with the Vampire. The scenes were well adapted from the book and followed the book as best as possible. The movie was not exact, but neither was Interview and that was a pleasant surprise as well. Give this movie a chance and give the newer, better Lestat a chance as well.

The Others (2001)
The best acting from Nicole Kidman I have ever seen., 16 November 2001

This movie has suspense, surprises, and one of the best story lines I have seen. A wonderful plot and ending that you should not tell anyone if they have not seen it. This reason alone is enough to see this movie.

K-PAX (2001)
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One of the best movies I have seen this year., 16 November 2001

This movie has wonderful characters and a pleasant story line. In our times now this movie keeps hope alive and sends a good message to anyone that sees it. I plan to see this movie a few more times in the theaters and will sit with bated breath waiting for it to come out on video. A must see for any Kevin Spacey fan, this movie shows his abilities as an actor and may be a better performance than American Beauty.