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Alex: The Life of A Child is my favorite movie, 15 January 2007

I watched Alex: The Life of A Child when it came on TV and we taped it. I watched it over and over that our tape went bad. I would cry every time I watched it, but I love it. My friend taped it again for me off cable TV, but I watched it so much that my tape went bad again. So I have been looking all over for the movie so I could see it again. I want to watch it and cry when I watch it, because Alex was such a loving, creative, and imaginative little girl, who loved to make people happy. I can't wait to get the movie. I would love to show it to my nieces Kayla and Gabrielle someday. My Mom and my friend Kristy also love Alex: The Life of a Child as much as I do. My Mom has been wanting to buy it for a long time also. This is one of the best room I have ever seen. Thank you Frank Deford for sharing your daughter's life with us so that we could enjoy her too. As well as understand what cystic fibrosis is and how it affects a child that has it.