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one of my favorite episodes of a funny show, 29 August 2013

This is actually one of my top TV comedy episodes of all time. The episode revolves around the team getting a Bowl bid after a winning season. The best way to see it is (of course) without commercials and watch from beginning to end. The team gets to be in the Patriot Bowl held near Philadelphia, and some of the humor revolves around that. It help to be from that area but its not necessary. Craig T. Nelson is great as the Coach and this episodes writing showcases that. All the characters are fine in some funny scenes. For the sports fans there are probably things I didn't get and that may add to your enjoyment. It is tough to write a review without hinting at the end but lets just say that it is a classic story in the style of Bob Newhart or Bill Cosby where the punchline won't disappoint. It is number 10 of the 5th season, and the show had really hit its stride.

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A couple funny send-up moments of 80s Brat pack, 17 July 2013

Let me say first that I am a kind of a fan, but don't always watch. In general the space travelers out of their element was much better done by 3rd Rock From The Sun. I think that the "earthling couple" are well played Jami Gertz and Lenny Venito. This episode features a couple well done send ups of 80's Brat Pack / John Hughes movies. The Dream Weavers episode revolves around the High School dance and the Weavers especially Debbies attempt to recapture the magic of meeting her soul mate at hers. She does this by volunteering to chaperone with the neighbors and Marty. There are of course the usual conflict with the teenage daughter who doesn't want her there. And the usual fish out of water reactions of the neighbors. The high point however and the reason I wrote this is the references to the above mentioned brat pack flicks. Especially since Jamie Gerts was one of them. There is also a guest appearance by Judd Nelson. If you remember those films, this is a better episode and why I gave it an 8. PS These are tough to write while attempting to not reveal any spoilers.

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Life in a small town done well, 22 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you've ever gotten sentimental hearing the Alan Jackson song "The Little Man", this is an episode for you. The show follows Kevin's adventures in retail as he goes to work in a small town Hardware store. Kevin wants to make money, the owner, his boss, sees his new employee as someone to be taught and brought in to the business an apprentice sort of. The fact is that there is a new world of malls and of retail and that it may not be downtown. Kevin is torn. It is a touching episode, that as is the case in a lot of Wonder Years episodes, highlights some of the change and other things that escape the attention of us growing up. I grew up in a small town and in a small way lived this episode more than once. I knew the Pharmacist, The woman who owned the Hardware store, the Mechanics, and the gas Station attendants by name and family. It is well worth watching, probably ranking up with the Mr Collins Math class episodes.

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Watch TV and learn to conserve, 3 May 2009

It's been quite a while since I've seen this and I came to IMDb to see if this was available anywhere. I will give this comment my best shot based on my memories. For those of you who might remember, once before this country went through a go green, conserve craze. This program that ran on my local PBS station highlighted green and conservation measures in your "house for all seasons". The show dealt with being self sufficient and conserving energy. It was a fun show to watch and like This Old House back then it showed things anyone could do as well as the more exotic answers to saving energy. By todays standards it is probably not pc green and in my memory it leaned more toward saving money than energy per se and only some alternative green energy was featured. It was a kind of folksy show and as I said pleasant to watch. It would be interesting to see it again. It would also be a neat bit of social comment on the fickleness and short attention span of the Amercian public.