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It was a good show I didn't get to watch., 14 January 2007

Sad to say, I did not have access to Sci-Fi when this came out in 1961.I was only 13 and TV watching was limited because of homework. But since I've "matured", I've learned that one day science fiction may become science fact and I can't get enough of it. Things that came out on the "Star Trek" series, like the communicators, are now in reality, cell phones. We have a space station, although not as elaborate as Deep Space 9, but it's there. And, yes, I do believe the government covered up the aliens landing in Roswell back in 1945. Stargate SG-1 is my favorite show and I firmly believe their story lines are at least partially based in fact. Not even the genius of Gene Roddenberry could make up some of the stories on that show. I have never heard of "A For Andromeda" but would love to see it. Pease put it on DVD.