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A cartoon for all ages.., 26 September 2007

'SpongeBob Squarepants' is among the funniest cartoons out there. Spongebob is the lovable square sponge that radiates happiness and joy all day long. Patrick Star is his best friend and he is actually the scene stealer and the funniest of the lot. Krusty Krab is the funny boss who lives only for money(don't we too?)..Squidward is the eternally grumpy neighbor who sponge and Patrick loves to annoy..

The main driving point for this cartoon's success is the humor..a sponge living in a pineapple is a sure recipe for success.. I am 27 and I just love this cartoon..I have friends who ridicule me when I watch sponge episodes on TV or catch it on DVD and i've just one reply- the humor and the smile this cartoon brings on my face is just worth it..

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Timepass movie..., 24 January 2007

I have always admire Mr. Jackie Shroff and his charisma. As I sat down to watch this movie I didn't have much expectations in mind because the movie wasn't a very great success when it was released. However it was noticed.

This movie is just like any other Bollywood fare. It has a huge list of villains in it. Jackie Shroff may seem a bit out of place as the village boy but he makes up for it with his intense look. Aruna Irani cries throughout the movie. Revenge is the backbone of this movie. If you are the kind of person who likes normal Bollywood fare with snakes attached then this movie isn't a bad choice.

If you are looking for Jackie movies I would advise you to also go for movies like Parinda, Ram Lakhan, Gardish, Hero, Tridev, Karma, Kaash,Angaar, Khalnayak, Rangeela,etc etc