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Confusing from the start to finish, 19 April 2010

It seems like 2010 is the year when Greek mythology suddenly becomes the trendy thing. I have seen Percy and the Olympians, and now I Have seen The Clash of the Titans. Both are loosely based on Greek mythology - and both of them leaves most of the audience confused.

The Clash of the Titans is a very expensive, and pretty movie. The CGI is impressive, and the actions are ceaseless from the start to the end.

I haven't watched the 1981 version; or read the Greek version of the myth. So I will not judge the movie based on how much or how little they deviate from the "Classic" It should be a simple and standard story - boy come from humble beginning (son of a fisherman); boy face a great challenge (defeating a kraken); boy goes to a journey with his trusted friends (from the city of Argos to the underworld and back); boy wins; boy gets the girl (Princess Andromeda).

But somehow it gets confused.

The main story of the movie is how the Gods are evil Tyrants and one human king after another are rising against their Tyranny and failed. But then the script does not (or could not) enforce this story.

The Greek Gods are neither all bad or all good. They, like human, have their flaws and strengths, kindness and cruelty. They like human, abuse their power from time to time, but also protect the human from time to time. The script can not turn these traditional Gods into the Sith Masters or Hanibal Lecters.

Then, Perseus is hardly a Jedi Knight either. Repeatedly throughout the movie he said how he "will defeat the Gods as a man", yet in the end cave in and use his dad's sword, gold coin and horse. This is predictable since the idea of "fighting Gods as a man" seems to be as effective as moths trying to extinguish a fire. Perseus is hardly strong enough to take a scorpion on his own, let alone the God of the Underworld.

The supporting characters seems to exist just to die against one monster or another - so the producer did not even bother creating real distinct characters between one soon to be dying soldier to the next.

This should be a simple story of a Hero's journey. In the end , I'm just confused as who the hero is. I'm guessing it's one of the two hunters with weird accent, they, at least, have memorable and consistent character.

Perhaps if the movie lasts 2 hours instead of 90 minutes, they can actually make the audience identify with the supposedly "Hero" of the movie? That's how James Cameron did Avatar. You don't just throw a jarhead in the middle of war from beginning to the end (it worked for Black Hawk Down, not this movie); especially with an unfamiliar setting like the ancient Greece.

The action itself is horrible. The CGI is great; but the fighting choreography really sucks. It is like watching starship troopers - throw enough human and hope the last one kills the monster. Strangely 90 minutes goes pretty quickly while you are watching - but you'll ended up confused and slightly bored.

I hope they do much much better with the sequel.

Max Payne (2008)
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Graphically beautiful, Great Acting, Decent Action - but not as good as the game., 25 November 2008

The movie is well made. Yet whoever had the pleasure of playing the games would realise that it fall well short of the lofty standard both games has set.

I think the best definition of the movie is a mix of detective drama, sin city's noir graphic, a tiny sprinkle of shoot-em-up action at the end.

It tries to be everything, and ended up to be totally confusing.

I think the movie would have gone a lot better if they go to the extreme in one direction (preferably action wise) instead of trying to make acceptable plot (which fall shorts of the standard required of any detective or conspiracy movies anyway).

Max Payne was a shooting game - yet by no mean it was Doom (heck, at least this movie is better than the screen adaptation of Doom); it was a captivating, story driven shooting game.

It is funny that Hit-man did it wrong by doing too much slick actions where the game was stealth based and Max Payne was getting it wrong by doing too much detective drama when the game is about action.

Perhaps some of these directors should spend a few weeks playing the games from start to finish so at least they understand what they are trying to bring to the wide screen.

Redbelt (2008)
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A great beginning and a totally bad ending, 16 July 2008

Not sure what the movie is trying to portray here. It started solid and well, gripping and interesting - then all started to decline the moment they started to ask people to suspend their disbelief - a fighting system based on handicap being "stolen" by a movie producer and given to an MMA style submission competition - a wive for 5 years suddenly decided that show business where 1 guy hops around the ring with 1 hand tied is more fun than sticking around with a guy she married? And then the weirdest ending ever; final fight with the "big boss" from Brazil and he suddenly deserved a Grand Master's belt? Probably there is a message from the director (whom I read has studied BJJ for 6 years) that the fighting show business is way over done and strayed from the "pure" martial art purpose. But hey, this is BJJ, it exists, grow and thrive under vale tudo matches. As Machado said "it's their family business".

Oh well, it has the virtue of being a gritty movie with interesting BJJ fights in the beginning which unfortunately is constantly deteriorating to uninspiring ending.

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Absolutely wonderful movie, 15 March 2008

It is not a movie for everyone. I think this movie will only speak to those experiencing Nihilistic feeling that there is no truth, there is no meaning to life, to my life. Some might call it Mid Life Depression, but I think it is more common than some old guys living in fear of life unfulfilled.

I think we are all afraid of death. That is why human created false beliefs of "God" - to create meaning, purpose, reason to our lives. The movie started with Nietzche giving a speech that "We created God, and now we have killed Him. God is Dead".

Sadly revelation of the truth creates a gap that yearn for meaning, and when we failed to find that meaning, we started to think that nothing is true, nothing has value, nothing has meaning.

The movie might be perceived as two old men's obsession with young beautiful women. But I think the women are just their yearning for a distraction in their despair to find that perhaps they have been living a meaningless life.

This movie is profound. It is not for everyone. But if you have been wondering whether you have been living the right life that you want - you might be able to associate with the "madness" of despair that this movie portrays

Hitman (2007/I)
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This movie clearly failed to get the Silent Assassin rating, 11 March 2008

If you are a big fan of Hit-man series of games (Eidos'); you'll be partially excited with the adaptation and partly disappointed.

Most people who see this movie adaptation will probably either love the non stop actions or cringe in despair.

Hit-man is not supposed to be a mass murderer. It is not supposed to be Rambo 5. It is a movie about a skilled professional assassin, who is capable of sneaking in heavily fortified locations in various disguise and kill his target without any collateral damage. The highest mark you can get in the game is Silent Assassin rating - and this is only achievable when there is only 1 death - the target's.

Either way, this movie has a lot of cool actions, although the gun massacres and the totally idiotic blade fight in the train totally spoil any realism.

It could have been great; well thought, well planned movie, but instead they choose to make it a poor imitation of Matrix / Rambo.