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Inception (2010)
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I just don't get it., 20 November 2011

Di Caprio plays Cobb, an expert in extracting information from people's minds by infiltrating a target's dream. In return for a new identity, which will allow him again to go to the States to be with his kids, Cobb is challenged to now plant an idea in someone's mind in stead of retrieving it.

The premise of the film is rather silly but it's the execution that truly ruins the film. The major issue is without a doubt the exposition ridden dialog which didn't progress the overall plot or added anything in terms of character development. In stead we get the most expensive cast doing little else than yammer on and on about the totally uninteresting and far-fetched technical methods that are involved in dream infiltration as Nolan's showcases his unimaginative and clueless take on the Sci-Fi genre. In between these witless and thoroughly boring expositions, we get treated to the action clichés from every Bond movie that has ever graced the silver screen in the past 3 or 4 decades while the pounding soundtrack gets louder and louder simply with every subsequent scene.

Where was the conflict in this story needed to create viewer involvement? Who exactly were we expected to root for? Why was everything happening in this film without exception utterly implausible? Why do people find this movie to be complex when the film spends about 95% of the script explaining what is going on. And why wasn't this hapless script nominated for a couple of Razzies?

The fans are right, I don't get it.

Drive (2011/I)
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Running stationary, 25 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ryan Gosling plays a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as an escape car artist for local thugs. He gets involved in the life of his next door neighbor, her kid and the husband who owes money to the mafia boss Gosling's character happens to works for.

The film plays out terribly as the murky and meager plot is all over the place and the pacing of the film so off, it just beggars belief. The many scenes just showing Gosling's blood stained clothes are so slow and stretched that you can see the changing of seasons in the background. And every time our hero starts to talk there's a standard 6 seconds delay before he actually starts to mutter his script lines. Pause in a conversation can add drama to the moment, but I shouldn't have to be tearing the hair from my cranium while watching it.

Action sequences are few and far between and the story itself is done completely by the numbers; excavating only stereotypical behaviour and gratuitous violence from the flimsily drawn out characters. Think of a Tarantino movie you liked, then strip away the interesting characters, the music, the daring plot and sharp dialog. What is left is good cinematography and an incredibly cool choice of font for the end credits.

I'm seriously left dumbfounded as to what prompts people to vote on this miserable excuse for entertainment with more than 6 stars. Perhaps it is the overall quality of films nowadays which seems to be in a hasty decline, rendering people clueless as to what rating to give to a film. But I can safely say that this project is as lifeless as it is artless and I would recommend the 1999 movie Ghost Dog in stead. A movie that shares many parallels with 'Drive' but which is made with far more authenticity, humor and overall class. Not to mention it having an actual silver lining and point to it.


The Road (2009/I)
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An unimaginative and pointless fair., 29 May 2010

I have no idea what it is I just saw. But considering the praise it has gotten, this sure was a big disappointment.

The movie tries to be bleak and depressing but really only succeeds in being dull, plodding and repetitive. And you can add unimaginative and implausible to that list as well. The Biblical references are needlessly tacky and emotionally manipulative to the point of being crass. The character of the boy is, apart from being terribly overacted, appalling and the way he acts is completely out of tune considering the circumstance of an entire life of survival. Another minor complaint is that he looks far too healthy, but that can be forgiven if the movie offers some interesting ideas to sink our teeth in. Of course, it never does.

The movie mostly fails, as is so often the case within this genre film, to offer the viewer protagonists we can care about. The father is an obsessive paranoid and the boy a whiny wimp with apparently no survival instinct at all. To add insult to injury, most of dad's decisions make absolutely no sense and only help to further the alienation of the viewer. Already Half way through the film, I wished for the kid to be slaughtered by one of the cannibals so dad could finally commit suicide.

Why is it so hard to think up some interesting and realistic ideas when exploring the post-apocalyptic Earth? Why do we once again have to suffer through two hours of poor decision making, bleak and boring visuals with, in the end, no resolution?

I'm all for independent movie making, but if this is the crap that keeps getting made, I'd rather prefer the overproduced War of the Worlds or I am Legend. At least these films have enough entertainment value that you can see passed the obvious plot holes, contrivances and silliness. They are also better casted. I mean, what the hell was Robert Duvall doing in this movie? That useless bit could just as well have been played by Ed O'Neill..

Despite the high ranking, not recommended at all.

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The wheels on the bus go...., 5 March 2008

I'm not much of a wardrama movie fan, but sometimes a genre film can raise itself through a good or original storyline and or sub story. Labirinto doesn't do this at all. It offers nothing more than a meandering tale about the evil of men (set in the easiest of environments to make it work, namely war), which's obvious message is brought far too straightforward and clunky to make any impact whatsoever. People that spout off this movie being a fairytale should consider watching the movie again with a timer. Perhaps only 7% of this movie deals with what can vaguely be described as a fairytale, although I would rather like to call it fable-imagery. We didn't call Kill Bill a Manga movie either just because it had some Manga scenes in it, now did we.

Although it was beautifully shot and occasional featured some good acting, this movie was rather vapid and over the top in it's depiction of violence at the same time. At no point are you required to think because the movie overexposes everything it tries to touch. The characters are all, note all, two-dimensional which makes it impossible to relate to them. If this movie had been made in Hollywood in the same quality with an English-speaking cast, it wouldn't have survived 4 weeks at the theaters. It was just that year's foreign cinematic darling and the audiences slavishly and ignorantly followed suit. This is one of those cases where the naked emperor didn't even bother to show up.


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Just ranks with any shooter action game, 10 January 2007

How utterly bizarre to see a movie like this getting so much credits. I tried to understand it from the reviewers point of view here on this site and found nothing comprehensible.

Realistic plot. Where? If it's likely that women will stop giving birth all of a sudden, then we can toss aside everything we know about biological science. 'The convincing future world' which results from the premise as being a totally chaotic world, almost reads as wishful thinking on the part of the reviewer. 18 years go by with no women getting pregnant and without any known cause, one suddenly gets pregnant? And this obvious fluke is supposed to be interesting enough to carry a whole movie and provide a feeling of hope in such a desperate world? And besides, surely any type of future world with this kind of scenario going on, has got some more interesting to tell than what is shown in this movie. And surely Great Britain wouldn't be the only country to be able to sustain that premise. Rubbish, fairytalestuff, unmitigated Hollywood bull-crap.

Excellent acting. Where? Owen certainly didn't impress, hes just doing his zombie-thing once again. The support cast and especially Ashity (Kee) made me laugh and being annoyed at the same time throughout the entire film. This movie certainly did not impress acting-wise, surely for everyone to see. Caine's cameo was the odd one out and made me feel like watching a completely different movie every time he's making an appearance.

Good story/complex story. Excuse me? It's just a plodding chase-story with zero depth, nothing realistic and about as complex as the basis of your average video game. One doesn't bring a child to a war-zone just because some drugged out old fart suggests that, especially when it's presumably the only one alive in the world. What made the story 'complex' was that nothing was explained about any of it (writers cramp?). Yet, this is considered one of the film's best traits!

Great cinematography. The natural look of the film, the documentary style if u will, was ultimately not what made the feel of this movie a positive or convincing one. It made me feel distracted from the events that were displayed and made me be aware of camera's and actors. They should have used that in portions of the film, but not in the whole of it. All the chase sequences seemed overpractised and what was up with the 'run after the car and get smashed by the door'-gimmick?

Comment on the world we live in today. Well, this movie didn't point out anything that can't be seen in any Newsprogram or documentary on the subject. Most of the theme's we saw, like the Islam-protest, seemed hopelessly and needlessly dragged in.

Dramatic ending. Yeah sure, if you consider vapid and cliché open endings which didn't give the film some sort of closure it desperately needed a dramatic ending, then by all means people...

The movie seems to want us to see a possible world future, and that's all fine. But why would I want to look at that grim and dismal future for two hours following a story-line with absolutely zero plot, no humor, no sfx, no build up of tension nor a decent soundtrack.