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Great story, 13 June 2013

What makes this movie unique is the story. It is exuberant, refined, something special from the middle ages. Also well adapted to todays requirements. I find the dark and dirty giants appropriate, lets leave the creation of tidy and immaculate giants to Disney ;) Someway this flick seemed someway British to me, clearly more authentic than average LA films. Strong points are the story, the giant characters and the 3D. I find some decoration and a few acting scenes weaker. I would show it to children above seven or eight. Actually I am so happy, that not Disney realized this movie. I would like to have less fluffy and more authentic products like this one.

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Well done tragicomedy, 11 December 2011

I loved this flick, but of course I am not a popular movie fan. Besides I have much interest in Chinese language, history and mentality. Storytelling is not as tight as in some recent western films, but exactly this gives viewers the opportunity to think and reflect on events. I really appreciated the anti-war sentiment, what is quite common in today's Chinese movies.

Pros: -beautiful scenery -Jackie excels in comic situations -Chinese energy

Cons: -too much slapstick -some scenes may seem unrefined

Let's see, if it reaches the magical seven ;)

Other excellent Chinese movies I would advise: Hua Mulan (2009), Red Cliff, IP Man

Rango (2011)
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Some surrealistic punch, 13 March 2011

I saw this film last week here in Europe.

It has absolutely plastic and detailed graphics, but this is not what I want to emphasize.

What struck me with this picture is that it does not only have a message, but it can even deliver that. The revolutionary parts for me were the extremely well constructed surrealistic scenes. Without spoiling the story I would praise "religious awe" or "letting everything go". Some will never understand them, but for me those made not only the evening but the week.

A gem among the glass pearls coming from the States.

The best swiss film I've seen in 2007, 26 August 2007

I saw this film yesterday, it is still running in my head. I was caught by the first frames and the music escorting them. The director simply hit me with a very familiar and warm feeling. Maybe because I do travel sometimes on train here in Switzerland. Camera and cuts are beautifully composed to create a very good attention flow, you don't even think about leaving the film. The stories are not complicated, but they give you a kind of mini-cataclysm, because you too had similar experiences in your life.

If you are for action and effects, don't look at this film. If you love casual art and simplicity, its your film.

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True Art, 12 May 2007

I think this film is true art. It created a very strong emotional impact in me, partially because I'm personally affected. (you know, I lived in Hungary from 1977 till 1989 as well and we had the same dirt) Its based upon a wonderful story what seems awfully realistic to me. The system shown is not openly barbaric, but behind the curtains it was doing the worst what you can do with people: corrupting them.

The film really shows this universe with excellent characters. The main actor, Ulrich Mühe, could be compared to Kevin Spacey. He transfers this investigator/inquisitor to human being at the end, showing such amount of humility that nears true Buddhism ;).

I loved this film and I'm looking forward to see such masterpieces from these creators!

Apocalypto (2006)
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Splendid, 4 February 2007

I love this film, for more reasons. It has more layers, its is rich not only in action scenes, but in meaning as well. Just a few details: Look at how the mother-in-law looks at the fatty guy in the village and later as he is in blue. Look at the typical Gibson scene of a child naively laughing at brutal scenes. Look at the viewpoint of a head falling down from the pyramid.

The original Maya language for me is a plus. These people never spoke English. Why would a film falsify their native language? Actually most people of this planet don't speak English at all.

For me it is a classic already.