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Guilty pleasure for men. Ab eye candy for ladies. Misleading title like Original, 5 April 2016

I found a really good guilty pleasure miniseries but it may be on hiatus until June. It's about a trailer trash like clan with an orphaned teen who comes to live with his rotten older cousins. First he is put off by their brutish Addams family/Beverly Hillbilly ways, but must be something in the dna and water because soon he is acting out just as poorly as the rest. Shawn Hatosy, now older plays an ex con and I think patriarch of the family. Ellen Barkin plays the Matriarch. You ladies will like the eye candy of the 3 redneck brothers and their baby cousin always walking around with two stitches of clothes showing their high metabolism abs. Anyway......World's worst title. Animal Kingdom. I almost turned three times because it sounds like Animal Planet...a quiet show about the safari.

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It could be entertaining, 28 September 2013

Baggage Claim stars Paula Paxson, aka Robin Thicke's wife, as an unlucky in love clock ticking bachlorette who decides to revisit all her exes with comedic effect. An all star cast of leading guy types from Taye Diggs to Trey Songz making her decision difficult. I guess it's a chick flick where audience members can debate which guy they would take with each scene introducing 1 upmanship. I kind of think that since one joke is in the ensemble cast being eye candy after eye candy, they should have inserted a few more cameos to drive home the point and not come down flat. L.L. Cool J, Leon, Cuba Gooding jr and Anthony Anderson are examples of guys whose dockets seem free enough to have been included to put this movie over the top and give it the ridiculous volume that it seemed to be going for.

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No go., 19 July 2012

"The Obama Effect" movie review Errrrfh...... No. After years of dry wit and the straight man to a sillier brother on TV's Roc, Mr. Dutton pretty much solidifies the idea that comedy is not his forte, not even dramatic comedy. His strongest suit are strong, believable characters that show vulnerability in the midst of great obstacles as was the case when he played a Detective in Secret Window, an astronaut in Aliens 3 and a bus driver in Get on the Bus. In this latest movie's attempt at humor, he and the film come across as Goofy, sometimes by nudge nudge design and sadly more often by happen stance. A top rate impersonation of the incumbent President that is helped by slick shadow filming is wasted in this venture. These cameos show what could have been. Dutton spends a bulk of the time in front of the camera as well as behind it, but honestly he is not a leading man. In the aforementioned films where he was utilized best, he was in and out as less is more. Dutton is not the only eye sore. Katt Williams does a minute and thirty second political monologue that falls flat and appears a minute and fifteen seconds too long. There is a cheap and cheesy Boxing subplot that seems tacked on giving the film a definite made for TV feel. Not even a good made for TV feel, but rather one of those fringe low budget cable stations. The premise of a major film that speaks of Barack Obama sounds promising. Pass on this one as this is not it.

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It is Blaxploitation, but nothing wrong with that., 27 August 2011

Amazing how you can see a movie, not think of it for a decade or even 2, but then remember some parts. The ending was so special and I called it right before it happened making me think I saw it years ago. My claim that it is blaxploitation comes in way of looking at the clown white sheriff and looking at how our 2 heroes can ride in a car that goes 4 miles per hour and escape all bullets as if mythical characters, a trademark of blaxploitation super hero films. Even though Glenn Thurman is in this one, the film would have had a bigger push, following and lasting impact had a James Earl Jones or Rosie Grier been secured in the lead role. As it stands, the actors involved did an admirable job.

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My favorite game show of all time has finally jumped the shark, 14 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I guess it is good news that I lived to the ripe age that I now have seen something I thought I would never see and that is a terrible Jeopardy episode.

Jumping the Shark is a term that came from the show Happy Days when Fonzi took his motor cycle into the water for a dare devil feat. Referring to that show and all since that time, it generally signifies when a show has run out of ideas, gotten stale and uses a last ditch effort to recessitate itself, but instead comes across trivial and trite. Jeopardy was a game show that was immune to such a failing. It was foolproof in that College and Celebrity week only added to it. Now Watson, replete with spattered vignettes about his birth mark the death of the show's winning streak. The computer has a hackneyed name of Watson and the personality of my netbook. To make matters worst, he gives us the displeasure of watching our past likable champions look like oafs in a surreal event. Like exploited children, they don't even look happy to be there. Oh well.

Halloween (2007)
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Destroyed a classic. Okay on it's own. 8 mile meets Dahmer? Why Zombie?, 3 September 2007

This film would be average if it was a stand alone, but by hacking into a classic it shows a blatant disregard for what John Carpenter envisioned. I do not understand the psychology of Zombie who felt it necessary to neatly and tidily explain away Michael's evil. The beauty of the original was that those of us who had nice homes could harbor an innocent enough quiet child who one day snaps for no apparent reason. Instead we get an eminem 8 mile Dysfunctional family and a Kiss Rock and Roll fan Momma's Boy turned serial killer. Zombie then wants it both ways, super explaining and justifying earlier actions and later moving to a cold blooded killer who goes after those who seek to help him and then gong back again to caring about family, thus as confusing and inconsistent as I've just described. This movie ignores the fact that in the original, we saw older, seemingly stable parent get out of the car in the opening scene. This is ignored and an unstable family i inserted.

The Challenge (1990) (V)
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Very well done. Doomination at it's most simplistic yet finest, 17 June 2007

Jeanna fine portrays a tough tomboy who seems incapable of taming. She has up all her defenses against the Dominatrix who she can't stand. Zara white comes in and plays sort of a good witch who makes love to the tough girl and surprisingly gets to her lighter side. Soon a dirty old drunk, in fact the one that Jeanna tormented earlier comes in to have his way with the now restrained bad girl. Jeanna realistically pleads that she would rather deal with the Dominatrix than the homeless guy. She gets her wish. All the women in this film are at their peak. They are all quite pretty. There is plenty of shiny black leather. If this is not a Bruce 7 film, it certainly has the feel of one. The End.

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If ever there was a movie in need of title to do it more justice, this is it., 9 November 2006

To all my friends at the shore conjures up all kinds of images of People sailing, which as one comedienne said is not so popular with the brothers after our ancestors first boat trip, Frank Sinatra singing at the casino which is by the shore, Dinah Shore and an odd assortment of other things, none of which would be popular in the inner city. This gritty and well done movie needed a better title. I can not think of a movie thats title did it such an injustice. The title comes from the final words that Cosby says to his son in jest...and it was not even an accurate exact quote. There are topics of Sickle Cell Anemia, Man and Boy (he already took that title) and ghetto that are never alluded to by such an inept title. At least the weak Taxi Driver title actually was named after the star's profession. This older film surprisingly has Cosby moments where he educates his family on the deadly disease and when he schools his son on yesterday, today and tomorrow people which is both poetic and theoretical. I'll leave it to the ladies to comment, but Cosby is leading man Denzel-like in a time that predates that icon. He is fit and trim with a wardrobe that fluctuates from a youthful jeans and muscle sweatshirt to a white collar and tie, hinting at the sense of style he would later show on his hit show.

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Illistrates eroticism, Middle age despair, and teenage angst better than American Beauty, 7 November 2006

Note from the start that I never saw the appeal of American Beauty. I never was a fan of that film. This movie, that I caught on a pay channel, reminded me of it with its quick wit and young character's woos juxapositioned against the adult family member's worries with the two overlapping quite often. The K.D. Lange soft butch lesbian looking leather jacket wearing bad GUY gets the most mileage out of HIS jimmy dean rebel role, stealing just about every scene that he is in. The Director is weirdly unconventional in allowing a couple 0f the characters to refer to the kidnapped boy as "really tiny" which is....weird. The kidnapped is a 13 year old who is small even for a Freshman. Both the children and the adults use wit and the audience is given credit for understanding between the lines. This script is not dumbed down like much of the fare released these days. Overall, a quite interesting film.

Bogard (1974)
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We should start a blaxploitation movie watcher club, 15 October 2006

I actually bested an earlier writer's bargain by buying this brand new in a shrink wrap for $1 at a dollar store. I regret that the cover art is a close up face pic that is generic and close up to where he looks like anybody else with an Afro and full mustache. I much more prefer the super hero pic that is sported on this page. The movie was middling, not as stellar as Shaft, Truck Turner and Superfly, but certainly above Fred Williamson's Joashua AKA Black Rider, which had it's potential retarded by one of the most inept music scores of all time. Black Fist has a competent soundtrack moving from a Liza Minelli/ Barbara Streisand sound alike crooning an opening homage to the lead character then moving to lush instrumentals with violins that would have made Barry White proud. The lead star looks familiar. In my case, I recently saw him in Burt Reynold's Stick, but I was surprised to find that he has only treaded on notoriety playing in many TV shows. He is somewhat similar to the guy who played on WXRP in Cinncinatti as well as The Brother from the Love Boat, which also makes him seem familiar. I thought his hero was decent with the exception of an opening scene that seemed out of character in which he stuttered when first confronted but then nonsensibly and unexplainably he was confident and confrontational seconds later ( a blooper perhaps). Speaking of bloopers, there is a scene early on when the Gerald Levert looking henchman pulls a gun on Leroy and behind him and clearly in site you see a second yes man who has a gun pointed at the Levert lookalike. It is subtle, but makes no sense 1 henchman pointing a gun at his partner. Perhaps improvised by an overzealous actor who wanted to extend his limited screen time. The actress who plays the love interest is more than adequate for an overall good film.

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