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True Grit (2010)
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True Grit. False ratings. 5/10 could be too much., 25 December 2010

This movie sucked. Not only a remake but it reminded me of the last movie I saw, which was also an utter waste time, talent and money - Winter's Bone.

This movie by no means feels or flows like a Coen brothers' movie. The story and plot were lame and one could anticipate the next scene from miles away. From the start to the end, the movie couldn't captivate the attention of the audience the way "No Country" did in the first few minutes and several other of Coen brothers movies that normally do.

Almost everyone over-acted, including the very talented Jeff Bridges. I am not as disappointed in the movie as I am embarrassed for the actors and the Coen brothers who picked out a bad script and ruined their track record on a remake.

Matt Damon had little role to play and Josh Brolin, one of the most talented actors, had almost negligible part to play. Ironic that his screen name (Chaney) took more space than his actual appearance.

The movie's anchor was this 14 year old girl played by Hailee Steinfeld and it seems the movie was financed by Steinfeld's dad or boyfriend to please her with the biggest part in the movie.

This is a low grade production and too sad that Coen brothers will have to live with this low end, high budget failure for the rest of their Hollywood career.

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The best show on small screen since the last best show on HBO, 15 November 2010

The show doesn't need any introduction and neither does the cast. It encompasses a generation where the political landscape is much the same as today but it is laced with more violence, sexism and corruption and in the midst is a thriving business of illegal alcohol.

A new standard is set with the storytelling, cinematography, elaborate sets on the shores of Brooklyn, carefully chosen custom tailored clothes and costumes that match the opulent lifestyles of the characters. The occasional inserts of magazines, books, manuals; all in their original form, which not only gives originality (to the show) for the era that is being depicted but also takes you back in time into the deeply woven lives of characters like Mrs Schroeder, Nucky, Eli, Nelson and my personal favorite character Mr. Kessler.

A barrage of other prominent real life characters like Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Liciano, Al Capone, (Jimmy Darmody?), Johnny Torrio, Senators, Congressmen, President and VP contenders make the show complete and give it a political as well as a mob dimension.

Much of what is in the show is based on true events and a cursory search on Wikipedia on some of the famous characters validates it. This is what makes this brilliant show dark just like it's setting - theme song with clouds over Atlantic city.

One of the less talked about part of the show perhaps are the melodious songs that the producers/writers have decided for the background score. The songs fill up the environment with melancholy just like much of the show and leaves us eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Any less than ten stars for the show would only reflect lack of fine taste.

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Overrated by many but seen by few, 4 July 2010

This is by far the worst movie you will watch this year. The most overrated by IMDb users, who of course for the past few years have not only acquired a very bad taste in movies but will go to preposterous lengths to prove their point(like I read in one of the reviews "it is making an early Oscar buzz"). I laughed uncontrollably when I read that as I did throughout the movie. The story/plot were as incoherent as the crack smoking characters.

There are many other compelling true stories of white trash crack dealers that could be made into a movie than this laughable 100 minute long waste-of-time-camera-roll-and-talent trash. The director was trying too hard and it's consequences are visible throughout the movie.

Don't waste your time or money to watch this movie. Instead, spend five minutes at the nearest crack neighborhood, you might get lucky with a more qualitative entertainment.