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Big talent, 13 January 2007

Wow! Seeing this on Google was a trip down memory lane. Stacy was a pint sized stick of dynamite when I met her and her talent was so evident that I had to include her in the original cast. This cast had three or four talented kids who went on to be famous. You guys rocked! I have not kept up with the ongoing lives of these talented people but each one was so special. Stacy three feet of wiggles, and oozing personality. Her Mom was always there to support her and she lit up the screen with her big voice and tiny face. Hope you all remember with fondness the day you walked into my office and belted out a song for your audition. You were so good I had to write more lines for you as we worked through the production at the old Osmond studio in Utah. I remember when we preview the tape at my home you got so excited you stood in front of the screen and sang your own part.