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Awesome movie
12 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
KICK ASS MOVIE This movie defines awesome to a anew level. A revisit of the old-school action movie. This was too cool.

Also, this had some funny parts to it. Dolph Lundren's part as a drunk team member was kind of funny, kind of cheesy. We missed him on the big screen.

On the action-straight action. Had some scenes that blew my mind, with Stallone and Statham shooting at everyone on the bridge, then laying out water (which we found out was gas), and shooting bullets into the bridge to blow it up-with a plane.

Also, the gun Terry Crews used was way cool. I even heard a cop say that some police departments in America wants to use it-it it is legal here.

Some of the killing was a little much- but I don't care.
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