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excellent picture of Buenos Aires in 1960, 26 December 2011

A man, Raul Rossi, is sent by God to fix up some problems in the Earth. Film is based in different short stories about love, couples, human attitude towards your workmates, etc. Psycology and mentality of such moment can be discovered reading under lines of dialogs. The movie is in black and white but you can learn a lot about places and dress of that moment of time. As the duration of each story is about 10 to 15 minutes the movie draw my attention. As in 1960s there was some kind of censorship and ingenuity in the Argentine Society this movie is influenced by this two things, although can not be classified in that way. On the contrary, the director tries to show controverted themes (such as divorce, which was approved in 1985) In my view there is some influence of nouvelle vague in this movie.

Horacio Buenos Aires, 2011

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Forman against History, 2 March 2008

Like in Mozart, Forman repeats him self. The central character of the movie is not Goya but an obscure character the monk Lorenzo, which I am not sure if this guy really existed. Goya's followers only will see too little of Goya's outstanding life. In addition Goya's most important works of art, his real life as a womanizer, his relation with politics and with other painters as Velasquez, all of them are completely omitted in this farse. Not to mention the poor pronunciation of Spanish names made by English & Sweedish actors. People who want to know more about real Goya's life please address to "Goya in Burdeos" (a Spanish film made by Carlos Saura), which also brings an idea of the importance of Goya in the history of art. The same as in Mozart, which the most important character is Salieri and not Mozart himself, here you'll get a lot about Lorenzo and a quite little bit about Goya. Forman, please film about things you really know!!!!

Trelew (2004)
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A real escape from a high security prison, 16 April 2007

Based on a real story, Trelew gives an account of the amazing escape of the most important "guerrilleros" that were imprisoned in a remote jail in Argentina in 1972.

The most important survivors of this "aventure", 30 years later, relate how the planned the flee, and how it was executed. Everything was perfect, however, at the end, there was a terrible misunderstanding and only a few leaders can take the plane to freedom. The others, who could not get flight, were cowardly executed.

Although the story is fairly told, there are some moments in which the film turns to a too rosy picture of the "guerrilleros", exaggerating the support that they enjoyed from the common people. That is the reason why I refrained myself for giving a 9.