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Absolutely real and refreshing!, 30 May 2013

I picked this movie because it had my favourite actor; Morgan Freeman in it and as always it was not a disappointment. This movie is a beautiful movie about love and what can happen when we love blindly. It is a very real feel good movie. Perfect cast members. I did notice however that the girl that plays one of the wives in the movie...this is the second time that she has had a role that had a homosexual indication. Typecast?? I hope not. Lovely movie though. Just lovely. The cast was a perfect blend and it appeared that the characters had a wonderful rapport.The movie went smoothly, wasn't too slow or too long, it was for me the blend of a movie.

Derailed (2005/I)
Wow!!!, 16 April 2007

I enjoyed this movie very much. I hope it deters a lot of never know what is in the head of a pretty lady and what ugly guy she is attached to..!!! Very well done and very well thought about. Jennifer Aniston is magnificent in this movie so is her co star. Kudos to the daughter played as well, it is not easy to pretend to be having a fit. Oh my gosh, this movie was so good. It has everything in it. Xzibit....well, his acting was not really acting was it....I like him anyway. Great movie, great suspense and great support from the actors. Go see it, buy the DVD it is a really good piece to add to your collection.

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Very Interesting, 16 April 2007

Everyone is saying that this movie is dark...what could be darker than The Quiet!!! This movie is not as dark as some other movies that I have seen. What happens is not exactly right but it is not that DARK! The movie itself is very well done. Again, this is the second movie I have seen where the mother is so out of it that she does not really need a role in the movie. It is ridiculous in the sense that I am sure she just has a few lines. Alec Baldwin acts well as a man being controlled by his sexual appetite. It is a very funny movie. Nikki Reed is a good actress but needs to do something different. She has always done these roles of screwed up teenager. She won't be a teen for long and if she is not careful, her career will be over once she starts looking more mature. The twist in the movie is very interesting. i would say a must see at home with a few friends. Not academy award winning but very entertaining.

The Quiet (2005)
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Very Sinister! But I like it!, 12 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Many viewers may find this movie hard to swallow because of the sensitive nature of it, but it is a very good movie.

The good parts of this movie had to do with the sensitive nature, at the beginning of the movie, you are not so sure of Dot, you sympathise with her and the treatment she receives from her step sister, but there is something about her that you just cannot pin point. Elisha Cuthbert plays a great role and for a young lady so young in the business to play that role is commendable. I felt that the mother should have played a bigger role in the movie. Her role was a bit boring. It is only in the end, she does SOMETHING! I did enjoy the movie, it was suspenseful, had a lot of intrigue and twists to it and it highlighted some issues that teens obviously had in school.

I would recommend it. 8 out of 10. That's my vote.

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Disney does it again....and better than ever!!, 12 April 2007

Disney is like fine just keeps getting better as it ages. This movie is great.

It is Annie in the future if you think about it. The plot, the characters, everything in this movie is so good. There are times when the movies seems to take on a dark tone but again that is part of the story so you just have to hold your little ones a bit closer for that part.

But the entire movie is like a fable modified. It is so good. Another one to ad to the collection.

Keep it up Disney. Walt would be proud!

Sunshine (2007)
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Rubbish is too much of a good word for this excuse for a movie!, 12 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was not impressed by this movie at all. Not in the least. The movie started off quiet well, we all got the basic plot and purpose of the film. Great Wonderful. Then the movie started to get a bit too Star Treky for me. They find the first pay load ship and everyone else died from sun-rays except this one is that possible...was he meant to be a mutant? Was he fiddled with by aliens? It was as if they ran out of ideas and decided..hey let's make one of the old guys in the first ship live. I will point out how this movie went to rubbish. It all went down when they visited the first pay load ship. First of all, their ship broke away from the landing dock and everyone had to leave by flying through the spaces between both ships...okay fair enough. This super human man who was basically bbq-ed by the the heck did he get out? There is no way that he could have flew through the air in space because the movie stated clearly that it was massively below 0. One of the guys actually died flying through to get to the other ship! Nonsense. Then as if not to make life worse, the super human is in the observatory where this massive "sun" is being stored and he is already charred and nothing happens to him. BUT one of the other guys can stay in there and has to wear shades and is continuously getting cancer spots on his face. C'mon, how far fetched is that. It would have been much better if it was the computer instead of BBQ man had messed up the mission.

This movie is rubbish, pure utter rubbish. They just ran out of ideas while making it. I was very disappointed in it. I love sci-fi but this is really insulting a viewers intelligence. My advice is skip the DVD even, I went to see Meeting the Robinsons with some friends, which had a futuristic twist to it and by far it surpassed this Sunshine nonsense by an infinite number of light years.

I give this 3 out of 10 stars as the Chinese lady was devastated when her oxygen plant thing was burnt. It highlighted the plight of the rainforest!! At least it was something to nod at.

Just missed being a good movie, 17 January 2007

This story set to a urban poverty background had a good plot. A very good plot, but the movie was not moulded well. So much more could have been done with the plot of the movie. The entire movie could have been developed so well. In the first 10 minutes of the movie, I figured out the ending. It was extremely obvious.

The actors are great actors. Don't get me wrong. Julianne Moore is fantastic in her role. Her emotional acting and outbursts were exquisite, although at times it seemed to be overdone. I found myself getting frustrated and annoyed with her character. Samuel L. Jackson, as usual gives a performance that is expected. He seemed to play a double role. His character has two sides to him and he does it very well. Edie Falco!She is like a breath of fresh air in this movie! Her character seems quiet but she is deadly with her character. She gets the job done is such a wonderful way. Her casting was perfect for this. Ron Eldard's role was good as well. I personally misunderstood his character at first.

It is a disappointing movie. It was not the intense action filled thriller that I thought it would be. It fell short. I won't say rush to the theatres to see it but if you are in the mood for a blasé disconnected thriller...then this is your cup of tea.

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Knighthood, Sir Perry is Brilliant, 15 January 2007

This movie is great! That should just be my comments, but you have to write 10 lines

Diary of a Mad Black Woman is one of my favourite movies. I loved it. It is real life for some people. Very real. It has depth, it has a story, it is just a wonderful mix for everyone. And the humour is completely off the charts. This talented man, Mr. Perry...sorry I mean Sir Perry..( he needs more than an Oscar or anything for this ) is just amazing to do this movie, create and play all those characters. And not for one moment it even dawns on you that he is playing different parts. You are so engrossed and chained to the happenings of the movie. You laugh, you cry, you get angry you rejoice and you wish to the high heavens that you had a grandmother who was so fiesty.

The world is a better place. Men...I saw a lot of men at the cinemas with their girlfriends and I am sure the movie adjusted their mind set a bit. Mine certainly apologised for anytime he ever made me cry!!!! Grandma Madea.....I love this a lot more.

Deja Vu (2006)
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Great Roller Coaster, 15 January 2007

One might say that the movie is a bit far fetched but my gosh....nothing can prepare you for how fantastic this movie is. It is so realistic that you actually second guess what you believe in. Excellent casting, thrills galore. The action is non stop and nothing is what it seems.

Denzil Washington is in fine style as usual and his co stars are equally talented. This is a movie as a chick flick, action night ...whatever. Great plot, a bit of sci fi, a bit of action, there is comedy, the much more can you ask for. Brilliant movie! I would get the DVD when it comes out!

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Beautiful Movie, 15 January 2007

You must respect an actor/actress when the continuously do great movies that are void of cussing, nudity and violence. It is truly refreshing that Queen Latifah maintains her standards similar to the likes of Will Smith. Brilliant story...a really feel good movie to see with anyone of any age.

What I particularly like about the movie is the "travelling" aspect, a different country is shown. It does not gravitate around the US. The audience is taken on a trip of the world, moralistic view points etc. You leave the movie motivated to do something with your life and to live well. It is funny and classic Latifah. She carries herself so well in this movie and you can see the chemistry between the other actors as well. Truly a beautiful movie. A must see

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