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Does anybody remember this?, 30 November 2002

This was a really good show, and I wish that they'd put it back on. It was about a kid angel who had to do good deeds to get into heaven. He was always losing his halo, and he was getting trouble from Hornswaggle too. I wish Cartoon Network would go back to other cartoons instead of those Cartoon Cartoons every single day. They're ok, but I'd like to see shows like this some more, without having to tape it at 4:00 in the morning.

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Very cool use of trick photography., 9 June 2002

This is probably one of the earliest uses of trick photography. This is very neat. Somebody said it was startling. I don't think it's very startling, but back in 1900 it probably was. Really cool. A must see for film students.

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A good show., 4 June 2002

This was a good show. It was really clever, and off-beat, which is good. I think I've figured out why they dump good shows like this, and leave brain-dead shows on the air. Merchandising. Have you noticed that stuff like Rugrats and Rocket Power are cash-cows. That's why they keep these and dump shows like this. Because they can't be stretched into gigantic merchandising giants like Rugrats and Rocket Power. They are not about merchandising. They put out a few things to keep fans happy, and then keep making quality shows. I have nothing against Rugrats but really they lack that thin line between kiddie entertainment and adult satire. Rocket Power never had it. I'm not dissing Rugrats or anything, but still, it lacks that adultiness nowadays. Anyway, Rugrats and Rocket Power can be put on anything. Now really, if you think I'm bluffing, take a look at all this stuff out there. I mean the world could move on without "extreme" Rocket Power stampers. Be "extreme". Wear Rocket Power underwear. Have Reggie and Otto stand in the same poses as every other thing, and I mean EVERY, on your butt. Then buy it again, because it's a different color. Then buy Rocket Power keychains, even though you have no keys. This is just out of control nowadays. Anyway, Aaah! Real Monsters was a good show about quality, not about just writing the show to make kids go out and buy stuff. Just like Invader Zim, Rocko's Modern Life, and Ren and Stimpy. They have nothing in merchandising, but they are great, funny shows with adult humor, satire, and general humor. I rest my case. Spongebob's a good show too, but it's starting to slip, and more stuff is coming out. Watch The Fairly Oddparents get dumped and forgotten completely because of quality over franchise. That show's original. So it will probably slip into the same fate as this show.

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Why did they cancel this????, 30 May 2002

I know why. To make room for more Klasky/Csupo. I don't have anything against Klasky/Csupo, I like most of their shows. But soon, they'll have taken over Nickelodeon. They should call it KlasCsupodeon. Eventually, this could happen in some form. They keep making more shows, and Nickelodeon drops their other shows to make room for these. This must be the 7th sign of the apocalypse. First, was Bill Clinton getting such a bad reputation. Then, George Bush in office. Then dropping Rocko's Modern Life, AAAh Real Monsters, Doug, and other good shows. The 3rd was the possible cancellation of SpongeBob. I think Klasky/Csupo is even getting ahold of that, too. I have a SpongeBob book, and I looked on the back, and on the title page, and it has the Klasky/Csupo logo. Anyway blah-de-blah, this was the 7th sign of the apocalypse. The cancellation of Zim. Aside from Klasky/Csupo and their maniacal grip on things, Zim is a good show. I mean, where else would you see an alien and a kid controlling Mars and Mercury, and stopping planet-stealers from throwing Earth into their sun, and no one noticing. Also, posing as a kid, Zim is green, and has no ears, and calls it a skin condition, and no one thinks it's weird. Where else are you gonna see a increasingly fat kid (Zim) stealing people's organs, and then moving around ala Dr. Octopus, stalking other kids, and replacing them with Gameslaves, Cats, and Hall Passes? This was a great show. Zim we hardly knew ye. May the rest in peace. Or reruns.

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great game, 25 May 2002

This game is cool. It's kind of easy though. The bosses are cool. They have Sandman, Hammerhead, Electro, Lizard, and Shocker. The only thing that's missing is the Green Goblin. He's cool. They could have had you swinging across New York, while he is throwing bombs and blades at you, cutting your webline, and swooping after you with his glider, kind of like being shot at by the helicopter in the first one. That would be really cool. Hopefully, if they make Spiderman 3, it will have the Green Goblin, and be on Playstation, so we won't have to upgrade to PS2. Aside from that, it is a really great game.

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This show is alright......but not one of the best..., 3 May 2002

Ok, if you looked at my Ren and Stimpy comment, you'd know what I said about Rocket Power. First off, before I give my opinion, be warned: This is a skateboarding cash-in. Plus another "winner" from Klasky/Csupo, which means it will be on the air for many long years. Actually, I enjoy Klasky/Csupo's except for As Told By Ginger (teen drama cash-in) and The Wild Thornberrys (too eco-freak for my tastes). I don't think it's very intelligent, or the episodes very plausible, but it's an all-right show. First, the characters are "unique". First off, Otto, God I dislike him! He is so arrogant. What kind of role model is Otto? When Sam got picked for captain in kickball, instead of him, he yells "What!? The squid?! No fair!". Real good sportsmanship, isn't it? Also, whenever he wins a contest, he's never nice about it. He's always like "in your face, I won you didn't! So there!". He is a jerk. Next, Reggie. She is bossy, bossy, bossy! Other than that she is a better role model than Otto. Not much to say there. Twister is a bone-head, but a lot nicer that Otto about things. Sam, he is a good role model. Smart, good goalie. But in these later episodes, what's up with him screaming like a girl? He rolls down the incline, screams like a girl, Otto hits him in the leg, he squeels like a girl. My god. Next, here we go, these people are nuts! They watch movies like SkateWars, and it's 7 sequels, and Boardfinger. They have some extreme sport competition everyday. They have no other goals in life than "shredding" and "big air". And like Tony Hawk would have a big wonderland like the Hawk's Nest in a small little ice factory. I mean it was huge! Plus, when Conroy had 2 categories, street and vert, those dummy kids couldn't even decide on one without making a big deal about it. Let's have a group thinking session, ok kids? Plus, who's heard of a school skateboarding team? Other than that, it's an alright show, but Klasky/Csupo need to rethink their cash-ins. It's really bringing them down. Plus, if Sam can do all that 23 degrees east longitude, 40 degrees whatever, how come he's only in 6th grade?

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Great Show, 2 May 2002

I really like this show. Not only does it include the ghost stories, but it is very educational. It tells the stories of the people who haunt the cities they talk about, and about the encounters with the ghosts or paranormal activity. It is a very interesting show. And the ghosts are very realistic. 10/10

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This show is insane!!!! (Which is good!), 28 April 2002

This was the gross-out cartoon that started em all. This show had everything! One-liners, crazy plots, psycho characters, and grossness. Then, ol' Bob Camp came in. One of the original creators of the show he stabbed John K. in the back so he could weenify it. He took away the best gross-out gags and made them "tame". Scary isn't it? Not to say that these are unwatchable, but they just don't match up to the best ones. Then, he just threw John K. out of the whole thing. How about Bob Camp everybody? Gee, why am I hearing crickets chirping? Heck, whatever happened to that big Ren and Stimpy come-back a couple years ago? That worked well. A couple of months ago, they started playing the Games Animation ones. Now, they won't even play those. Why? They've sold out to teen-age drama, that's why. As Told By Ginger, Taina, The whole TeenNick thing, Rocket Power (a skateboarding cash-in. I'm not saying I don't like it, it's ok. But still, with movies like SkateWars and BoardFinger, and a competition of some extreme sport everyday, and doing school asignments on skateboarding, you'd think they'd have something else on their mind, and some other goals in life besides "shredding" and "big air".) Ok, now that I've wasted everyone's time, it was a great show that was tamed down, to disasterous results. Ok, I'm done.

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This was a great show!, 28 April 2002

This was a great show! I remember Boney, and that thing where the actors put their heads in the little stage and they were over puppets bodies, with Dotty and some professor, I think, and that red-headed puppet that Mark put his hand in and had it kick him with that loud smack sound. Also, there was a short played, I think. I still remember the openingwer the bus or something would drive until it came to a sign that said Weinerville, then they would drive into a grey building that had slime pouring out the top I think. Other than that I remember nothing.

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"If the beaver eats off the plates we'll have to smash em!", 26 April 2002

One of the many funny one-liners on a hysterical show. Just about everything about it was funny. The writing was funny, the characters were likable, and the in-jokes were fun, too. There were many spoofs such as Rocko going into the Wolfes bathroom and finding Little Red Riding Hood in the medicine cabinet. Also, the show was very unpredictible, which is good. Also funny was the show was completey off-beat. For example, the tour of Paris, France, "On your left there are some lovely French trash cans, and if you look on your left, that's the ugliest guy i've ever seen." "When do we see the Eiffel Tower?" " Sorry that's not on the tour route. Now if you look to your left...", and at the end of the episode Rocko boards the plane home. As soon as he takes off, and is in mid-air, the bus driver runs up and screams "GET BACK ON THE BUS!". All in all, a good show for anyone. 10/10.

"I told him you were a beaver. He doesn't like those either."

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