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This is a listing of the Television series (and mini-series) that I would like to have in my video library. Some are available on video, some are only partially available, and some not at all (for various reasons). Quality is not the criterion here, enjoyment (namely mine) is.
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This is a list of Television series of which we have at least one episode in our video library.
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This is a list of all the movies I would like in my library. It includes movies that were made for television, movies that were cobbled together from episodes of television series and movies that were released directly to video as well as movies released in theatres. These are not necessarily the best movies ever, in fact some are downright cheesey, just the ones I would like to own.
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These are the short films that were often sold for the home market usually in 16mm or 8mm reel to reel format.
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