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worst movie ever., 23 May 2012

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This has got to be one of the WORST horror movie I have ever seen in my life, and that is very rare coming from me. I've rated every horror movie I reviewed expect for this one. Alan was the most annoying fatass that got on my nerves. I just wanted to stop watching, but I wanted to see the rest of the movie since i've seen the first three movies. I can't believe it was the sheriff that was angela is the first place. Talk about being weak. I can't believe I watched the entire movie. I think my iq dropped. At least the second one was good, i wouldn't recommend the first or third movie. Trust me, you will thank me. the guy that came back from the first movie is really old and used up looking. Like he's been hitting the drugs hard.

Bully (2001)
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best movie ever, 12 October 2007

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this is the best movie ever. Based on a true story about some high school dropouts who is sick and tired of being bullied by Bobby Kent. Bobby beats his friend, Marty, rapes Ali and Lisa. Marty and Lisa get help to kill him, including a hit-man. The first time they were going to shoot him, but they chickened out. After that they got a hit-man. They took him to a deserted place and beat the crap out of him, then dumped him in the water. The problem is, the kids let the guilt get the best of them and blabbed about what happened. The police find out and arrest the kids. They show them in court in the end and they are all fighting because they haven't been able to do their drugs. True fact, all but Marty, the hit-man, and Donnie are still in jail, all the others have been released from jail.

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an excellent movie, 2 July 2007

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I liked this movie much better than Schindlers List. To me that movie was way too violent. Plus I really like Kirsten and Brittney. It's about this rich girl who doesn't want to celebrate the Jewish holidays with her family and drinks to much wine at her aunt's house. When she is asked to open the door for Elijah she goes back in time to learn about what really happened to the Jewish people. What was really sad was how her character died to save her friend that was sick and was said to be sent to the gas chamber. I think it is very sad what they had to go through. Much worse than what blacks had to go through and you don't hear them whining. I would recommend this movie along with The Diary Of Ann Frank. You won't regret it.

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Very funny show, 1 July 2007

This has got to be the funniest shows. I've only seen one(the most recent one with ripsi)season of it. I don't know if there were more than one or not, but I laughed really hard. It's always fun watching cat fights between show. It was like watching the Jerry Springer show. There was always a fight and people badmouthing each other. But hey, that's what people do on and off the camera, except they got paid for it. The road trip isn't nearly as funny as the last season's bad girl's club, but it has it's moments. I do have to agree, Jodie does have a manly looking face and she seems like a tramp. I love how aimee tells it as it is. And Zarah....ROFL ROFL ROFL. Well, we can all write a book about our bad little girl. I can't wait till the road trip is over and they get back to the house part of the show. I know I won't be missing any episodes, thanks to tivo.

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One of the best sequels ever, 30 June 2006

OK, so not many horror movies can come up with a great sequence to a movie. Then came Halloween 2. The BEST sequel ever. It continues from the ending of the original Halloween movies(which gives it extra points). Laurie sends the kid and the neighbor kid that she was babysitting out to a neighbor's house to call the police, not knowing that the "boogeyman" was still alive. He gets up and stabs her and in come Dr. Loomis to shoot him. She is then rushed to the hospital where Michael Myers follows her to kill her. While in the hospital, he kills anybody who gets in his way while he tries to find Laurie. All the deaths are different unlike Friday the 13th who all get killed the same way. When Dr. Loomis figures out he forces the sheriff to turn around by firing a shot through the car window. He finally finds her and is nearly blown up in the last scene. This movie should be viewed by all horror movie lovers. 10 out of 10.

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excellent Kellie Martin movie, 30 June 2006

This is a movie about a teenager (Kellie Martin) who suffers from manic depression and doesn't trust anybody but herself while she takes lithium. She winds up in the nutfarm after almost dying on the ferris wheel. While at the nutfarm she meets a guy who has problems with anger and his parents. They fall in love and are forced not to see each other. When they can't handle that they break out of the nutfarm taking the doctor as a hostage. They steal his car and have a joyride. They decide to have some fun and explore the world while they have their freedom. They eventually realize they have to deal with their illness and their crimes. A great flick not to be missed. 10 stars out of 10. Kellie Martin, as usual is a wonderful actress.

The best of the 3 series, 19 March 2006

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OK, I finally got to see all three of the sleepaway camp either on satellite or DVD. I saw the second one first and thought it was the most awesome horror movie i've ever seen. When I saw the third movie I was a little disappointed, when I finally saw the first one(last of the 3 because it was harder to find)I thought it wasn't too bad. But I have to agree, the second movie of this series is definitely the best. Sleepaway camp left staring at the television set wanting more move more!!! Pamela Springsteen played a good killer and wish she would have been in the first one. In the second one she is a camp counselor after having a sex change operation and turned into a female. She gets rid of the "bad" campers one by one and tells everybody that they were sent home due to bad behavior when they were slaughtered in the most horrible way you could think of. And the best part is, EVERYBODY is slaughtered in a different way, from burning twins alive to the crisp to shoving somebody in a nasty smelly leach filled outhouse. Then Angela acts like everything is OK. Bruce's younger sister did a good job playing miss innocent and quiet. I would highly recommend seeing this movie.

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not a bad old time movie, 19 March 2006

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This is a pretty good movie considering the age of it. I mean it kept me in suspense. Ellie's mom is murdered in bed with a hammer. Ellie is put in a children's home since she didn't know her father. There she discovers that something isn't right with the place. She sees some kids (who is dead and frozen) but none of the other kids knew about it. She finds a girl tied up in the attic for trying to run away (some dumb ass said it's because she didn't fold her napkin). She tries to run away but she finds a kid's hand that was chopped off by the guy who fixes the place. She screams and runs but the orderly grabs her and puts her in the freezer. A police officer (wearing the scary looking mask)who is in love with Ellie attacks and puts them in the freezer and runs after Ellie. He tells her that he knows that it was her that killed her mother and the only way he won't tell on her is if she marries him. This movie really kept me in suspense. I would love to see it again if they would ever show it on satellite. It seems harder to find older movies like that one on dvds or even cassette tapes. They need to make more horror movies like this one instead of all those computer generated movies. 8 stars for this movie Sonya

Halloween (1978)
The movie that started it all basically, 15 June 2003

OMG, what a classic horror movie Halloween was, which basically started it all. This movie is about the boogeyman aka Michael Meyers who butchers his sister when he was a little kid. Years later on the day before Halloween Dr. Loomis and a nurse goes to the mental hospital to pick Meyers up to take him to a different city for court. When they get there they realize that a whole bunch of crazies are roaming around on the grounds unsupervised. While Dr. Loomis is out of the car on the phone talking to the hospital, Meyers gets on top of the car and attacks the nurse till she gets out and surrenders the car. He then drives away in the car. The next day Dr. Loomis drives to Haddonfield which is Michael's hometown to try to stop the evil from killing. Halloween day Laurie Strode keeps thinking she sees Michael Meyers but doesn't think anything about it. Later on that night she is baby-sitting Tommy Doyle while her friend Annie (who's dad is a cop) baby-sat a girl, I forgot her name in the movie but her real name is Kyle, right across the street. Annie's boyfriend calls and wants her to pick him up so they can have sex so she takes the girl across the street so Laurie can watch them both and goes back to get into her car but realizes the car is locked. So she goes into the house and gets the keys and when she gets back to the car she just opens the door forgetting it was locked in the first place. She gets in the car and realizes that the windows are all fogged up. Michael Meyers pops up from the back seat and strangles her then slits her throat. Of course if she wasn't stupid enough to park in the back seat in the first place somebody would have heard her honking the horn. Later on the other friend played by P.J. Soles and her boyfriend comes to the house where Annie was sitting at and they go to the bedroom to have sex. After sex the boyfriend goes downstairs to get a beer. Why he wasn't smart enough to turn on a light is beyond me. There he encounters Michael Meyers where he gets impaled into the wall with a knife. He then goes upstairs to kill the girlfriend by strangling her while she is on the phone talking to Laurie. Laurie starts to get suspicious and scared so she tries calling back and gets no answer. She then goes across the street to the house and there she discovers all her friends are dead. Michael Meyers then jumps out and attacks Laurie, who then falls down the stairs. She breaks the back door to get out and screams for help with no avail. She runs back to the Doyle's house and gets into the house. Michael climbs through the window and hides behind the couch. All you hear is his loud breathing through his white Halloween mask. Laurie stabs him with a long sewing needle and thinks he is dead. She runs upstairs and talks to the kids. Michael then comes upstairs so she has the kids lock themselves in the room and runs to the master bedroom. She opens the door that leads outside and then runs into the closet. For all who wonder why she did that...would she be a responsible baby-sitter if she left the house with a killer inside and leave the kids alone? Don't think so. She hid in the closet and when Meyers started to chop the door down she grabs a hanger and stabs him with it. A little far fetched true but it got the job done. She then goes to the kids and tells them to run out the Mackenzie's house and get some help. While the kids are outside screaming Michael sits up and gets up and walks to Laurie and attacks her again. Dr. Loomis notices the kids and runs into the house and shoot him till he falls out of the window. When he runs out to see if he is dead or not guess what??? He's not there. He got up and walked away. A good classic recommended on Halloween night. But get the extended version.

Funny movie, 9 March 2003

I remember when I saw this movie in the theater. When it came to the part where the movie is all messed up. We were all booing and wondering what the hell happened till my friend told me that it was part of the movie. It sure had us fooled. That is what is so good about this movie. It fools you and keeps you laughing. I especially loved the Cooking With Marge part where she is drunk while she is on a cooking show and all of a sudden the gremlins attack, a fire starts and the sprinklers come on making them multiply. They plot to escape the building once the sun goes down so the humans have an idea of putting a banner down making them think that it's night time when it's not killing them but instead it starts to storm. So Billy tells Mr. Fudderman to spray the gremlins with water. Reluctly he sprays them with water and Billy picks up the phone and gets the electric gremlin out of the phone system and electuctes the gremlins while they sing "New York". I love how one of the gremlins goes,"i'm melting" like the wicked witch in Wizard Of Oz. Anybody who doesn't like this movie doesn't have a sense of humor.

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