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Average Parody, 5 March 2002

This film is fairly enjoyable, but not special, and there are much better parodies out there. There are a few particularly funny moments, but many of the jokes fall flat, due to either poor delivery or them just not being funny.

There are a few important flaws in this. One is that quite a few of the funny moments seem to be copies of better parodies. Another is he choice of target. Scream is one of the worst choices to parody, because it displays fewer of the cliches of horror, and highlighting absurdities is the whole point of parody.

This is basically worth a watch, but there are a number of parodies that are a lot better than this.

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Average Horror Flick, 4 February 2002

This is worth watching, but is not particularly special.

The killer is fairly scary for much of the film, and his weapon (a fish hook), is particularly effective in the killing scenes. However, he stops being scary in the climax, when we see his face, and find out who he is, as he stops being intreresting.

Much of the plot is fairly predictable, with nothing particularly original. Also, the plot includes several elements that don't make sense when you think about them afterwards, but are shoehorned in.

To be fair, this is scary in parts, but this is fairly average. The comparison with Scream is appropriate, but only in the sense that Scream was quite ironic, and didn't take itself, or horror in general, seriously, and had its own twist on the the genre, whereas this is fairly standard horror, and nothing special.

Scream (1996)
An interesting take on the horror genre, 30 October 2001

This is a horror film, but also a sort of spoof of horror films. It plays around with some of the rules and cliches of the genre, whilst avoiding using them. Whilst in the middle it gets slightly sidetracked, it is a good horror film in its own right, with quite a few scary moments, and some 'false' scares, when we expect something to happen but something else does. There is quite a bit of comedy, but also this film has its fair share of tension.

All in all, a film well worth watching.

Scream 2 (1997)
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A disappointing sequel, 30 October 2001

The problem with this film is that after the original that showed up some of the cliches in horror films, this seems to be trying to invent its own. One in particular is the tendency for characters to split up for no apparent reason, allowing the killer to kill one of them.

The plot is not as good as that of the original, with quite a few holes in it. The first killing in the original was very well executed, and convincing, but in this, the first killing is poorly executed and unconvincing, although the idea behind it is quite good.

This film is probably worth watching, but does not have the spark of originality that the original had. It is scary in places, and has funny moments but this is by no means as good as the original was.

Scream 3 (2000)
A good ending to the trilogy, 30 October 2001

After Scream 2, I wasn't sure what to expect in Scream 3. Scream 2 was disappointing, but this film is much better, and perhaps better than the original was. There seems to be a change of tone in this film, with quite a few earie moments, as well as the quick shocks of the other 2 films.

Also, being the last part of a trilogy, there is some of a development of the plot of the original film. Thus the plot seems to be more developed than the other two films. There are number of plot elements that are included but then seem to be ignored later on, but mostly the plot is well written, and more focused than the others.

This is well worth watching if you liked Scream, even if you were disappointed by Scream 2.

A dramatic and believable film, 11 October 2001

Carlito is an ex-con going straight after leaving prison, who tries to avoid getting involved again in his old dealings. He is a genuinely likeable character, but we can still see that he was once a gangster, as he still has a ruthless side. Carlito is a very well developed character.

The plot is well written, with a lot of unexpected twists, to keep you on your toes, and everything is tightly written, with very little padding. The ending in particular is very effective. A great film.

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Rather disappointing, 10 October 2001

The problem with this film is it doesn't know what it is. It tries to be a comedy, but isn't that funny. It seems to try to be a drama, or a thriller, but these elements don't really work either. Jim Carrey at his best can be very funny, but here he is sometimes funny, but when he tries to be dramatic, he isn't very convincing. Overall a disappointing film.

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One of the funniest films every., 10 October 2001

This film is one of my favourite comedies. Leslie Nielson is great as Frank Drebbin, and most of the other members of the cast are great too. There are louds of gags in this, and most are very very funny. The plot, sense and taste all take second place to the comedy. Anyone with a sense of humour will love this.

Liar Liar (1997)
A great comedy, 10 October 2001

The scenario for this film, a lawyer who's son's wish means he can't is milked for all its comic value here. There are a number of very funny scenes, but the film is consistently funny throughout. The humour is as madcap as in Ace Ventura, but here the plot is quite a bit more developed.

Near the end this gets a bit too corny, but generally a very funny film.

Great Thriller, 10 October 2001

The plot is basically that Dean a lawyer ends up on the run from the NSA, after he ends up with evidence against them (a video tape.)

This is a very compelling Thriller. The tension is there all the way through, with a bit of humour thrown in as well. I particularly like the clever way that Dean(Will Smith) evades his pursuers, with the help of Brill (Gene Hackman). Also there is quite a large hi-tech element, which is particularly effective, as we view the action from satellites, and surveilance cameras, and the like.

There is plenty of action, but the whole film is well focused, and all the action is there to move the plot on, there is little or no padding. Overall a film well worth watching.

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