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It's An Awesome Movie !, 14 August 2007

OK.. so are people saying this sucks cause Lindsay or the actual movie, cause i think it's the first.

so i live in Mexico and the movie is no out here yet, so i'been asking here on the IMDb if people say it's bad and if i should wait and everybody told me .. it sucked! but i found the movie on you tube yesterday and i can't agree with all of you guys, I LOVED IT.

it really is a movie that we don't see everyday, it's a great thriller! and Lindsay's acting was just great, i know she's been crazy lately but you have to admit Lindsay has done some great movies lately, Georgia rule, chapter 27, i know who killed me and bobby ( their are all on you tube) i hope she changes her attitude! and now! before she end's up like Britney.

so everybody don't listen to critics or other people! of you want to see it go and see it and whether you like it or not just do what you want!

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A Really Good Movie, 28 June 2007

i wanted to see this movie since i knew Mandy was in it. Mandy Moore is known for making cool songs and really good movies but turns out both things she does are not popular! i don't think that is fair.. Mandy is more talented than a lot of other pop stars in the world.

there are a lot of bad reviews from this movie but i have to say it's a really good one, it proves how mothers can be sometimes for pushing their daughters into getting married so they wont stay alone.

this is a perfect movie to watch with family, friends and even just yourself, and there are not many movies that can do this. Mandy's talent is great and Diane Keaton really performs like a real mother! ha ha.

if you like Mandy Moore then you'll like this film, its not bad at all!! its a great film to enjoy more than one time in your life!!

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One Of Hilary's Best!, 20 May 2007

people are dumb when they said this suck! i loved this movie, yeah OK we have to admit it missed out on something like it doesn't show any city or something it doesn't look like it is the real world, many of the things in the movie look like a TV show not like a movie but even though that i love it.

it shows you that in life what counts is yourself and your attitude not your money or who your parents are, you build up your own destiny, i mean like in the movie your parents are not gonna be always there to solve your problems and sometimes you got to solve your problems and move on! specially the thing i love about this movie is that the duff's are together and thats a plus! the only bad thing is that no counting them, the movie doesn't have famous talent (not talking about Angelica Huston) and thats bad cause being the duff's they need to be with popular stars of the moment but please don't listen to critics and watch this amazing movie!

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Best Movie Ever Made!, 14 May 2007

this is the best movie i've ever seen, it's the perfect movie to watch with friends family and everyone. it proves that u don't have to be rich to be someone or to be talented! i love Hilary duff but that's not why i loved this movie. it's just about believing in yourself and never give up! my favorite till date! don't follow the critics this movie is great!!

i loved how this movie inspires you to follow your dreams and to be yourself all the time, doesn't matter if everyone else has more than you, it's about you not about them! this is a most have movie! and the soundtrack wow! it's great, i know the movie wasn't promoted a lot but if you rent it one night you'll love it!

Hilary rocks!

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Hey Belinda Is Mexican Not Spanish.., 24 January 2007

i loved this movie normally when i watch a movie i don't say anything until it ends, but in this movie i was speechless, i loved the first part (normally the first part is the best) but when i watched this one i loved it even more, it's difficult for this movies (so as high school musical) make a good second part, especially cause the music you have to create cooler beats than the original hits and thats kinda difficult.

it was a good thing putting BELINDA in this movie, she is one of the big singers here in Mexico but she doesn't act a lot, it was a good idea to do this cause she is amazing.

on the first part raven and Adrienne are like the main characters but what the did here was put Sabrina and kiely to be the mains to, witch is really cool.

the music is better better acting better cheetahs!

i give this movie a 10 because its a family movie (HSM) that no matter ur age u'll love it, besides BELINDA, ADRIENNE, SABRINA, KIELY are so hot!!

this movie is really good, 20 January 2007

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OK.. so many people are like I HATED HOUSE OF WAX.. because Paris Hilton was in it right? well let's admit it Paris build up her fame by scandals and a sex tape, and in her acting career she has done some independent movies that turn out to be really good ones! lets admit it, she won't win an Oscar for her performances but she's not a bad actress. i really liked this movie cause it has good effects, the plot is really good and besides the cast is really good: Elisha Cuthbert chad, Paris & Jared

so if you are a fan from this actors, give the movie a chance. if you are a Paris Hilton fan then you are going to love the movie.

sometimes you got to give low rating movies a chance, cause sometimes they're really good.. like Hilary duff movies: RAISE YOUR VOICE, THE PERFECT MAN AND MATERIAL GIRLS, the critics were like this movies suck! but hey!! if u really give those movies a chance they are the best movies ever!! besides Hill rocks ..