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Overview of the Inspector Morse Series', 13 October 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Inspector Morse, which was produced by ITV , is one of the consistently highest quality TV series' ever produced in the UK. There is not a single dud episode and every one is totally gripping and thoroughly enjoyable. No other British police drama series even comes close

The cast included many fine British Actors including regular James Grout as Chief Superintendent Strange - Morse's boss, Patricia Hodge , Anna Massey, Richard Griffiths and many, many others.

The programmes are two hours long when shown in the UK but this includes commercial breaks. They are being continually repeated on ITV and ITV2 and are immensly popular. They are based on the books by Colin Dexter who has appeared in every single episode as an uncredited extra.

Unfortunately, no more episodes will be filmed as Morse was killed off in the last episode which was based on the book by Dexter where Morse dies. One big mystery which flows through the series' is Morse's Christian name . When asked, he always says 'Just call me Morse'. The identity of his very unusual name is finally revealed in one of the very last episodes.

The programmes were mostly based around the city of Oxford and many of them involved Oxford University where Morse himself was a student.

The music in the programmes is of particularly high quality , having been composed by Barrington Phelong. Several soundtrack CD's are available and have sold in high numbers. The main theme which tends to vary slightly from programme to programme features a haunting musical play on morse code.Inspector Morse is particularly keen on opera and a fair bit of it features in the programmes.

The length of two hours for each self-contained story gives plenty of time for the plots to unfold in a leisurely but very gripping way. Phelong's excellent music and the supurb filming build the tension in the stories wonderfully. One story was filmed mostly on location in Italy and another in Australia but these are exceptions to the usual Oxford locations.

Although the great British TV actor, John Thaw as Morse, is the star of the show ,the role of Kevin Whateley - another fine actor ,as Sgt. Lewis should not be overlooked . His solid working class 'steady' British copper provides the perfect foil for the celebral middle class Morse who is very much a culture snob . Morse is forever correcting Lewis's grammar and trying to educate him regarding classical literature and music.

Another star of the programmes is Morse's bright red Mark 2 Jaguar of about 1962 vintage.

I enjoy watching the programmes again and again.