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Existential Horror Story, 1 November 2009

This film is an absolutely ghastly in-depth exploration of the utter and profound lack of meaning in life. I hated every minute I spent watching this sad, desperate little man attempt ineffectually to wrest control of his life, and failing that, to make sense of it. I wanted to walk out, but I was transfixed by a obsessive need to know if - scene by scene - the filmmakers were going to realize the minutely painful details of this exploration of the forces of chaos and the insignificance of human attempts to deal with them. I spent the entire film writhing in agony at witnessing this terrible train-wreck of a life, yet unable to turn my eyes away. And the ending? Pure genius. Evil genius, but genius nonetheless.

I hated this movie and would not consider watching it again under any circumstances. It is not that the characters and their situations lack reality. It is that they are too real, down to the finest grueling details. Therein lies the brilliance of the filmmakers.

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Badly Marketed Yet Utterly Brilliant, 14 October 2001

This film was amazing. I saw the trailers and swore I'd never watch it. A couple of friends overruled this after watching it in the theaters, and I'm glad they did.

Not only is this film an amusing spoof of Science Fiction Fen-dom, it's a brilliant action-adventure/science-fiction film in its own right. The only other film I can think of that is a righteous satirical look, yet a splendid example of the genre, is the Fifth Element.

Galaxy Quest Has It All. Beautiful women in scanty clothing. Love interests. Computers. Space ships. Ugly and evil monsters. Blasters. Arcane martial arts. Dynamite catch phrases. And best of all, the very population that is satirized is the group that Saves The Day.

The dialogue is brilliant - you'll find yourself quoting from this film regularly. The acting is marvelous. Tim Allen doing William Shatner doing a Heroic Spaceship Captain is worth the rental all by itself, not to mention Alan Rickman's memorably dry performance as the I-Am-Not-My-Strange-Looking-Alien character.

The first thing I thought upon leaving the theater was that I had to see this film again. The first thing I thought upon seeing it again was that I would have to own this movie. Check it out - you won't be sorry.