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8 May 2002
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Batman Returns is the best of the bat franchise...Batman was much darker than this movie and the later two, not directed by Tim Burton, were too cartoony and childish. Michael Keaton returns as the caped crusader Batman, a.k.a. Bruce Wayne. One evening a horrible, disfigured man-bird called the Penguin [Danny Devito] surfaces in Gotham City. He blackmails cold hearted businessman Max Schrek [Christopher Walken] to help reintroduce him into society. Schrek convinces Penguin to run for mayor so that his power plant can dump toxic waste everywhere and get more money from the city. His moussy secretary, Selina Kyle [Michelle Pfeiffer in her best role yet] finds this out and he ''kills'' her. She is revived by several cats and becomes the hero-villain Catwoman. Now Batman must stop Schrek and Penguin, clear his name, and romance Catwoman all at once.

This is the best movie in the series...not as dark as the first one or as childish as the last two. The writing is superb and there is only one dissapointment. CATWOMAN HASN'T RETURNED IN ANY OF THE OTHER BAT MOVIES. She is the best villain and she hasn't resurfaced.

My favorite part of the movie is the end, when Bruce wayne walks in that ally and finds the black cat...and then it takes us up the rafters of Gotham City's buildings and we see the Bat signal and Catwoman appears in the shadows...she not dead!

this is a great movie and i give it a 10/10..
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State of Grace (2001–2004)
I like it
13 April 2002
State of Grace is a very pleasant show. I think that its underrated and is one of Fox Family's better programs. I think this show is really well done, the writing and the acting are very good, and the actors do a superb job...tune into it if you can.
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6 April 2002
Spongebob SquarePants is a hilarious cartoon show about a sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. His friends include Patrick Star, a star fish who has occasional insainity, Sandy Cheeks, a squiral from Texas who likes to fight, Squidward Tenticals, a dull, frosty squid who plays the clarinette [terribly], Mr. Krabs, a cheap, money grubbing crab, and Gary, his pet snail. Other charaters include Mrs. Puff, a fish who teaches boating school, Pearl Krabs, Mr. Krabs's daughter, and Plankton, an evil genius plankton. This show is hilarious for both children and adults.My favorite charaters are Plankton, Patrick, Sandy, and Mrs. Puff.
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Quills (2000)
There are no bad words, only bad deeds...
6 April 2002
Quills is one of the greatest movies you'll ever see. The plot was excellent and the script superb as well as the clothing. But the best thing about this flick was its all star cast! Geoffery Rush portrade the Marquis de Sade wonderfully and Joaquin Pheonix was great as the young and nieve Abbe de Coulmier, Michael Caine makes a dramatic change from the Cider House Rules doctor to the ruthless, cold Dr. Royer-Collard, and as always Kate Winslet gives a stunning performance as the chambermaid Madelaine LeClerc.Billie Whitelaw co-stars as Madame LeClerc. I loved the hidden humor that was going on throughout this film. The ending is a surprise and I suggest you see this movie if you haven't already. If you like this then I recommend Sense and Sensibility, Howard's End, and Iris:A Memoir of Iris Murdoch.
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one of my favorites
6 April 2002
Sabrina the Teenage Witch is one of my favorite comedies. The cast is well chosen and the charaters are hilarious, Salem is the best! The series starts out with an adolesant Sabrina Spellman. Sabrina [Melissa Joan Hart] has been sent to live with her two aunts Hilda [Caroline Rhea] and Zelda [Beth Broderick] Spellman. She finds out that they are witchs and that their cat, Salem [Nick Baykay] is really a former evil warlock who tried to take over the world.They inform her that she is part witch. Now she must solve the family secret, learn how to use her powers, and deal with the regular teenage troubles. The later seasons deal with Sabrina's college years. The high school years are funnier but the later seasons are good too. This show is great for children, teens, and adults. I give it a 7/10.
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Cheers (1982–1993)
The women of Cheers
6 April 2002
Everyone always has a debate of who was better: Diane Chambers or Rebecca Howe? Each had their good points example: Diane was witty and charming, Rebecca was strong and independant. But lets look at the two other female charaters of the show: Lilith Sternin-Crane and Carla Tortelli LeBec. These two were by far much better than the two main women. Lilith, the frosty, ice queen who told the Cheers regulars how life was and didn't candy coat it. Carla the bitter baby machine waitress who insults everyone. Lilith was the best of all the Cheers women and Bebe Neuwirth did a wonderful job portraying her. Lilith was originally supposed to be a yuppy type charater but that was the time when yuppies were becomeing popular. So they made her an ice the disappointment of Ms. Neuwirth. But i love Lilith and shes the best of all the Cheers women.
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Sex and the City (1998–2004)
Are you ready for more? One of the best shows!!
5 April 2002
Sex and the City is a hilarious is frank and amusing. The actors are wonderful [my favorite being Kristin Davis] and the characters are just like the people i know. If you like this show then you'll like Frasier and Cheers...i love Sex and the City!!!
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Friends (1994–2004)
If i had people like these as friends i'd kill myself!
5 April 2002
This show is DISGUSTING! No wonder other countries think us Americans are so stupid...they watch Friends and think that everyone is like that. How old are these characters?, late 30s i'd say...and they act like 15 year olds!! They just sit on the butts all day and drink coffee and whine about their lives. Rachel is bitchy and mean, Monica is too skinny and she is too dominant, Ross is just a whiney pussy who needs to get his butt kicked, Joey is an idiot who looks like he is on drugs, Pheobe is a bimbo who needs a REAL job, and Chandler is too saracastic and looks like a crack addict.This takes place in New York and they never mention anything that happens in New York or the Yankees or any sports team or anything!! The writing is terrible and the jokes are NOT funny. This show should have been cancelled the year it came out. They only reason its popular is because teenagers don't have better taste, except a few like me, i'm a 14 year old boy. If you want true comedy or drama them tune into Frasier, Cheers, The Golden Girls, or South Park. They are all hilarious...Friends sucks!!
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Frasier (1993–2004)
Simply Hilarious
5 April 2002
Frasier is the 2ed best show ever made. The one show that is better than it is Cheers,which it is 'spun-off' from. Frasier is a show that revolves around the pompuse psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane [Kelsey Grammer] and his family and friends. His elderly father, Martin Crane [John Mahoney] lives with him as well as his father's semi-phsycic, psyical therepist Daphne Moon [Jane Leeves]. His neurotic, snotty brother, Dr. Niles Crane [Davis Hyde Pierce], and his good friend and co-worker Rozilinda 'Roz' Doyle [Peri Gilpin] provide problems and companion ship for him. Dan Butler was also on the series but quit in the 6th season, he played the manly sports caster Bob 'BullDog' Brisco. Bebe Neuwirth also makes appearances as his ex-wife, Dr. Lilith Sternin. This is one of the greatest comedies and will be around for along time. I can't see how some people say Seinfeld is better than Frasier...Seinfeld sucks...
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Wings (1990–1997)
One of the greatest...
5 April 2002
Wings is a very funny show. The jokes are great and the writing is superb. I love the characters and the actors portray them wonderfully! If you like Wings then you'll like Cheers and Frasier, The Golden Girls, Taxi, and Mary Tyler Moore.
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