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Hardwired (2009)
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It's not as bad as some other reviews suggest, 18 July 2011

...but it's not great either. The film has a budget, some nice action sequences, decent special effects and some good actors actually doing what they are paid to do. Oh, and Val Kilmer in a silly wig. Cuba Gooding Jr can act and does give his usual decent performance, despite the films flaws. Val Kilmer's scenes were obviously filmed in a day or two of shooting, hence the silly wig and the fact you only ever see him on a video screen or in the same set. Also looks like his lines were being read off a board or he had just read them for the first time 2mins before saying them.

Still the film did have some entertainment value, its not an awful film as other reviewers who voted it 1 have suggested, its just not a good film. It does have some pacing issues, sometimes there is too much explaining going on when anyone with sense can see what's going on, its not brain surgery (well it is in some parts!). It feels like a pilot for a TV series, especially the speech at the end and without giving too much away Lance Henriksen's face on the screen as the 'Mr Hope' of hope industry (you'll see what I mean if you watch it). If there is nothing else on, or you have watched most of the other recent releases then this will pass some time.

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The End Scene, 22 May 2010

Whilst I have never been an avid viewer of Morse, i have watched it occasionally and enjoyed them. A repeat of this particular episode has just finished and i was rather disturbed by the scene near the end involving the baby. I won't give any specific details, but the baby was obviously real and obviously in distress during the scene. I'm not easily shocked, but it did make me feel uncomfortable watching this scene, the way the camera is positioned its almost as if the director intended to catch the poor child's reaction. I'm surprised nobody else has commented, and as i say I'm not easily shocked but did find the scene very uncomfortable viewing, which encouraged me to look it up and comment.

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Listen To The Reviews (apart from the Directors one), 16 October 2009

If the Director/Producer/Writer is going to review his own movie he might want to try reviewing more than just all his other productions! This movie is as bad as the other reviews here at IMDb say, its got no budget, which in itself shouldn't make the movie bad, but on this occasion it really is bad. You can't make a Gladiator/Braveheart style epic with no money and only several cast members (who all seem to appear in every one of this Directors movies). The "Star" who according to the DVD sleeve was in Dune, did have a very small part in the TV series, which surprisingly was not as a Bus Driver (which seems to be his specialty in most of his other bit parts). Even the official movie website trys to download a Trojan virus, with both Firefox browser blocking it and Avast anti virus popping up warnings, its just a pity the same didn't happen when I picked up the DVD, it would have saved me a lot of wasted time!

Year One (2009)
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It's Not Great But It's OK, 25 September 2009

This is one of those movies that people in the main will either love or hate, if you sit down expecting something brilliant then you will hate this movie. It has its moments, but it's not a great comedy movie. With the amount of comments already written for this movie my little review will probably never be read, but if your in the right mood and sit down to watch this not expecting much then you will enjoy it. I don't know why but it reminded me of Carry On Columbus, maybe because I also didn't think it was great but still found something to laugh at (unlike all the Carry On fans who expected a lot more).

The score of about 5/10 here on IMDb is about right, its never going to be in anyones top 10 movies of all time but its also never going to end up in the IMDb all time bottom 250 movies. Watch it with no expectations and it will pass some time. Just don't go out of your way to see this one.

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Wow! But Not In A Good Way, 26 May 2009

This is one of those movies that you won't see on TV in most countries anymore, it could have been an average late night time filler. Reasonably well made c-grade stuff (but dated looking) with some good actors, but the one thing that it contains that will have you looking twice is the Star Vic Morrow "blacking up" more than once in the movie to pass as a local and apparently getting away with it (with the actors on screen at least). The film itself is a bit overlong and not really anything special, and something you will find on lots of those budget 50 or 100 "movie packs" on DVD. I wouldn't advise you looking for it as its far more 'talky' than action, like a strange episode of a 70's cop show thats more than double the length it should be but with no extra budget or script. Im waffling on now just to fill the space required for reviews here, but let me finish by saying this is a strange curiosity from a bygone age.

Out (1982)
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Whisper....Whisper...., 2 April 2008

The whispering for dramatic effect is just as stupid as the dialog in this talky no budget nonsense. It looks like its mainly improvised by a group of actors (and im using the term loosely) who owed somebody a favor, why else would they be in this turkey.

Even on a bargain $1.00 DVD this is a waste of cash, if your a fan of any of the names associated with this movie, do yourself a favor and avoid it, there's no plot, no style and no movie here. Just a complete mess of different talky scenes that make no sense, maybe someone thought this was art...and remember this was made before taking a dump in a fish tank was considered art, so maybe this inspired someone after all!

English Dubbed Version?, 25 March 2008

I just had to write something about the English dubbed version doing the rounds on the bargain basement dvds. It sounds like it was dubbed by comedians, doing an unfunny version of the section on 'whose line is it anyway', where they dub an old movie clip. If they are reading from a script, it dosn't show! The movie itself is surprisingly well shot for a low budget Jess Franco movie, but as soon as one of the English dubbing actors speak, it inspires you to get the German phrase book out and start learning German.

Not surprisingly, there is no reference to who the English voice actors are, obviously not something they want on there CV.

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It's A Compilation Of The 70's TV Show From The UK, 23 March 2007

Although a few people have pointed out this was a 70's TV show in the UK, this is not a spin off movie. It's actually an abridged version of the show, cleverly edited into a movie. The fact that nobody has noticed that (even the people who remember the show) just proves the editor has done a very good job.

As others have pointed out, if you remember watching this on TV then this is an excellent piece of nostalgia. Even if you never seen it first time its still an enjoyable watch, but just remember it was shot on a 70's TV show budget (a UK one at that) so its not a major production. Although in my opinion it just adds to its gritty charm.

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Surprised by this one, 3 February 2007

I must admit I'd not so much as heard of this movie before watching it and the fact it was Vin Diesel on the cover almost put me off. I read the cover and noticed it was directed by Sidney Lumet, the director of the best courtroom drama ever made (12 Angry Men), which was the only reason I decided to rent it (that and the fact I'd seen most of the other new release selection in Blockbuster). I'm glad I did!! Vin Diesel can act! I know I'm surprised to...I thought the best he could do was grunt, flex his chest and pop out the occasional one liner after shooting a bad guy. I was wrong, and must admit I really enjoyed his performance in this movie and hope he gets a chance to show a bit more in future roles.

While this is not 12 Angry Men, it's an above average courtroom drama which is funny, and moving in parts and only spoiled ever so slightly (for me) with the corny 'tag'd on' ending, the fists and cheering (a la Rocky) was not really needed but seems to be something that happens in a lot of movies now...sadly! Next time your in Blockbuster (or wherever you rent) pick it up and give it a go you might just be as surprised as I was.

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A Classic 70's Itallian Thriller!!, 7 June 2006

I can't believe how overlooked this movie is, it's one of the best of the Itallian 'Poliziotti' crime thrillers of the 70's. Starring the always fantastic Giancarlo Giannini and the absolutely gorgeous Ornella Muti it ranks alongside the likes of 'High Crime (1973)'.

OVERVIEW - Wrongly accused of conspiracy against the state, a man is arrested, imprisoned and separated from his lover, beaten by the authorities for failure to collaborate, and threatened by the resistance, who believe him to be a government spy.

This movie is probably so overlooked due to the fact it's so hard to find, but there is a very rare DVD release in the UK under the title 'Betrayed' I would recommend fans of this type of movie to hunt it out...10/10

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