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One of the biggest disappointments of the year, 24 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I wanted to like this film, I really did but sadly I am not impressed with Alien Covenant. I had problems with Prometheus, but overall I enjoyed that movie in the cinema and I still do. But Alien Covenant is a whole different story for me. It might look good and be well made as you expect from Ridley Scott, but everything else is lacking what made Alien a hit back in 1979.

There are many problems with this film, such as none of the answers from Prometheus getting answered, instead all ties with that film are either quickly tied up or ignored, while it was unsatisfying I knew that it would do everything it could to distance itself from Prometheus due to the backlash from fans. One of my biggest problems with Alien Covenant for me was that it was just too fast paced, there was no build up, no tension, no atmosphere. Interesting ideas such as the Neomorph are underused, the thing is killed roughly 15 minutes after it is birthed. And then there is David somehow creating the eggs and that leading into an AVP Esq moment where about 5 minutes after the Facehugger latches onto the captain, the baby Xenomorph is born and then a short time after that it's an adult, and they mess up the Xenemorph reveal as bad as the Neomorph, where is the slow, suspenseful reveal? This movie feels like it's made for people with ADHD. The action scenes might look good but they lack any investment and just end up going through the motions as the lead characters fight against and dispose of the attacking Xenomorph like a self contained threat that is easily handled. The Neomorphs are more of a perfect organism since they are contained in small pods that enter through the body via an airborne microbe, they gestate quickly and they grow quickly, and show more intelligence than the Xenomorphs who seem like a downgrade with their gestation methods and the fact they just rush into action and end up getting killed in their own haste, one jumps right into the crane's grabber and the other falls right into the trap of getting sucked out of the airlock. This is the problem with prequels and how the original low tech creation becomes obsolete with modern ideas which become more advanced. And as for David being the one to create the Xenomorph eggs from Shaw's reproductive system, it messes us continuity big time but I do kind of like the body shock aspect of it and how unsettling it is with the rest of the scenes with David and his home.

Characters themselves are paper thin, no depth, they are all just fodder and not to mention stupid to the point it makes the characters in Prometheus look like geniuses in comparison. As soon as two of the characters got infected by the spores, I knew that one Neomorph was going to die in that ship and the other would run loose (I hoped longer than 15 minutes), I was thinking the first act and a half would be a tense movie with them surviving against the Neomorph on the planet and then the last half of the second act would be a breather with David and that would lead into the third act with the Xenomorph. Nope. And oh my goodness, the gay guy, how the hell did he get impregnated, he had the Facehugger pulled off before it could do anything. And the third act was just like the rest of the movie, a rush job mess. Such a let down, this could have been a tense movie but tension was thrown away for hyperactive action scenes with CGI aliens. It was like watching AVP all over again.

I have no idea if there is a director's cut planned because as it stands, this theatrical version is a mess, way worse than the theatrical cut of Alien 3. The deaths were gruesome, I'll give it that. Oh, and the reveal that David was pretending to be Walter was so obvious. When you don't see the fate of a villain who is a double, chances are, it's them at the end.

I don't know if Ridley Scott made this bad on purpose as a middle finger to those who hated Prometheus or if he just doesn't care or understand what made Alien a classic. Dan O'Bannon, God rest his soul, I'm sure he is rolling in his grave with this film for missing the point of his film entirely.

There were 8 people in the cinema, including me, and one actually walked out halfway through. I stayed all the way, hoping there would be more things I liked rather than disliked to no avail. The only good things were Michael Fassbender as Walter and David, he is the saving grace of the film. There is one memorable scene with David and the Neomorph. Katherine Waterston is fine as the Ripley stand in but sadly doesn't have much to do. Danny McBride shows audiences that he can play a serious part convincingly and well, I hope he gets more dramatic roles that give him more screen time to showcase he is more than just a comedic actor. There's some nice visuals and shots that capture the look of Alien, but sadly not the feel.

The weather was actually sunny when I went to see it, when I came out, it was dull and raining, sums up the experience watching the movie perfectly. It was the first time I have ever felt so miserable watching a film. This is without a doubt one of the biggest disappointments of the year. I wish fan influence did not prevent Ridley Scott from making Prometheus 2 which is clearly the movie he really wanted to make and not this.

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An interesting take on the classic H.P. Lovecraft tale, 18 April 2017

The Haunter of the Dark II is an independent supernatural horror and mystery film made in Russia. In recent years, the underground movie scene in Russia has been growing and gaining much attention in its native land, and rightfully so, it's a great chance for many aspiring directors to have their moment to shine and see their dreams of making movies come true. Many have emerged, bringing with them weird, crazy, and imaginative films along with them, and one genre in particular to come from then underground movie scene in Russia are horror films. And The Haunter of the Dark II is one of those potential cult classics to come out from this wonderful indie cinema revolution.

The Haunter of the Dark II was written and directed by Dmitriy Khmelyov, a gifted young filmmaker who is showing that he is a growing talent, there is much potential in him. The film is based on the classic story by the master of the occult and horror, H.P. Lovecraft. And you can tell, right from the start that the director has a passion for Lovecraft's work and understands the style of the author's writings. The movie is clearly a labour of love dedicated to one of the most influential writers of the century.

At times, it reminded me of Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator (1985), in that it takes a classic Lovecraftian tale and reworks it in a contemporary setting, doing some creative and original things with the source material along the way, and all through the film you can feel the respect the filmmakers have for Lovecraft.

The Haunter of the Dark II tells the story of an author investigating a mysterious phenomenon that has be accruing recently, a weird bat- like monster with three eyes that flies through the night has been frequently seen, and it brings madness and doom along with it. One town seems to be under its influence, there is no police, crime and death are increasing, people are afraid to step outside, something strange is happening. That's not all, a serial killer has recently arrived on the scene, dressed in a green cloak and a steel mask with three eyes, he is murdering victims and taking blood and body parts for a sacrifice to unleash destruction upon the mortal world. The investigation takes the author into the very mouth of madness itself as he is thrust into a strange series of events involving murder, rituals, and The Great Old Ones themselves. It becomes a race against time as the author must stop the mysterious masked killer from completing the means of triggering the apocalypse.

The investigation angle of the film is genuinely interesting, I was intrigued from beginning to end to see how the story would unravel and what would happen next. The movie's pace allows plenty of time for the mystery to play out and be solved, it builds a lot of atmosphere and really makes you feel that the end of the world is slowly approaching, there's an underlining feeling of dread during the film, it's like a destructive power is watching and waiting, it adds to the unnerving tone. The killer himself is a cool looking character and his appearance reminded me a lot of Doctor Doom from the Fantastic 4 comics, he actually looked more like the iconic super villain than the actual Doctor Doom character in the 2005 and 2015 Fantastic 4 films. Who and what this killer is adds to the mystique and intrigue of the film, and gives the movie its scenes of blood and gore which many Russian horror films are becoming famous for having, good old fashioned practical horror FX, the best kind, it is always a million times better to see fake blood and limbs than CGI in a horror movie. That being said, this movie does have some CG scenes for the more supernatural side of the story, and while rough around the edges, it gives the film an otherworldly feel, these monsters and strange supernatural things aren't part of our reality and so it feels like something that doesn't belong in our world, it creates a sensation that you are looking at something that's not of this earth.

If you are familiar with the Russian underground horror scene, you will notice two particular directors, who are also actors, having guest cameos in this film. Alex Wesley, famous for directing Russian splatter films such as "Zombie Infection" (2011) and "Demon Mind" (2017), and Viktor Murzikov, another director famous for making short horror films like "Last Summer: Zombie Town" and "Elmer's Justice". I'm sure there are other Russian directors and actors of the underground scene there too, but Alex Wesley and Viktor Murzikov are the two stand out ones for me, both with their films and with their cameos in this. Alex Wesley plays an eye-patch wearing corrupt politician whose performance is spot on, he plays villains well, and while Viktor's part is very small during the end credits, it's quite a funny little moment where he is being interviewed about the final events of the film on a news report.

The music by Dmitriy Khmelyov is really effective, it creates an unsettling mood and gives the atmosphere more weight, it has that 70s, 80s horror movie score feel about it.

The Haunter of the Dark II is another example why the Russian underground scene needs more support and recognition outside of Russia, it's gritty, charming, and has plenty of passion behind the camera. It's creative and original, as well as a homage to the good old days of horror movies. If you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, 70s and 80s horror, and Russian independent horror films, then give this one a watch.

Dmitriy Khmelyov is a promising young director with a love for filmmaking and an eye for horror, I can see a good future for him, he has the skill.

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A gory blast from the past, 27 January 2015

The grindhouse zombie movie is back. Fans of the old school gory zombies movies of George A. Romero and the Italian zombie movies of the 80s will be beyond pleased to see that their lust for the gritty, blood filled, body shock horror with the undead and their victims are back and more violent than ever.

This movie is unapologetically gory, no holds barred, raw carnage on the screen with a great assemblage of iconic horror stars from the 80s such as Ted Vernon, star and producer of the 1988 cult classic "Scarecrows", along with Richard Vidan and Rod Sweitzer. It also includes a cameo by Claudio Fragasso, writer of the 1980 cult zombie movie "Hell of the Living Dead" and best known in his directorial work for the 1990 best worst movie ever made "Troll 2"

For fans of old school, cult horror, this is a dream come true, and like the tag line says, it clearly is "The Expendables of horror"

The Russian setting and cinematography gives the film a really creepy, eerie and moody atmosphere, the use of a digital camera gels well to create a disturbing and unsettling zombie apocalypse which feels realistic, almost like a documentary filming the event.

Writer and director Alex Wesley shows that he is a great talent in the making, he handles the film well on such a low budget. He has a love for the genre and a passion for movie making, he had to sell his own apartment to gather enough money to make the film, that's what you call dedication to your art. The gore is outstanding, he's made such realistic, brutal and repulsive violence with very little money while other filmmakers with a higher budget have created gore which feels incredibly fake. There is not one drop of CGI in this movie which makes this film feel refreshingly retro and old school, the gore feels real because it was filmed on the spot, using good old practical effects to create the illusion of realism. There is one particular gore sequence in this film that stands out and will certainly become an iconic scene.

Don't go in expecting a big budget zombie movie like "World War Z" and instead be ready to witness good old fashioned zombie bloodshed with amazing practical effects, a great cast and made by a talented director with a lot of passion for the genre. "Zombie Infection" is a love letter to old school zombie movies, made by a fan for the fans, and should not be missed. And compared to other low budget zombie movies, this one stands above them. This could become a deserving cult classic.

I can imagine if Alex Wesley was given a bigger budget, he could create a movie that would push the boundaries of ultra violence and horror to the next level. He's an upcoming director to absolutely look out for.

To purchase "Zombie Infection", you can buy it from distributor David Sterling:

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An unconventional Ator and fantasy film, 6 April 2014

Ator il guerriero di ferro (Iron Warrior) is a 1987 Italian sword and sorcery movie and third entry in the Ator series, the only one not directed by the legendary exploitation and erotica director Joe D'Amato (a man of many pseudonyms) but instead directed by Alfonso Brescia (credited as Al Bradley) Joe D'Amato, who denounced this sequel as a cash-in to "Ator l'invincibile", a film which was a direct copy and cash-in of the 1982 John Millus film "Conan the Barbarian", would later return in 1990 to direct the fourth and final entry "Quest for the Mighty Sword" (Ator III: The Hobgoblin) "Iron Warrior" is often considered the overlooked addition in the series and often criticized for taking itself more serious than Joe D'Amato's more unintentionally campier movies.

But for me, the change of tone is welcomed. Alfonso Brescia has a different style and a different vision making the movie a breath of fresh air and stands out in the series.

Miles O'Keefe returns as Ator in name only. This would mark his final appearance as the bare chested warrior before being replaced by Eric Allan Kramer.

The movie might not be as hilariously campy and entertainingly bad as the previous two entries or the forth film, but it's a unique film in its own right with some beautiful location shots of Malta that sets the mood for a mystical world perfectly, the most has clearly been used with the limited budget at the filmmakers disposal. The movie is an interesting blend of b-movie cheese and art-house creativity. The story is paper thin but is made up for it in the visuals.

One scene in particular features Ator standing in front of a mirror as he practices with a sword, flexing his muscles, a poignant moment that orchestrates the often narcissistic vanity of heroes. There's also a catch, the scene has a second layer, with Ator training in his symmetrical reflection and the ball promptly shattering it, it creates a foreboding sense of the hero being warned that his twin brother Trogar, seduced by the dark side to be become the titular Iron Warrior, has returned.

Despite it's more artistic tone, the movie contains many characteristics to Italian exploitation films, the dubbing, the over the top acting, in particular Elisabeth Kaza who is clearly having fun in the role of the villainess and gives an energetic flare to the film, and most of all, the blatant copying of more bigger known Hollywood movies. "2019: After the Fall of New York" borrowed from "John Carpenter's Escape from New York", "Hell of the Living Dead" borrowed from "Dawn of the Dead" in the case of "Iron Warrior", it's a mix of "Masters of the Universe" and for a complete genre change "Superman II".

A noteworthy mention is the soundtrack, to many sci-fi fans they will no doubt recognize it as Jerry Goldsmith's theme to "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", later reused for the intro for "Star Trek: The Next Generation", once again following the movie's trend of being influenced by science fiction as opposed to traditional sword and sorcery.

So sit back, sharpen your swords and embark on a mythical journey to the realm of Dragor for the unconventional Ator and fantasy film, "Iron Warrior"

Evil Dead (2013)
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Evil Dead - An interesting re-imagining, 24 April 2013

The Evil Dead, of course, needs no introduction. It was a infamous horror movie that sparked much controversy for its outlandish violence and gore. And not forgetting the famous tree rape scene which gained much attention.

The movie gained cult status during the Video Revolution, even receiving the honour of becoming a "Video-Nasty" in the UK.

Its low budget style, charming simplistic story, absurd gore, camp tone, not to mention publicity helped make it a horror classic that spawned two equally excellent sequels

It also featured a young, then-unknown Bruce Campbell who would later go down in history as one of the best B-Movie actors of all time.

So, it's no wonder why Fans were in such outrage and panic when they heard the terrifying news of a remake.

Good news, The Evil Dead fans should fear not for as remakes of classic horror movies go, Evil Dead is actually very good.

It's a refreshing, unique re-imagining of the groovy little gem.

A more serious, darker toned film, that still keeps the over the top, ludicrous gore from the original.

The serious tone helps create a more intense atmosphere. No fun goofy Evil Dead II goodness or the camp tone of the original here.

The style of the film is very moody and very grim, creating a uneasy tension before the nightmare has even begun.

The characters have a decent amount of depth, that little extra more than the original, but in movies like this, character is the last thing on many of the viewers minds.

A genius move was the new characters, a perfect way to explore the new story without being bound to the original and no fear of annoying fans if there's a certain difference to their personality or a change in their fate

I'm sure fans would have been outraged if the iconic Ash was portrayed in a different light and met a different fate

Not to mention fans would always compare the new actors performance to the legendary Bruce Campbell

So it's a good thing they created new protagonists, no need to walk in its predecessors shadow in that light.

That said, the movie tends to be held back at times, unable to reach brave new territory by the fact that it's a remake. It could have explored more back story of the Book of the Dead, explained its new origin, the new lore. Keep the basic premise but break away more from the traditions, did new, exciting things. Have more grotesque, imaginative scenes with the Deadites, push the boundaries of horror. It's 2013, they could have shown the most sickening, spine tingling, frightening things these monsters are capable of. The grisly end of the creatures could have spun heads.

However, there are some very disturbing scenes that made me and many others in the audience cringe but they were no different from the dismemberment you'd see in the every day average torture porn movie or slasher.

One thing that made the original so refreshing was it's bizarre gore sequences, that back then seemed so revolutionary.

There weren't many horror movies where you witnesses a brutal slaying by an axe, or hand mutilation, or even impalement that resulted in Alien- Esq milk spurting.

The remakes gore could have raised the bar for the generation of today like the first did for the generation of yesterday.

A concept I found rather interesting was the main character Mia who is trying hard to go cold turkey in a desperate attempt to kick her drug addiction. A fresh take on the cliché: lets go to the deserted house or cabin in the woods, have a few beers, get laid and get killed by the madman, monster scenario that has been done to death, a cliché that was spoofed perfectly in 2011's The Cabin in the Woods.

It added a new layer of depth for the characters, a drama that sadly never reaches its full potential, but what is shown is enough for this kind of movie.

A daring and interesting direction the director should have went with was a psychological one, have a film that played on the idea of her withdrawal symptoms, made a story that toyed with the audience, made you wonder if the things she was seeing was really happening or all a delusion in her head.

Have her fight her own personal demons, make the Deadites a representation of her struggles.

Even be so daring to have had a twist where it all as a dream in the end, or to play it a little more safe, in a triumphant spiritual conclusion, shown that it was all real and that by conquering the Deadites, Mia had conquered her addiction.

All interesting possibilities that are unfortunately never utilised. Once the madness of The Evil Dead begins, it enters demon slaying territory and stays firmly dug in there until the very end.

The psychological aspects from the original is lacking here in the remake in favour for ultra violence and while that is a disappointment, lovers of gore SFX and buckets of fake blood will have a field day at the sinister delights that await them.

The prosthetic effects are a nice change from the lazy, unconvincing CGI blood and gore that dominates practically all modern day movies.

At the end, I found it leaving me feeling like they could have done a little more.

All in all, it's a dark, trashy, over the top, ultra violent horror movie that is certainly not for the faint of heart.

It's definitely worth checking out. For Evil Dead fans and gore hounds alike.

Urotsukidoji OVA 1 - Birth of the Overfiend, 8 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Chôjin densetsu 1: Chôjin tanjô hen (1987)

Directed by: Hideki Takayama

Written by: Shô Aikawa

Based on the Manga by: Toshio Maeda


Every 3000 Years, a God above all Gods is born: The Chojin, a super-being, the Overfiend.

Born to unite the three worlds, the World of Ningen (Humans) the World of the Jūjinkai (Man-Beasts) and the World of Makai (Demons) The Chojin will create a new world of peace and harmony. A paradise for the three races.

The Chojin is destined to be reborn in the body of a Human. 3000 years have passed, the Chojin is ready to awaken.

Amano Jyaku, a Jūjinkai, has been waiting 300 years for the Chojin, living among the Humans, searching for the Chosen One. To find him and see the Legend with his own eyes, to see him fulfil his destiny and fulfil the prophecy. His dream to However, others have a different agenda, the Makai, have entered the Humans World, searching for the Chojin themselves. Wishing to see the Chojin destroyed and the Prophecy stopped. By any means necessary. For the sake of their world, for the sake of their kind.

For young Nagumo and his Girlfriend Akemi, their once normal lives will soon be forever changed, for he is no ordinary teenager dominated by his raging hormones, to Amano's amazement, Nagumo is in fact, the one and only, the Chojin.

A storm is rising, the Legend of the Overfiend is about to begin.


"Chōjin Densetsu Urotsukidōji" (Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend) was a 3-Part OVA from 1987-1989, based loosely on the Manga of the same name by Toshio Maeda (La Blue Girl), both the Manga and the OVA are infamous for its shocking hardcore sex scenes, the Anime also infamous for its over the top violence.

Due to its explicit content, the OVA is rarely seen outside of Japan in it's Uncut Form.

The 1989 Cut Version, edited to a Theatrical Length and Dubbed in English is the most well known Version to Western Audiences, and is the most common Version to find on VHS and DVD.

The Uncensored Japanese Version does exist on DVD alongside the Uncensored Version of the sequel "Shin Chōjin Densetsu Urotsukidōji: Mataiden" (Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb), but is extremely rare and the Uncut DVD'S on sale go for a very high price, usually $100 or more.

On the outside, "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend" can be seen as hentai and hardcore porn, but if you take away the layers and look inside, the OVA is much more. The First Part, along with the Two Episodes that follow, have an interesting fantasy story that is engaging and original, a fascinating concept, imaginative artwork, amazing character designs, a great soundtrack that is both atmospheric, pulse pounding and beautiful and great animation that captures the grotesque acts, violence and traditional anime action scenes perfectly.

It also features a truly beautiful and tragic love story that is just as powerful as the Shakespearean love story, Romeo & Juliet.

The OVA also has an interesting message about fate, and how no matter how much you try to fight it, no matter how much you try to run from it, no matter how much you want to stop it, it will always happen in the end. Fate is an unstoppable force. The Chojin represents that force.

The First OVA, "Birth of the Overfiend" is the calm before the storm, but even in that calm, madness is running wild, the OVA starts things off with a bang, and the ferocity never dies down until the very end, the first part features an over the top hentai rape scene featuring a Demon Schoolteacher and her student, a violent fight scene atop the roofs, and the insane transformation of the Chojin A taster for the true chaos that is about to ensue.


If you are easily offended, this OVA may not be for your liking If you can see the over the top sex and violence as just entertainment, not to be taken seriously or if you love anime or fantasy with a bit of flesh + blood to spice it up, this Three-Part OVA is right up your alley.

If you can find it Uncut and Uncensored, prepare to witness Animation beyond Imgaination.

Prometheus (2012/I)
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Prometheus - Flawed but Enjoyable, 3 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Prometheus (2012)

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Screenplay by: Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof


Prometheus, the long awaited instalment in the Alien Saga is finally here, and like everyone, I was excited to go see it

After all, this was a new Alien movie that was being directed by Ridley Scott, the visionary genius behind the 1979 classic that started it all, not only that but it was to be a Prequel that expands the Alien Universe and sheds light on the long, mysterious Mythology behind the Space Jockies

and Prometheus would also return the series to its roots with the dark, Gothic H.R. Giger style surroundings

I couldn't wait.


In the year 2089, an archaeologist couple Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover a star map hidden among the remnants of other unconnected ancient cultures. Believing all this to be connected to the human race's creators. Peter Weyland, the founder of the powerful Weyland Corporation, funds the creation of the scientific vessel named after the Greek Titan Prometheus to follow the star map to the moon LV-223 to find mankind's makers, dubbed "Engineers" by Shaw.

In the year 2093, the ship arrives and lands near an alien structure. A team including Shaw, Holloway, and David explores the structure, while Vickers and Captain Janek monitor their progress on-board the ship.

What was meant to be the scientific discovery of a lifetime, soon becomes a nightmare of complete terror as the intentions of the structure and of the Gods who made us becomes clear.


Prometheus is interesting movie with great ideas that is executed both good and flawed at the same time The visuals are stunning and impressive, you can definitely see the Budget was well spent for the CGI.

The sets of the Prometheus ship and the Space Jockey ruins are beautiful and reminiscent to "Alien" The effects for the Space Jockies and the Alien Bio-weapons were decent The acting is good, especially from Michael Fassbender as David, there is a fascinating mixture of childish innocence, profound wit and a dark sinister core.

Charlize Theron is exceptional as the forceful, commanding and ruthless Vickers

Noomi Rapace was good as Shaw, it was interesting to see that the main heroin was not just another Ripley clone, as seen in both AVP and AVP-R

She was frail, but also had a deep inner strength within.

I liked Idris Elba as the Captain of the Prometheus, it was a shame they didn't give him more screen time and give the viewer the same feeling they had for Dallas in Alien.

Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland was alright, but distracting, like most movies where a young actor or actress is put in old age make-up and has to pretend to be old. Highlander II: The Quickening with Christopher Lambert as old MacLeod is a prime example. It's a really hard thing to pull off, but props to Guy Pearce for trying his best.

The rest of the cast was okay, but needed more time to develop all of them, and because of this, most of them end up being like the characters from AVP, you don't really know much about their personality to care what happens to them.

Another problem Prometheus has is the script which has a fair share of plot holes It also doesn't know whether it wants to be a body shock horror, an infected colleague gone mad kind of horror, an atmospheric horror or sci-fi adventure. But for some reason, the bonkers style changes makes the film entertaining It's like a bizarre, wild ride, where you don't know what you're in for next.

One flaw that this movie has is that at times, it feels that there is something missing, it feels like there should be scenes in the film to explore more of the story and the characters

Hopefully there will be a Director's Cut for the DVD & Blu-Ray Release that fills the movie completely.

Another flaw some people have is the pacing, while it may be slow to begin with, I believe it was intentional for creative reasons. The movie was building up atmosphere and tension in the same style as Alien. The slow pacing with the first half wasn't a problem for me.


Prometheus is a flawed movie but also enjoyable if you can look past the plot holes and the flaws.

I definitely recommend checking Prometheus out with an open mind

Enjoy the movie for what it is, a beautifully shot, crazy styled expansion of the Alien Universe.

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A Dark Short Film, 28 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Strange Fruit (1978)

Directed by Seth Pinsker

Screenplay by: Stephen Katz and Seth Pinsker

Based on the Novel by: Lillian Smith


Before Seth Pinsker wrote and directed The Hidden II (Which I thought was okay although it isn't as good as the first film) he Directed this Dark Short Film about Racism back in 1948.

Strange Fruit is one of those Films that lets you see how Cruel, Mean and Unforgiving most White People were back in the Old Days.

Another thing Strange Fruit shows is how Difficult and Frustrating it was for Black People to live with all the Racism, also how Dangerous and Hard it was for them to stand up for their Rights as an American Citizen.

One Scene which is Hard to Watch is when the Main Character Henry is walking in to work only to be Beaten by a Group of White People because he wants to Vote, the Boss sits in his Office and acts as if nothing is Happening, then when the Cop shows up the Boss claims it was all Henry's fault and has him Arrested.

Another upsetting scene has got to be when Henry's Younger Brother is being picked on by two White Children, the Young Boy stands up for himself only to be taken away by his Mother and Spanked. When Henry tells her to stop it and she lets him go, Henry's Mother tells him that she wants to him to be Alive and grow up and not see him Die like her Husband.

It Scenes like this which show us how Terrifying and Stressful it must have been for Black Familes to live in a Country where everyone is told they are Equal and that they are allowed to experience the American Dream.


Henry is a Painter in 1948, one day while Painting the Office for his Boss he sees the Preacher and another Black Man getting themselves Registered to Vote by the Reluacnat Boss. On his way Home he talks with the Preacher who asks him to Regester, Henry explains that he doesn't want to risk losing his Job and everything he has. Henry then returns home to his Mother and Brother where he then goes off and washes his Face, meanwhile outside his Young Brother is arguing with two White Children. After insulting the Young Girl his Mother takes him away and Punishes him for Standing up for Himself, Henry tells his Mother to stop. After talking with her, Henry goes in to see his Little Brother and they go Fishing.

While Fishing, Henry sees something in the Distance and takes a look only to discover that the Preacher is Dead. The Next Day, Henry goes to work and tells the Boss that he wants to Regester to Vote. His Boss denies him Permission to Regester so Henry waits outside the Office.

Henry returns to the Office only to be Surrounded and Beaten by a Group of White People, a Cop shows up after the Beating and Arrests Henry. When Henry returns Home his Mother begs him to stop what he's doing but Henry wants to stand his Ground and make a Differnce.


If you can find this Short Film then I recommend watching it to Learn and Relise how Much of a Struggle it was for Black People to Live in a Society where Most White People were Ignorant Racists.

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Pales in comparison to the Original six Kozure Okami films., 19 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Shogun Assassin (1980)

Directed by Robert Houston

Written by: Robert Houston & David Weisman


Kozure Okami (Lone Wolf and Cub) is a well known Manga series that was first published in the 1970's that told the Story of a Shogunate Executioner who one day returns home to find his Wife and entire Household murdered by the Shadow Yagyu Clan. Ogami Itto; discovers that his Baby son Daigoro managed to survive. Framed by having a Funeral Tablet with the Shogun's Crest on it Ogami Itto; decides to have his Revenge on the Shadow Yagyu with his Son bu his side, Ogami Itto; and Daigoro becomes Demons walking the Crossroads to Hell, they become the Lone Wolf and Cub.

During the 70's the Kozure Okami Manga series was Adapated into six popular Samuria movies that had a similar style to the Legendary Zatoichi series.

Then in 1980 David Weisman who was a fan of the Kozure Okami movies obtained the rights to the films from the American Office of Toho Studios for $50,000. David Weisman and Robert Houston then took Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance and Lone Wolf and Cub: Babycart at the River Styx and spliced them together by using 12 minutes from the first film and the rest from the second film.

One thing that Shogun Assassin does is dumb down the Story and Character Devoplment just to focus on the Violence which is a little bit disappointing.

The Dubbing and Narration by Daigoro is Cheesy while the Music at times doesn't really fit with the Film and the Editing is slightly messy.


Ogami Itto decides to rebel against the Shogun after they Murder his Wife, travelling through Japan with his Son the Lone Wolf and Cub wipe out anyone who tries to stop them.

Lone Wolf and Cub are assigned to kill The Shogun's Masters of Death, three Brothers who kill anyone who stands in the Shogun's way.

Ninja's hired by the Shogun try to Assassinate the Lone Wolf and Cub but are quickly sliced apart by his Blade but not without badly injuring him. Daigoro helps his Dad regain his Stenght meanwhile the Shogun devise a plan to stop the Lone Wolf and Cub by kidnapping Daigoro.

The Ninja's successfully capture Daigoro, Ogami Itto finds his Son hanging above a well. Threatening to drop him Ogami Itto informs them that there both willing to Die, Daigoro is dropped into the well while Ogami Itto murders all the Oppnents except for the Female Ninja.

Talking his Son out the well the Two continue with their Journey to stop The Shogun and eliminate the deadly Masters of Death.


Shogun Assassin is okay but when compared to the Original six Kozure Okaimi movies it pales in comparison but overall if you enjoy Cheesy Dubbed Movies full of non stop Violence and very little plot then you'll enjoy Shogun Assassin however if you've seen the six Kozure Okami movies then there's no real reason to watch Shogun Assassin. 5/10

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Good but the Novel is better, 31 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First Blood (1982)

Directed by: Ted Kotcheff

Based on the Novel by: David Morrell

Screenplay by: Michael Kozoll & William Sackheim and Sylvester Stallone


The Novel which First Blood is loosely based on is defiantly one of the Greatest Thriller's I've ever read, it's a interesting manhunt which is told through the Point of view of Rambo and Teasle as the two hunt after each other in the Woods and then finally in the Town. During this hunt the book also describes Rambo trying to survive as the National Guard, Police and Hunters try to capture him Dead or Alive.

The Novel is much more darker and gorier than the film, the Character of Rambo in the book is more unstable and kills a lot of people while in the movie Rambo only kills one person while wounding others. The Novel explains more of Rambo's back-story before he went into Vietnam and also explains in detail the struggle Rambo had inside the POW camp and how he escaped. When you read the book you know Rambo isn't a Action Hero but instead a Troubled Young Veteran trying to survive as he's being forced back into violence.

The Character of Teasle in the book does give Rambo a hard time and is persistent is getting Rambo, the book also goes into more detail with his past and with his personal life, the relationship between Teasle and Orval in more explained in the book showing that Orval was like a Father figure for Teasle since his real Dad was killed in a Hunting accident.

The Character Sam Trautman doesn't have the same relationship with Rambo like he does in the film.

The Ending in the Novel is another big difference from the film.

My only real grip with the film is that they should have made it closer to the book, other than that the film is a entertaining Action/Thriller that shows how one man must survive against a whole army using the skills he developed in Vietnam, the film also shows how frustrating it was for Vietnam Veterans when they came back from the War.

The Soundtrack for First Blood is great and really sets the mood for the film.

The acting is great, Sylvester Stallone does a excellent job as the mentally unstable Veteran Rambo. The speech he gives at the end although a little hard to understand especially when he starts crying is so true to what it was like. Richard Crenna is great as Sam Trautman, he has that caring and empowering Father like figure especially when he finally meets Rambo again. Brain Denhey does a great job as the Sheriff determined to get Rambo, it just would have been nice if they made him more like the Tease in the novel.

The scenery in the movie is stunning to look at and the Action is thrilling and exciting.


When Young and Rugged veteran John Rambo goes to see his War buddy he sadly discovers that he's passed away, travelling along the the highway Rambo enters a small Town. Drifting through the town Sheriff Will Teasle stops Rambo and offers to take him out the Town, driving him out Rambo decides to go back. Teasle sees Rambo coming back so he arrests him, in the Police Station Rambo starts giving the Police a hard time by refusing to talk to them, have them file his Finger Prints and cooperate.

After being cleaned up the Police go to shave him, having a Flashback of the Vietnam War Rambo fights his way out the Station, jumps on a Motorcycle and escapes to the Woods.

Teasle and a few others go into the woods to try and apprehend him but soon find themselves being hunted by Rambo.

Rambo lets Teasle go unharmed, after a while the National Guard is called in to stop Rambo. It's then that Teasle meets Sam Trautman, Rambo's mentor who offers to help them get him.

It soon becomes a fight for survival as Rambo uses his Skills to try and get out the Area before the National Guards and various Hunters find him and stop him.


The First Blood Novel is definitely better but the film is a entertaining 80's Action/Thriller that introduced the Legendary Action Hero John Rambo to the movie going public. Check both the Novel and the Film out to see how different they both are.

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