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Hard Times (1975)
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A Great Motion Picture!, 25 October 2004

Charles Bronson heads a wonderful cast which includs James Coburn as "Speed", a fast talking, fast moving promoter and Strother Martin, who was studying to be a doctor, but in his third year of medical school, a black cloud appeared on campus, and he left under it. Times were hard when Bronson, a bare knuckle street fighter arrived in New Orleans, with 8 bucks in his pocket, and an undisclosed past. The movie is genuine, with bare knuckle action and drama. I've lived in New Orleans and know the city and it's people. Everyone should see this movie and enjoy the characters as played by the three main stars. When Charles Bronson(Cheney) leaves town in the end, James Coburn (Speed) and Storther Martin look at each other and say "He sure was something". Yes he was and so was this movie..

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Solid Entertainment, 14 September 2003

I have often heard others say " They just don't make movies like that any more. Well they do! High Road To China is simplt great entertainment for all ages. Tom Selleck and Bess Armstong are wonderful. Wilford Brimley again almost steals the show as he did in "Absence of Malice" with Paul Newman and Sally Field. I think everyone should see this "feel good" movie. I am now in my 50's and have seen it a half dozen times in the last 20 years, and enjoyed it every time. I wanted to make this comment as my insignificant, but heartfelt tribute to a very deserving movie and a great cast.

The Jericho Mile (1979) (TV)
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A Very Food Film, 30 May 2002

I have seen the Jericho Mile many times during the past 13 years. It is a very good film that strongly survives the passage of time.

My life's experiences as a champion miler and studies of the prison system confirms the validity of the movie. Racism is one of the major elements of prison life, along with basic food, and very limited medical attention and exercise. Running is one of the only available exercises that would be allowed in the prison environment. The only questionable statement made by the movie is "can a man on a prison diet achieve world record time in the mile run" When I ran and set the Georgia High School Mile record, diet was very important to a runner.

Prisons would not allow special diet. Be assured, the movie is real, and Peter Strauss gives a great performance of a man tormented by his own demons. Believe the movie. That's the way it is...

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Denzel Washington at his very best !, 8 October 2001

This movie is much more than exceptional. It begins cleverly and increases with enormous intensity as it moves to an overwhelming climax. The Academy Award for best actor must go to Denzel Washington for giving what I believe to be the greatest performance of his career as well as one of the greatest performances of any actor in history. Denzel is the character, "Alonzo Harris". He uses every existing talent within himself to make the portrayal of this character as "real" as any character that has ever appeared on the screen. I have always considered Denzel a great actor since I first saw him in "Carbon Copy". He is without question, simply the best actor in the world. "Training Day" is the vehicle that puts it all out there. Thank you Denzel for caring enough to give the performance of a lifetime.