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Tekken (2010)
Im a lil on the fence about this Movie
9 August 2010
I'm a lil on the fence about this Movie because I'm a HUGE Tekken "Fanboy".

Tekken (the video game) in itself has a lot of history, has its own story lines, and basically has its own little universe that it is part of. All the knowledge you have to the Tekken games are not a really good reference for this movie, and actually would annoy you to some point depending how loyal you are to the game series for a number of reasons. 1- The casting is not all that great. There are certain people that 'work'. I find the majority of people do not look at all like they should, which is sort of sad. You should be able to just look at someone and say "THERES LAW!" or "THATS KAZUYA", but you find yourself more like "Thats Steve?" (Granted, Heihachi does work!) 2- The story line is completely different, but workable/doable 3- The character design, persona, style, attitudes are different than their original characters. So basically they are only that character by name since the

Basically if you take the already existing Tekken Universe and consider this to be a completely different/alternate Universe, it makes this move more doable. Mainly because the story line of the movie isn't that bad. The characters (although the designs and personalities don't match the norm) are not that badly designed

Basically this movie is a 'different' take on the entire Tekken Universe, which could be considered annoying if you're a loyal fan of the series. But at the end of the day, it is a "Tekken" movie, so the characters, although their stories may end up different, should reflect their more of the game to identify them.
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30 Rock: Succession (2008)
Season 2, Episode 13
I just don't get it
29 April 2008
The episode seems like its supposed to be an homage to something, or another story retold in a different story, a parody, and the music is a key that its an homage to something, but since i don't get it, it just makes the episode seem very weird and random.

The episode itself starts in the normal fashion that an episode, but much stronger themes to it, so to me it seems that this episode would of made a much better season finally.

The humor was still good in the episode, but it only focused on about five people in the episode which are not the funniest in the show. Jack and Geiss typically don't create much humor between them. I find Liz Lemon funnier when she reacts with her entire staff at TGS VS only Jack.
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